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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Blue baby names and what they mean, for blue, ocean, with 20 results. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity 8 decades ago (USAGE OF 0.61%) and have become much less widespread since (USAGE 0.07%, 89%), with names such as Bonnie going out of style. Livia (#676) is the most fashionable baby name in this list, while Jue (TOP 13%) and Je (70%) are conventional last names.

Blue names

Azure - Wisteria

Based on Spanish element. "Sky blue." Azuri is also a marginally favored baby name. Suitable for a blue eyed baby. [Azzurra, Azuree, .. 6 more]


.. Rhett Butler was named "Bonnie Blue" .. Popular as last names. Compare Bonnie (UPPER 16%), Bunnie with common surnames Baie (UPPER 99%), Bondie (48%), which also end with -ie. [Bunny, Bonnyjean, Bonny, Bonnibel, Bonney, Bonnell, Bonnee, Bonnebell, .. 9 more]

Origin fr. Greek language. "Sky blue." Outside Top 2000. See also Chanya.

Based on Welsh language. "Blue." Glesni is an irregularly used given name.


A deep blue dye from the .. A familiar birth name.

Derivative of American, Latin languages. "Blue crested bird." Jaelyn, Jaya, Jaylee, Jayleen, Jaylene and Jaylynn were Top birth names in 2018. Feminine variant of Jay .. [Jaylynn, Jaenette, Jaelyn, .. 9 more]


Derived fr. Latin language. "Blue crested bird." Jay (TOP 50%), Jae (69%) and Jaye (74%) are conventional as feminine names. Also a medieval name possibly from .. [Jeyla, Jey, Jeh, Jaylene, Jaylah, Jaycie, Jaya, Jae, .. 5 more]

.. of delphinium with blue blossoms shaped .. Rather quaint as a girls' name.


.. reference to a small blue flower .. Used widely as children's names, Lenae, Linnea, etc. sound like the common Leona. [Lynnea, Linnae, Linna, Linea, .. 5 more]


.. Latin "lividus" meaning "blue", or "liveo" .. Used widely as children's names, Livia, Livvy, etc. are similar to the familiar Lilia. [Lyvia, Livya, Livvy, Livija, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Blue names: Bonnie, Indigo, Jay, Linnea, Livia, Moana

A deep blue. Probably used as .. Unusual, with the -ne suffix for Mazarine, Mazine, like Marne, Mariane. [Mazine]


Source fr. Maori, Hawaiian. "Ocean, deep sea." Usage of Moana as a children's name in 2018 was 100% less than the year before. See also Mayana. .. Samoan, lanu moana means "blue colored" ..

Derivative of Greek language. "Ocean." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Oceanus .. [Oceania]

.. Woad is a blue dye supposedly .. Less popular today. Odell was the form last appearing (1940-1949) in the Top 2000. [Udilia, Udele, Odell, Odeline, Odelina, Odelette, Odelet, .. 4 more]

Geography name for the ocean. Pacifico (UPPER 12%), Pacific (32%) are popular surnames. [Pasifica]

.. with her dazzling blue eyes and .. Rare as girls' names, but Taisie and Tayzie are similar to the more common Tessie. [Tayzie]

.. bird of the blue green color. Tealy and Tetal are creative forms. [Teille, Teill, .. 4 more]

Source fr. Greek language. "Sea, ocean." Not Top 2000 names. [Talassa]

.. from the opaque blue green stones .. Turkessa, Turkissa, etc. are unusual as birth names. [Turquissa, .. 3 more]

.. vine with purple blue blossoms, named .. Wisteria and Wistaria were not Top birth names in 2018. [Wistaria]

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Summary Index of Blue names [and variants] for girls.

1. Azure - Wisteria
Azure [Azul, Azor, Azura, Azora, Azzura, Azuree, Azzurra, Azurine], Bonnie [Bunny, Bunni, Bonny, Bunnie, Bonnin, Bonnylee, Bonniejo, Bonnyjean, ..], Cyanea, Glesni, Indigo, Jae [Jaya, Jaena, Jaylee, Jaylynn, Jaylene, Jayleen, Jaenette, Jaenelle, ..], Jay [Jey, Jeh, Jaye, Jeyla, Jayla, Jaylan, Jaylah, Jaylene, ..], Larkspur, Linnea [Lynea, Lynae, Linna, Linea, Lynnea, Lynnae, Linnae, Linnaea], Livia [Livy, Lyvia, Livya, Livvy, Livija], Mazarine [Mazine], Moana, Oceana [Oceania], Odele [Udele, Odell, Udilia, Udelia, Odelle, Odella, Odeline, Odelina, ..], Pacifica [Pasifica], Taisie [Tayzie], Teal [Teil, Teill, Teela, Teall, Teille, Tealle], Thalassa [Talassa], Turkessa [Turkissa, Turquissa, Turkwessa, Turquessa], Wisteria [Wistaria]

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