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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Violet baby names and what they mean, for violet, purple, with 17 results. Usage of these girl names was at its apex a century ago (USAGE OF 0.3%) and is somewhat lower today (USAGE 0.2%, 40%), with names such as Iola becoming somewhat outmoded. Fala (TOP 59%) and Fiola (33%) are familiar last names.

Violet names

Amethyst - Yolanda


Stems fr. Greek word. "Precious purple jewel." Listed in Top 2000. According to ancient Greek superstition, an .. [Amethiste, Amatista, .. 2 more]

.. vine with white or purple blooms .. Not in popularity charts. [Clematiss, Clematia, .. 1 more]

Source fr. Czechoslovakian word. "Violet." Common as surname. Compare Fiala (TOP 7%) with common -ala surnames Fagala (TOP 60%), Fudala (26%). See also Filia.


.. that ranges from sapphire to violet .. A moderately offbeat birth name, Hyacinth is on the other hand found somewhat frequently as a last name. [Sinty, Jacynth, Jacky, Jacintha, Jacenta, Hyacinthie, Hy, Giacinta, Cinthy, Cinthie, .. 12 more]

From Greek. "Violet flower." Not Top 2000 names. Mythology .. [Janthia, Ianthina, Iantha, .. 1 more]


Derived fr. Greek language. "Violet colored dawn." A somewhat offbeat children's name nowadays, though Iola still occurs regularly as a first name for women. [Iole]

Origin fr. Greek. "Violet flower." Not in Top 2000. Yolanda is the more common Spansh .. [Yollie, Yolantha, Iolanda, .. 6 more]


Derived fr. Greek. "Violet." A somewhat quaint girls' name nowadays, though Ione is still found frequently as a first name for women. Flower name .. [Ionie, .. 1 more]

A tree with purple blossoms that .. Uncommon, with the -nda ending for Jacaranda, Jacarannda, etc., like Jacenda, Jaconda. [Jakaranda, .. 2 more]

From Greek element. "Violet flower." Rather unusual as a baby name. Middle European form of Iolanthe .. [Yolanne, Jolande, .. 5 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Violet names: Amethyst, Hyacinth, Iola, Ione, Lydia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Violet names: Violet, Yolanda

.. clusters of orange or purple blossoms. Uncommon as girls' names, but Lantana and Lantanna are comparable to the more conventional Santana. [Lantanna]


.. a "seller of purple" and described .. A very conventional children's name (#89 THE PAST YEAR), Lydia also occurs somewhat regularly as a last name. [Lydie, Lyda, .. 3 more]

.. the mallow are purple, hence the .. Compare surnames Maute, Maude. [Malva]

Derived fr. Greek, Latin. "Purple flower." Unusual, with the unconventional androgynous -te ending for Violante, like Villette. The source of Yolanda .. [Violanthe, .. 1 more]


"Purple." Usage of Violet, Violette, etc. as children's names in 2018 was up 2.1% compared to the year before. [Yolanthe, Vyoletta, Violetta, Violeta, Violante, Jolanthe, Jolanta, Jolanda, Iolande, .. 21 more]

A vine with purple blue blossoms .. Outside Top 2000. [Wistaria]


Root fr. Greek, Spanish. "Violet flower." Eolande, Eolantha, Iolanda, Iolande and Iolantha are more rarefied as versions of Yolanda. .. French form of Violet, and the .. [Yulanda, Yoland, Jolanta, Jolanne, Jolan, Iolanda, Iola, .. 19 more]

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Summary Index of Violet names [and variants] for girls.

1. Amethyst - Yolanda
Amethyst [Amatista, Amethist, Amathyst, Amethiste], Clematis [Clematia, Clematiss, Clematice], Fiala, Hyacinth [Sinty, Jacky, Jackie, Jacynth, Jacinta, Jacinda, Jacinthe, Jacintha, ..], Ianthe [Iantha, Janthia, Ianthia, Ianthina], Iola [Iole], Iolanthe [Yollie, Yolley, Iolanta, Yolanthe, Yolantha, Jolanthe, Jolantha, Iolantha], Ione [Ionie, Ionia], Jacaranda [Jakaranda, Jacarranda, Jacarannda], Jolan [Jola, Yolanne, Jolanta, Jolanne, Jolande, Jolaine, Jolantha], Lantana [Lantanna], Lydia [Lyda, Lydie, Lidie, Lidia, Lidija], Mauve [Malva], Violante [Violant, Violanthe], Violet [Yolane, Vyolet, Yolande, Yolanda, Yolanthe, Yolantha, Vyolette, Vyoletta, ..], Wisteria [Wistaria], Yolanda [Yolie, Yulanda, Yolonda, Yolette, Yolande, Yolanthe, Yolantha, Yollande, ..]

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