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Rainbow baby names and what they mean, for rainbow, with 4 results. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 2018 (USAGE OF 0.1%). Iris (#138) is the most trendy birth name in this list, while Irias (TOP 23%) and Oris (44%) are conventional last names.

Rainbow names

Amitola - Rainbow

Origin fr. Native American Indian word. "Rainbow." Unusual, but Amitola is comparable to common last names Arizola (TOP 23%), Ahola (24%), with the -ola suffix.

From Welsh word. "Rainbow." Not that popular as a birth name. Modern name.


Stems fr. Greek word. "Rainbow." Iris has been the most prominent. .. goddess who rode rainbows between heaven .. [Irita, .. 5 more]

The rainbow is a symbol of .. Adoption of Rainbow and Rain as birth names in 2018 was up 36.2% compared to a decade ago. [Rain]

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1. Amitola - Rainbow
Amitola, Enfys, Iris [Irita, Irisa, Irida, Irisha, Iridiana, Iridianny], Rainbow [Rain]

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