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what does Thandiwe.html mean?

Thandiwe.html Pronunciation of Thandiwe.htmlThandiwe is a male name of African origin, specifically from the Nguni languages, and it means 'loved one' or 'beloved'.


Thandie, Thandi, Tandiwe, Thandeka

How popular is Thandiwe.html

Thandiwe is a unique and uncommon name, mostly found in African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Which version is better?

The original version of the name is Thandiwe.

Similar Names

Tandie, Tandile, Thando, Thandizo, Thandolwethu, Thandolwenkosi, Thandisizwe, Thandolwami, Thanduxolo, Thandabantu