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what does Yusef.html mean?

Yusef.html Pronunciation of Yusef.htmlYusef is a variant of the name Yusuf, which means 'God increases' in Hebrew.


Yusuf, Youssef, Yusif, Yousef, Yossef, Yousif, Yousuf, Yussef, Yusuff, Youseff

How popular is Yusef.html

Yusef is a moderately popular name, ranking #2,018 in the United States in 2020.

Which version is better?

The most common version of the name is Yusuf.

Similar Names

Joseph, Yosef, Josef, Josue, Yehuda, Yitzhak, Yisroel, Yehoshua, Yitzchok, Yidel