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Adam - Donald

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Adam 1 .. Biblical: in the Genesis account, he was the first man created from the red earth of Eden .. Favored as a birth name (#79 a year ago), and also found frequently as a last name. The form Addison is popular as a variation of the name. [Ad, Adamo, Adan, Addam, Addem, .. 19 more]

Asael 2 .. From Hebrew word. "God has created." Asael is rare as a male name. See also Axel. .. [Asaya, Asayel, Asiel, .. 1 more]

Charles 3 .. The first Holy Roman Emperor (seventh to eighth century) Charlemagne (Latin Carolus Magnus, meaning "Charles the Great") was a powerful German leader who created a more ordered society out of the chaos that followed the fall of Rome .. Charles is a commonly occurring (Top 1%) men's name, appearing often (Top 1%) as a surname according to the US Census. The variations Chuck, Chas, Chad, Carrol and Carl are common as forms of Charles. [Carel, Carlo, Carrol, Cary, Chad, .. 22 more]

Clarence 4 .. The title "Duke of Clarence" was created for a 14th-century royal prince who married a girl from the Clare family .. Usage of Clarence as a given name has faded over the years since 1890. The variation Clarance is commonplace as a variant form of Clarence. [Claran, Clarens, Clarons, Clarrance, Clarrie, .. 6 more]

Donald 5 .. Linked nowadays to the cartoon duck created by Disney .. Donald has declined in favor as a birth name for boys over time. See also Ronald. [Donnell]

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[Adam - Donald]
Adam [Adim, Edom, Adom, Atim, Adnet, Adnon, Adnot, Atkins, ..], Asael [Asiel, Asaya, Asahel, Asayel], Charles [Karl, Chip, Karel, Chuck, Karol, Karoly, Karolik, Karolek, ..], Clarence [Claron, Claronz, Klarenz, Clarrie, Clarons, Klarance, Clarrence, Clarrance, ..], Donald [Donnell]

[Hobbes - Ymir]
Hobbes [Hob, Hobbs], James [Jim, Jem, Jemmy, Jimbo, Jimmy, Jaymie, Jimmie, Seamus, ..], John [Zane, Shawn, Shaun, Vanek, Vanya, Yanno, Yanni, Vanko, ..], Ull, Ymir