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what does Jeremia.html mean?

Jeremia.html Pronunciation of Jeremia.htmlJeremia is a male name of Hebrew origin, meaning 'God will uplift' or 'God will exalt'. It is derived from the Hebrew name יִרְמְיָהוּ (Yirmiyahu), which is composed of two elements: 'Yahweh' (God) and 'rum' (to uplift or exalt).


Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jeremias, Jereme, Jeromy, Jermiah, Yirmiyahu

How popular is Jeremia.html

Jeremia is a less common variant of the name Jeremiah. According to the US Social Security Administration, Jeremiah ranked #70 in popularity for male names in 2020, while Jeremia did not rank in the top 1000.

Which version is better?

There is no definitive 'better' version of the name Jeremia, as personal preference plays a significant role in name selection. However, Jeremiah is the more popular and widely recognized version.

Similar Names

Jeremey, Jeramiah, Jered, Jaremy, Jeremaine, Jerimiah, Jericho, Jerramie, Jerramy, Jerrod