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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Champion baby names and what they mean, for champion, winner, savior, messiah, with 31 results. Usage of these boy names was at its highest in the year 2000 (USAGE OF 1.2%) and is almost as widespread today (USAGE 1%, 16.4%), but with names like Nigel going out of style. Nolan (#64), Shiloh (#709), Emmanuel (#159) and Kendrick (#418) are four of the more trendy boy names in this list, while Carlon (TOP 11%) and Curlin (20%) are familiar last names.

Champion names

Campion - Neil | Niall - Wole

Campion - Neil

Stems fr. Middle English language. "Champion." Campion (UPPER 6%), comparable to Catton (UPPER 20%), Carlson (1%), is a popular -on suffix last name. Name of a small wildflower and .. [Campian]


Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Little champion." Slightly infrequent as a boys' name, Carlin occurs more often as a last name. Comedian George Carlin. [Carly, Carling]

Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic. "The winner." Not Top 2000 names. [Kearney, Carny]

Source fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Little champion." Less popular today. Carlin was the variation last found (1999) in the Top 2000. [Carolan, .. 2 more]


Short form of Champion. Also in .. Somewhat uncommon as a children's name, Champ is used more often as a last name.

"Warrior." Champion (TOP 1%), Campion (6%) and Champ (7%) are found often as surnames. .. mean the supreme winner in a .. [Champeon, Champ, Campion]


.. Hebrew term for "Messiah", meaning "anointed" .. Chretien (TOP 12%), Christian (1%), Christiano (10%), Christie (1%) and Christy (2%) appear commonly as last names. [Krystiano, Kristian, Cristos, Criston, Cristen, Christie, .. 20 more]

Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Victorious champion." Outside Top 2000. [Cosgrave]

.. Nobel Peace Prize winner Dag Hammarskjö .. Unique as a baby name, Dag exists more commonly as a last name. [Dagny, Dagget, .. 2 more]

.. called out "Domino" to the winner. Compare last names Domiano (TOP 35%), Domina (22%). Also used for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Champion names: Carlin, Champ, Christian, Emmanuel, Kemp

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Champion names: Kendrick, Linus, Moses, Moss, Neil


.. name title for the promised Messiah .. Emmanuel has gained increasing favor as a baby name since 1880-1889. [Manuelo, Manuel, Manolo, Manoel, Immanuel, Imanuel, Emonuel, Emmonuel, Emmonual, Emmanual, .. 13 more]

Based on Arabic language. "Savior." Fady is a somewhat common boys' name. See also Gadi. A term used by Arabic Christians ..

Based on Arabic. "Victor, winner." Faiz, Faaiz and Faizah are hardly found as male names, and Faiz is found frequently (UPPER 54%) as a last name. Also a variant of Fayz meaning .. [Faizah, .. 1 more]

.. of Carney (Irish, Gaelic) "the winner". Kearney, like the similar-sounding Kearn, occurs more often as a surname. [Kearny, Karny, .. 1 more]


From Middle English word. "Fighter, champion." Kemp was favored as a birth name in the 1960s. See also Temp. Basketball player Shawn Kemp.


Origin fr. Welsh element. "Greatest champion." Kendrick is a contemporarily stylish version. From Cynwrig which can also mean .. [Kenrik, Kenrick, Kenny, Kendryck, Kendricks, Kendric, .. 6 more]


.. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling; actor .. A popular children's name. [Linos, .. 1 more]


Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Savior." Moses (TOP 1%), Moss (1%), Moe (2%), Moise (6%) and Mo (8%) are found regularly as surnames. Also possibly (Hebrew) drawn out of .. [Mozes, Moss, Mosheh, .. 12 more]


Derivative of English. "Savior." Less used today. Moss was last listed in 1900-1909 in the Top 2000. See also Mose. Variant of Moses or possibly a ..


Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Champion." Adoption of Neil, Neal, etc. as baby names in 2018 was up 62.9% compared to the previous decade. Scottish variant of Niall .. [Oneal, Nile, Nial, Neilan, Neel, Neal, .. 13 more]

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Summary Index of Champion names [and variants] for boys.

1. Campion - Neil
Campion [Campian], Carlin [Carly, Carling], Carney [Carny, Kearney], Carollan [Carlin, Carolan, Carling], Champ, Champion [Champ, Campion, Champeon], Christian [Kit, Kris, Kristo, Cristy, Krister, Krystian, Kristian, Krystiano, ..], Cosgrove [Cosgrave], Dag [Daeg, Dagny, Dagget, Daggett], Domino, Emmanuel [Manny, Manuel, Manual, Manolo, Manola, Manoel, Manuelo, Manuela, ..], Fadi, Faiz [Faaiz, Faizah], Kearney [Karny, Kearny, Karney], Kemp, Kendrick [Kenny, Kenrik, Kenrick, Kendrix, Kendrik, Kenricks, Kendryck, ..], Linus [Lino, Linos], Moses [Moss, Mozes, Mosie, Moshe, Moyses, Mosiah, Mosheh, ..], Moss, Neil [Nile, Niel, Nial, Nels, Oneal, Niles, Niall, Neils, ..]

Niall [Nial], Niels, Nigel [Njal, Nygel, Nijel, Niguel, Nigellus], Niles [Nile, Nyles], Nolan [Nolyn, Nolin, Nolen, Nollan, Noland], Olimpio [Olimpo, Olympus, Olympio, Olympios], Roark [Ruark, Rorke, Rourke, Roarke], Salvador [Sal, Sauveur, Salvino, Salvidor, Salvator, Salvatore], Shiloh [Shilo, Shylo, Shyloh], Simeon [Sima, Simyon, Shimon], Wole

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