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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Battle baby names and what they mean, for battle, war, strife, with 73 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its highest a century ago (USAGE OF 5.13%) and has become significantly reduced since (USAGE 1.28%, DOWN 75%), with names such as Brianda becoming somewhat dated. Athena (#117), Zelda (#667), Shiloh (#562) and Leah (#41) are four of the more chic baby names here, while Almy (TOP 15%) and Aldas (69%) are common last names. Here is the list of War names for boys.

Battle names

Aeron - Concordia | Courtney - Hildegard | Hildemar - Odila | Otthild - Zelda

Aeron - Concordia

Derivative of Welsh element. "Battle." Aero is a moderately popular girl's name. .. Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter ..

.. Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter .. Rare, but Aeronwen is comparable to popular -en surnames Aanonsen (TOP 67%), Altonen (80%).

Based on Greek element. "War like." Alafa (UPPER 67%), Alana (45%) are popular surnames. See also Alaula. .. of Ares, the god of war.

Root fr. Old German element. "Ready for battle." Outside Top 2000. See also Alonsa. Spanish feminine form of Alonzo.

Stems fr. Old English. "Battle seasoned." Aldis, Aldith and Ailith are seldom found as first names, and Aldis is found commonly (UPPER 43%) as a last name. [Ailith, .. 1 more]

Source fr. Old German. "Ready for battle." Less common today. Alphonsine was the version last found (1880-1889) in the Top 2000. Feminine of Alfonso. [Alphonsine, Alfonsia, .. 1 more]


.. famous 19th century Battle of Alma .. Usage of Alma and variants as birth names in 2018 was 1.9% more than the year before. [Allma, Almah]

Derivative of Old German. "Ready for battle." Not in popularity charts. Spanish feminine form of Alonso. [Alonza]


Origin fr. Old German element. "Ready for battle." Adoption of Alphonsine grew in the 1880s. See also Alfonsine. French feminine form of Alphonse.

.. of the legendary Trojan War, was. Anatolia, Anatola and Anatolya are uncommon as birth names. [Anatolya, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Battle names: Alma, Alphonsine, Athena, Averil, Beda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Battle names: Bertha, Brianda, Cheyenne, Clotilda


.. of wisdom and war, identified with .. Somewhat common as birth names, Athie, Athena, etc. are comparable to the conventional Addie. [Attie, Athie, Atheena, .. 3 more]


Source fr. Old English language. "Boar battle." Used somewhat frequently as children's names, Averil, Everil, etc. are similar to the familiar Averi. From the source phrase eofor hild .. [Everhilda, Averilda, Averhilda, Avaril, .. 4 more]


Origin fr. Old English. "Battle maid." Also a boys' name. Less popular today. Beda was last listed in the 1900s in the Top 2000.

Derived fr. Latin word. "Goddess of battle." Bellona, Ballona and Belona are rare as children's names. From the same root as the .. [Belona, .. 1 more]


.. used in World War I was .. Sparing use, with usage of 0.01% for Bertha and variants as baby names in 2018. [Laberta, Birdy, Bird, Berty, Bertita, Bertina, Bertie, Berti, Berte, Berrta, .. 11 more]


.. the ancient religious wars of Christianity .. Somewhat atypical as a children's name. [Briand]

From Old German element. "Ready for battle." Hilda (TOP 6%), Nilda (26%), Brunilda (53%) and Hilde (70%) are familiar female names. .. Valkyrie, maidens who ride into battle .. [Nilda, Hildy, Hilde, Brynnhilda, Brynhilda, Brunnhilde, Brunnhilda, Brunhilde, Brinhilde, Brinhilda, .. 10 more]


.. their courage in battle, and the .. Usage of Cheyenne, Shyanne, etc. as girls' names in 2018 was down 76.3% compared to a decade ago. [Shyanne, Shyann, Shayanne, Chayanne, .. 7 more]


Root fr. Old German. "Famous battle." Less popular today. Clotilde was the variation last recorded (1920-1929) in the Top 2000. .. supposedly went into battle by his .. [Klothilde, Clothilde, .. 3 more]

.. goddess of peace succeeding a battle .. Not in popularity charts. [Concorde, .. 1 more]

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Summary Index of Battle names [and variants] for girls.

1. Aeron - Concordia
Aeron, Aeronwen, Alala, Alanza, Aldis [Ailith, Aldith], Alfonsine [Alonza, Alfonsia, Alphonsine], Alma [Allma, Almah], Alonsa [Alonza], Alphonsine, Anatolia [Anatola, Anatolya], Athena [Attie, Athie, Athina, Athene, ..], Averil [Everil, Everilda, Averilla, Everhilda, ..], Beda, Bellona [Belona, Ballona], Bertha [Birta, Birdy, Birtha, Laberta, ..], Brianda [Briand], Brunhilda [Nilda, Hildy, Hildi, Hildie, ..], Cheyenne [Shyann, Shayan, Shyanne, Shayanne, ..], Clotilda [Clotilde, Klothilde, Klothilda, Clothilde], Concordia [Concord, Concorde]

Courtney [Kourty, Kourtni, Quartney, Kourtnie, ..], Deborah [Debs, Dobra, Devora, Devorah, ..], Dita, Eda [Ede, Edda], Edith [Eyde, Eydie, Eydith, Eidytha, ..], Edwige [Edwig, Hedvig, Hedwig, Hedwige, ..], Eris [Erys, Eryss, Eriss, Aeress], Ermintrude [Trudy, Imtrud, Irmtraud, Irmentrud, ..], Ernestine [Ernice, Ernestyna, Ernestina, Ernesztina, ..], Everil, Griselda [Zelde, Zelda, Selda, Gryzelde, ..], Gunhilda [Gunne, Gunna, Gunnel, Gunnhilda, ..], Gunnborg, Gunnvor, Gytha [Githa], Hedda [Hedy, Hetta, Hedwig, Hedwiga, ..], Hedwig [Hedy, Hedwige, Hedwiga, Hedvige, ..], Helen [Nora, Nelly, Yelena, Nonnie, ..], Hilda [Hylda, Hildy, Hilde, Hildie], Hildegard [Hille, Hildy, Hildegunn, Hildegart, ..]

Hildemar [Hildemarr], Hildreth [Hildred], Imelda [Ymelda, Imalda, Amelda, Himalda], Iphigenia [Genia, Ifigenia, Iphigenie, Iphigeneia, ..], Jadwige [Jadwiga], Jyn, Kallan, Kelly [Kellye, Kellina, Kellyann, Kellyanne, ..], Kimberly [Kymbra, Kymbrely, Kymberly, Kymberlie, ..], Klotid [Klotilde, Klotilda, Klothilde, Klothilda], Leah [Lia, Lee, Leia, Leigh], Madison [Madyson, Madisyn, Madisen, Madisson], Mafalda [Maffalda], Magnilda [Magnhilde], Marcella [Marselle, Marsiella, Marshella, Marsellonia, ..], Marcia [Martia, Marsia, Marsha, Marseea, ..], Marelda [Marilda, Marrelda], Matilda [Tilly, Tilli, Tildy, Tillie, ..], Nilda [Nillda], Odila [Udile, Udilia, Udelia, Odolia, ..]

Otthild [Otylia, Ottilie, Ottoline, Ottiline, ..], Padme [Padma], Rhona [Roana], Shiloh [Shilo, Shylo, Shyloh], Swanhild [Swanny, Swannie, Swanhilde, Swanhilda, ..], Tilda [Tilly, Tildy, Tillie, Tilley, ..], Tyra [Tyria, Tyree, Tyrene, Tyrena], Uta [Ute, Yuta, Utte], Valkyrie [Valkyria, Vallkyrie, Valkyrria], Vigdis [Vigdess], Viveca [Vivika, Vivica, Viveka, Vivecka], Wyetta [Wyette], Zelda [Selda, Zelde, Zellda]

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