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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Rock baby names and what they mean, for rock, stone, with 31 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its highest 78 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.8%) and has become much diminished since (ADOPTION 0.5%, 73%), with names such as Tina falling out of fashion. Harley (#225), Jade (#111), Lana (#360) and Alana (#200) are four of the more chic birth names in this compilation, while Callhan (TOP 90%) and Callon (34%) are conventional last names. Here is the list of Rock names for boys.

Rock names

Alana - Perrin | Petra - Wilma

Alana - Perrin


.. "ailin" meaning "little rock" or possibly .. Alyana is also a moderately popular birth name. [Lannie, Lanny, Lanna, Alleynah, Allena, Alleen, Alene, Alannah, Alanna, Alanah, .. 23 more]

Based on Latin. "Precious stone." Uncommon, but Almodine is similar to common -ine surnames Alewine (TOP 12%), Amine (56%).

.. chained to a rock as a .. Andromeda was not a Top birth name in 2018.


.. the eighth foundation stone of the .. A moderately offbeat children's name these days, though Beryl is still found often as a female first name. [Beryn, Berylla, .. 5 more]


.. by former Rolling Stone wife Bianca .. Usage of Bianca, Blanca, etc. as birth names in 2018 was 6.2% more than the year before. [Byanca, Blanche, Blancha, Bianey, .. 6 more]

Derived fr. Scottish word. "Rock." Calland (UPPER 38%), Calman (60%) are common last names. Also from an Irish surname derived .. [Kallan, .. 2 more]

.. chained to a rock and rescued .. Kassiopia and variants were not among 2018's Top names. [Kassiopia, Cassiopia, .. 1 more]


From Old French element. "Stone." Less used today. Chantal was the form last recorded (2008) in the Top 2000. From "cantal" .. [Shontelle, Shaunda, Shantelle, Shantel, Shantal, Chauntelle, Chauntell, Chauntay, Chantrice, Chantress, .. 63 more]

.. honored at Cliodhna "Cliona's Rock", Cork. A novel baby name. [Cliodhna, Clio, .. 1 more]


.. word "gries", meaning "gravel" or "stone" .. Griselda has faded in favor as a birth name circa 1993. [Zelde, Selda, Gryzelde, Grishilde, Griselly, Griselle, Grisella, Gricelda, .. 10 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Rock names: Alana, Beryl, Bianca, Chantal, Griselda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Rock names: Harley, Jade, Jetta, Kaya, Lana


Root fr. Old English element. "Rock meadow." Harley, Harlee, Harleigh and Harlie are in the Top 2000. .. or hr rock, and l .. [Harly, Harleigh, Harlea, Arleigh, Arlee, .. 7 more]


Derivative of English language. "Precious stone." Jade, Jada, Jaida, Jayda, Jayde and Jayden were among 2018's Top names. Jewel name .. [Zhade, Jaydra, Jaiden, Jaide, Jady, Jadra, Jadira, Jadien, Jadeana, .. 15 more]


.. mineral name means "stone from Gagai" .. Less popular today. Jetta was the version last appearing (the 1930s) in the Top 2000. [Yette, Jette, .. 1 more]

Based on Gaelic, Scottish elements. "Rock." Kallan is not frequently used as a baby name. See also Kailyn. See Callan.


From Japanese, Zulu, Turkish, Hopi, Hindi. "Stone; willow, wise child; the one .. ." Adoption of Kaya and variants is more pronounced among parents presently. [Kaia]


.. Irish, Gaelic "little rock", or Helen .. Lana (TOP 17%) and Lanna (80%) exist commonly as last names. [Lanny, .. 3 more]

.. turned into a stone from which .. Niobe is unique as a children's name.

.. gold, sandalwood, precious stones, and other .. Outside Top 2000. [Ofira, .. 1 more]

Root fr. French, Greek elements. "Rock." Unique, with the -la ending for Pernella, Parnella, Pernilla, like Pella, Perla. Feminine of Peter. [Pernille, Parnella, .. 2 more]

Derivative of Greek, Latin words. "Rock; wanderer." Perrin, like the similar Perrey, occurs more usually as a surname. Feminine of Peter or Peregrine. [Perryn, Perrine, .. 2 more]

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Summary Index of Rock names [and variants] for girls.

1. Alana - Perrin
Alana [Lana, Lanny, Lanna, Lanah, Alona, Lannie, Lannah, Alonna, ..], Almodine, Andromeda, Beryl [Beryn, Berry, Berri, Beril, Beryle, Berrie, Berylla], Bianca [Byanca, Blanca, Bionca, Bianka, Bianey, Blanche, Blancha, Biancha, ..], Callan [Kallan, Calynn, Callen], Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, Cassiopia, Kassiopeia], Chantal [Shonta, Shonda, Shontel, Shawnta, Shawnda, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Cliona [Clio, Cleona, Cliodhna], Griselda [Zelde, Zelda, Selda, Grizel, Grissel, Gryzelde, Gryselde, Grizelda, ..], Harley [Harly, Harli, Harlie, Harlee, Harlea, Harlene, Harleen, Harleigh, ..], Jade [Zhade, Jayde, Jayda, Jaydra, Jayden, Jaydee, Jaidra, Jaiden, ..], Jetta [Jett, Yette, Jette], Kallan, Kaya [Kaia], Lana [Lanny, Lanna, Lanae, Lanette], Niobe, Ophira [Ofira, Ofeera], Pernella [Pernille, Pernilla, Pernelle, Parnella], Perrin [Perryn, Perren, Perran, Perrine]

Petra [Pier, Piera, Pietra, Petrova, Pierette, Petrovna, Pierrette, Petronille, ..], Pierette [Piera, Pietra, Pierina], Rochelle [Shell, Shelly, Shelley, Roshelle, Rochette, Rochella, Roschelle, Roschella, ..], Santana [Santa], Shantelle [Shante, Shontal, Shantel, Shantay, Shantell, Shontelle, Shontalle, Shantella, ..], Sharon [Sheryn, Sherry, Sherri, Sheron, Sheran, Sharyn, Sherynn, Sherron, ..], Tara [Tarra, Tarah, Tarrah, Taralyn, Taralynn], Tesla [Tessla], Tina [Tiny, Tine, Tena, Teina, Teena, Teenie, Tinamarie], Turkessa [Turkissa, Turquissa, Turkwessa, Turquessa], Wilma [Wylma, Vilma, Velma, Valma, Willma, Wilmina]

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