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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Sea baby names and what they mean, for sea, wave, ocean, with 87 results. Adoption of these girl names reached its peak during 1920-1929 (USAGE OF 10.3%) and has become significantly lower since (USAGE 1.2%, 88% LESS), with names like Marla becoming less trendy. Kai (#854) and Kailani (#389) are two of the more fashionable birth names here, while Douris (TOP 66%) and Corral (2%) are common surnames. Here is the list of Sea names for boys.

Sea names

Andromeda - Magdalena | Mairin - Maris | Marisa - Meryl | Miriam - Romy | Rosemary - Vanora

Andromeda - Magdalena

.. sacrifice to a sea monster until .. Unusual, but Andromeda is comparable to common last names Arboleda (TOP 11%), Araneda (87%), with the -eda suffix.

.. been born on the sea foam. Not in Top 2000.

.. god of the sea sent a .. Usage of Cliodhna and forms was up 108 years ago. [Cliodhna, Cleona, .. 1 more]


.. the semiprecious natural sea growth, often .. Usage of Coral, Coralyne, etc. as children's names in 2018 was down 2.4% compared to a year ago. [Koralline, Coraly, Corallina, Coraline, Coralie, Coralee, .. 8 more]

.. possibly from Welsh meaning "sea jewel" .. Cordula, Kordula, etc. are barely found as first names. [Kordulla, Kordula, .. 1 more]


.. also means "the sea" in Persian .. Daria (TOP 37%) and Dorian (51%) are commonplace as given names. [Doriane, Dorian, Darya, Darrian, Darienne, Darielle, .. 12 more]


.. daughter of the sea god Oceanus .. Somewhat common as children's names, Dorie, Doris, etc. are comparable to the popular Corie. [Doryse, Dorys, Dorrie, Dorice, Dorian, Doria, .. 11 more]

Derivative of Welsh. "Born from waves." Usage of Dylana, Dylan, etc. as birth names in 2018 was 11.9% less than the year before. Use of Dylan tends to be .. [Dyllan, Dylane, Dylan, Dillon, Dillan]

Source fr. Hebrew word. "Wave." Uncommon as birth names, but Galia, Gal, etc. are comparable to the more common Gaia. [Galit, Gal]

.. eggs on the sea, which would .. Not in Top 2000. [Halcyona, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Sea names: Coral, Daria, Doris, Ionia, Jennifer

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Sea names: Kai, Kailani, Madeline, Magali, Magdalena

From Greek language. "The sea." Usage of Halimeda and variants as children's names in 2018 was up 24.8% compared to 10 years ago. [Medie, Hali, .. 4 more]

A sea nymph, daughter of Oceanus Iante and Ivonthe are creative variations. [Janthia, .. 3 more]


.. to the Ionian Sea and the .. Less widespread today. Ionia was the form last listed (the 1890s) in the Top 2000. [Ionya, Ionija, .. 1 more]


.. which also can mean "white waves" .. Genny, Jeni, Jennefer and Jenny are common as versions of Jennifer. [Jenyfer, Jennyfer, Jenniver, Jennie, Jennica, Jenni, Jenney, Jenneffer, Jennefer, Jenifre, .. 27 more]


Stems fr. Hawaiian. "The sea." Kaia has historically been a favorite of parents, though Kai has gained in usage over time. See also Kay. [Kaia]


Origin fr. Hawaiian language. "Sea and sky." Kailani has increased in popularity since 1880-1889. See also Kailyn.

.. given to a sea monster that .. Not that common as a children's name. See also Lusa.


.. town on the Sea of Galilee .. Adoption of Magdaline and forms was widespread 138 years ago and is now lower, with Madge becoming somewhat outmoded. [Maude, Maud, Marleah, Malena, Maighdlin, Magda, Mady, Madlyn, Madelynne, Madelina, .. 53 more]


.. daughter of the sea or child .. Less popular today. Magaly was the form last found (2013) in the Top 2000. [Maggali, Magaley, .. 2 more]


.. area near the sea of Galilee. Usage of Magdalene and variants was common during 1880-1889 and is less today. [Magdeline, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Sea names [and variants] for girls.

1. Andromeda - Magdalena
Andromeda, Aphrodite, Cliona [Clio, Cliodhna], Coral [Koralie, Koralline, ..], Cordula [Kordula, Kordulla], Daria [Dorian, Doriane, ..], Doris [Dorys, Doryse, ..], Dylana [Dyllan, Dylane, ..], Galia [Gal, Galit], Halcyone [Halcyon, Halcyona], Halimeda [Meda, Medie, ..], Ianthe [Janthia, Ianthina, ..], Ionia [Ionya, Ionija], Jennifer [Jenyfer, Jennyfer, ..], Kai [Kaia], Kailani, Lusca, Madeline [Maud, Maude, ..], Magali [Magaly, Maggali, ..], Magdalena [Magdeline, Magdelena, ..]

Mairin [Marin, Mairim], Makara, Mamie [Mame, Mayme], Manon, Mare [Mair, Maire], Mari [Marita, Marycruz, ..], Maria [Moriah, Moraiah, ..], Mariah, Marian [Maryann, Maryanne, ..], Marianne [Maryann, Maryanna, ..], Maribel [Meribelle, Meribella, ..], Marie [Maree], Mariel [Marilla, Marijke, ..], Marietta [Maryetta, Mariette, ..], Marika [Maryk, Maryka, ..], Marilla [Marilis, Marella], Marilyn [Marylyn, Marylynn, ..], Marina [Maryn, Marnie, ..], Marion [Maryon, Maryonn], Maris [Meris, Maryse, ..]

Marisa [Morysa, Morisa, ..], Marisela [Maryzela, Marisella, ..], Marissa [Morissa, Meryssa, ..], Maristela, Marjan [Marjon, Marjanne], Marla [Marlys, Marlette], Marlen [Marlyn, Marlynn, ..], Marlene [Marna, Marlynne, ..], Marlin [Marlyn, Marrlin, ..], Marlisa [Marlyse, Marlyssa, ..], Marmara [Marnya, Marnja, ..], Marni [Marnya, Marnja, ..], Mary [Poll, Polly, ..], Maura [Mora, Morah], Maureen [Moria, Morine, ..], Mayra [Myra, Moira, ..], Meredith [Merry, Merridie, ..], Meriel [Meryl, Merrill, ..], Merrill [Meryl, Merril, ..], Meryl [Myrla, Mirla, ..]

Miriam [Myriam, Miyanna, ..], Mitzi [Mitzy, Mitzie], Moana, Moira [Moyra, Moire], Molly [Molli, Mollie, ..], Morgan [Morgin, Morgen, ..], Morwenna [Morwyn, Morwynna, ..], Muriel [Murielle, Muriella, ..], Nereida [Nerida, Nireida], Nerida, Nerine [Neryssa, Nerissa, ..], Nerissa [Neryssa, Nericcia, ..], Ninfa, Oceana [Oceania], Ondine [Undine, Ondyne], Pacifica [Pasifica], Parthenope, Pelagia [Pelagie, Pellagia, ..], Polly [Pollie, Pollyanna, ..], Romy [Romi]

Rosemary [Rozmary, Rosmarie, ..], Sagara, Thalassa [Talassa], Ula [Ulli, Yulla, ..], Undine [Undina, Undene, ..], Ursula [Urszuli, Urszula, ..], Vanora [Vannora]

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