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what does Neumann.html mean?

Neumann.html Pronunciation of Neumann.htmlNeumann is a German surname that means 'new man' or 'newcomer'. It is derived from the Middle High German words 'niuwe', meaning 'new', and 'man', meaning 'man'.


Newman, Naumann, Numan

How popular is Neumann.html

Neumann is not a common first name, but it is a popular surname in Germany and other countries with German-speaking populations.

Which version is better?

There is no specific 'better' version of Neumann, as it is a surname and not typically used as a first name.

Similar Names

Newman, Naumann, Numan, Neuman, Neumayer, Neumeier, Neubauer, Neuberger, Neufeld, Neuhart