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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Dark baby names and what they mean, for dark, black, night, deep, with 103 results. Usage of these boy names was at its highest in the 1960s (ADOPTION OF 4.1%) and is almost as widespread today (ADOPTION 3.54%, 13.7% LESS), but with names such as Colby becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy names for newborns in this compilation are Sebastian (#18), Phoenix (#252), Miles (#98), Holden (#216) and Sullivan (#387), while Sebastiani (TOP 30%) and Milles (29%) are popular last names. Here is the list of Black names for girls.

Dark names

Adham - Colby | Colden - Donahue | Donovan - Grimshaw | Grimsley - Marcus | Mark - Theseus | Tynan - Waite

Adham - Colby

Based on Arabic. "Black." Adhav is a somewhat popular birth name. See also Adamo. Also variant of Adam.

.. opera, "Amahl and the Night Visitors". Unconventional. Compare Amal with popular last names Afzal (TOP 17%), Annal (88%), which also end with -al. [Amel, .. 2 more]


Based on Latin language. "Dark skinned, Moorish." Somewhat atypical as a boys' name. Variant of Maurice. [Amory]

.. term for a deep, narrow valley. Akscom and Anascom are creative forms. [Anscoombe, .. 2 more]

.. in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" .. Auberon, Oeberon, etc. are barely found as men's names. [Oeberon, Oberron, Auberron, .. 1 more]

"Dark-skinned." Rather uncommon as a children's name, Black occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Blaze.

Derived fr. Old English. "Black brook." Outside Top 2000. Place name .. [Blagburn, .. 1 more]

Source fr. Old English element. "Black stone." Blackstone is uncommonly used as a masculine name, occurring regularly (TOP 6%) as a surname. Place name.

Root fr. Old English word. "Black well." Not Top 2000 name. Place name.

Derivative of Old English element. "Dark valley." Blagdon (TOP 87%), Blanden (81%) are common last names. Place name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Dark names: Amaury, Blake, Blakely, Canyon, Cary

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Dark names: Ciaran, Clinton, Colby


Source fr. Old English element. "Black; pale, white." Adoption of Blakeman and forms was expansive in 2012 and has become less. .. was either very dark Old English .. [Blakeman, .. 1 more]


Derivative of Old English element. "Dark meadow; pale meadow." Blakeley and variants are hardly found as first names. Place name .. [Blakelie, .. 3 more]

Root fr. Old English. "Dark island; white island." Unique. Blakeney (cf. Blaney, Bradney) has the -ney suffix. Place name .. [Blakeny, Blakenie]


.. name from canyons and deep ravines .. A conventional boys' name (#1468 A YEAR AGO), Canyon is also used often as a surname. See also Channon.


.. "hill fort", or Gaelic "dark complected" .. Cary (TOP 40%) and Carey (49%) are commonplace given names, while Carrey is infrequently used. [Carrey, .. 1 more]


Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Black." Somewhat common as boys' names, Ciaran and Kieran are comparable to the popular Kiran. Ciarán is derived from "ciar" .. [Kieran]


.. singer Clint Black. Clinton (TOP 20%) and Clint (35%) are conventional as men's names, whereas Clintt and Klint are rarely used. [Klint, .. 2 more]

Root fr. Old English. "Charcoal meadow." Rather unusual as a boys' name, Coakley is found more conventionally as a surname. .. residue from burning coal, and a .. [Cokely, Cokelie, Coakly, .. 1 more]

Derivative of Old English element. "Coal brook." Colburn, Collbourn, etc. are not in the Top 2000. Place name. [Collburn, Colbourn, .. 2 more]


Root fr. Old Norse word. "Swarthy person's settlement." Colby is a frequently occurring (TOP 58%) given name, while Colbee, Colbert, Colbey, Colbie and Collby are unconventional. .. name Koli (from "kol" meaning "charcoal") .. [Collby, Colbee, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Dark names [and variants] for boys.

1. Adham - Colby
Adham, Amal [3], Amaury [1], Anscom [3], Auberon [4], Black, Blackburn [2], Blackstone, Blackwell, Blagden, Blake [2], Blakely [4], Blakeney [2], Canyon, Cary [2], Ciaran [1], Clinton [3], Coakley [4], Colburn [4], Colby [5]

Colden [3], Cole [2], Coleman, Coleridge [3], Colgate [1], Colley [2], Collier [5], Colton [4], Colum [7], Corey [15], Dargan [2], Dag [4], Danube [1], Darcel [4], Darcy [4], Darrah [2], Dax [2], Delaney [8], Dolan, Donahue [3]

Donovan [6], Dooley, Dorran [6], Dougal [5], Douglas [3], Dow [3], Doyle, Duane [10], Duff [3], Dugan [4], Duncan [2], Dwade, Dwayne [8], Dwyer [1], Elijah [15], Errol [6], Festus [1], Gall, Gethin, Grimshaw

Grimsley [4], Harkin [2], Heathcliff, Holcomb [2], Holden, Hugh [14], Jack [8], Jamal [22], Jet [2], Kearn [2], Keir [1], Kern [4], Kerry [5], Kerwin [6], Kieran [11], Kolby [1], Kolton [3], Lysander [4], Malcolm [3], Marcus [4]

Mark [18], Maurice [30], Miles [4], Moore [1], Morris [12], Moses [15], Nigel [5], Nuru, Oberon [3], Phoenix [2], Raven [3], Reginn [1], Sable, Sebastian [8], Seymour [4], Shane [3], Sinbad [1], Sullivan [3], Sunil, Theseus

Tynan [7], Ukiah, Waite [3]

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