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Gaelic baby names and what they mean, for gaelic, irish, ireland, with 414 results. These Gaelic names are names from the group of languages spoken by the Gaels such as the Irish and the Scottish. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity 3 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 10.8%) and are somewhat less common today (ADOPTION 5.9%, 45%), with names such as Monroe becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable names for newborns among these are Rowan (#129), Nolan (#64), Killian (#286), Finn (#166) and Declan (#101), while Callhan (TOP 90%) and Bouie (9%) are common surnames. Here is the list of Gaelic names for girls.

Gaelic names

Aden - Bearach | Beattie - Caelan | Cailean - Cathal | Cathan - Conan | Conlan - Cunningham | Curragh - Dermot | .. - .. | Teagan - Ulick

Aden - Bearach


"Fire." Acen is also a marginally favored birth name. Variant of Aodh ..


"Fire." Popular, and Aidan, Edan, etc. are comparable to common -dan surnames Zidan (TOP 78%), Aldan (99%). .. of the ancient Gaelic name Aedan ..


"Precious." Widely used, with usage of 0.057% for Allen and variants as birth names in 2018, though lower than 0.059% a year ago. Variant of Alan ..

"Fair." Unusual as baby names, but Alpin, Macalpin, etc. are comparable to the more common Alvin. From Albinus (Latin) "white" via Ailpein.


"White." Adoption of Alba and forms was common during 1880-1889, but now, Alva has fallen out of fashion. Also related to Latin Albin ..

"Careful, thoughtful." Aneislis, Standish and Stanislas are rarely found as men's names. Anéislis has been used since ..

"Fire." Rather unusual as a boys' name. .. of the Old Gaelic name Aed ..

"High or bear-like valor." Ardan (TOP 97%), Aryal (95%) are common surnames.


"Pledge, oath." Arland and variants were popular as birth names 9 decades ago.

Variant of Arthur. Aktair and Antair are creative variations. See also Artor.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gaelic names: Aden, Aidan, Allen, Alva, Arlen, Barry

"New Ireland." Athol and Atholl are not Top 2000 names. Place name ..

"Pale bridge." Uncommon as children's names, but Bayne, Bainbridge, etc. are comparable to the more familiar Wayne. Also a place name for an ..

Baird1, var. Bard1
"Poet, one who sings ballads." Uncommon. Baird, var. (compare Byrd) ends with the androgynous -rd. From the English word "Bard" ..

"Grazing land." Outside Top 2000. Also the name of a town ..

"Small fair one." Outside Top 2000. See also Manning.

"Unleavened oat bread." Bannock and Bannoch are rare as children's names. The name may indicate an ancestor ..

Bard2, var. Baird2
"Minstrel, singer-poet." Rare, with the androgynous -ard ending for Bard, like Bernard. Variant of Baird ..


"Fair-haired." Used widely as birth names, Berry, Barry, etc. are comparable to the conventional Gerry. .. of the Irish Gaelic name Barra ..

"Small one." Beagan, Beagen, etc. are seldom adopted as boys' names.

"Spear." Bearach is sparsely used as a given name. See also Barack. The source form of Barry.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Gaelic names for boys.

1. Aden - Bearach
Aden, Aidan [Edan], Allen, Alpin, Alva, Aneislis, Aodh, Ardal, Arlen, Artair, Athol, Bainbridge, Baird [Bard], Balfour, Banning, Bannock, Bard [Baird], Barry, Beagan, Bearach

Beattie, Blain, Blair, Bly, Bowie, Boyd, Boyne, Boynton, Braden, Brady, Bram, Brannon, Breck, Brendan [Brennan], Brennan, Brian, Brody, Brogan, Buchanan, Caelan [Caley]

Cailean, Caird, Cairn, Caley, Calhoun, Callan [Cailean], Calum [Colum], Camden, Cameron [Kameron], Campbell, Canice, Caolan [Caelan], Carlin, Carmichael, Carney, Carollan [Carlin], Carrick, Casey [Kasey], Cassidy, Cathal

Cathan, Catlin, Cavan [Kavan], Cavanagh [Kavanagh], Ceallach, Christie, Cian [Keane], Ciaran [Kieran], Cillian, Clancy, Cleary, Cluny, Cody [Kody], Colin [Cailean], Collins, Colman, Colum, Comhghall, Conall [Conn], Conan [Conn]

Conlan [Conley], Conley, Conn, Connor [Conn], Conroy, Conway, Corcoran [Cork], Cormac [Cormick], Cormick [Cormac], Cork, Corridon, Corwin, Cosgrove, Cowal, Cowan, Coyle, Craig, Cullen, Culley, Cunningham

Curragh, Curran, Dacey, Dargan, Dahy, Dailey [Daly], Dallan, Dallas, Daly, Dalziel, Darby, Darcy, Darrah, Darren, Darroch, Declan, Delaney, Delvin, Dempsey, Dermot [Diarmid]

Derry, Desmond, Devin, Devine, Devlin [Delvin], Diarmid, Dillon, Doherty, Dolan, Donahue, Donald [Donnell], Donnell, Donovan, Dooley, Doran [Dorran], Dorran [Doran], Douglas, Dow, Doyle, Duane [Dwayne]

Duff, Dugan, Dunbar, Duncan [Dunn], Dundee, Dunham, Dunlop, Dunmore, Dunn, Dwayne [Duane], Dwyer, Eachann, Eamon, Earvin, Edan, Egan, Eibhear, Eion, Elgin, Elwyn

Enda, Ennis, Eoghan, Eoin, Erin, Ernan, Erskine, Ervin, Euan [Ewan], Eunan, Ewan [Euan], Fachtna, Fagan, Faolan [Phelan, ..], Farquhar, Farrell, Fay, Fechin, Felim, Fergal

Fergus, Ferris, Fiachra, Fillan [Faolan], Finbar [Barry], Fingal [Finn], Finlay [Finn], Finn, Finnian, Fintan, Finnegan, Flann [Flannery, ..], Flannan, Flannery, Flynn, Forbes, Fursey, Fyfe, Gair, Galbraith

Gale, Gallagher, Galloway, Galvin, Gannon, Garret, Garron, Garvan, Garvey, Gaynor, Gilbride, Gilby, Gilchrist, Gill, Gillanders, Gillean, Gillecalum, Gillemartin, Gilleonain, Gillespie

Gillies, Gilmore, Gilroy, Gilzean, Girvin, Glen [Glendon], Glendon, Glenville, Gobban, Gordon, Gorman, Grady, Grant, Guaire, Guthrie, Hagen, Haley, Harkin, Hewney, Hogan

Houston, Hurley, Ian [Eion], Innes [Ennis], Inver, Irving [Ervin, ..], Jarlath, Kaelan [Kellen, ..], Kameron [Cameron], Kane [Keane, ..], Kasey, Kavan [Cavan], Kavanagh [Cavanagh], Keane, Kearn, Keefe, Keegan, Keelan, Keeley, Keenan

Keir, Keith, Kellagh, Kellen [Keelan, ..], Kelly, Kennedy, Kenneth, Kenyon, Keon, Kermit, Kern [Kearn, ..], Kernaghan, Kerry, Kerwin, Kester, Kevin, Kieran [Ciaran], Killian, Kinnard, Kinnell

Kody, Kyle, Lachlan, Larkin, Laughlin, Lawler, Leary, Leith, Lennox, Leslie, Logan, Loman, Lorcan, Lundy, Lunn, Mac, Macadam, Macallister, Macardle, Macarthur

Macbride, Maccoy, Maccrea [Maccrea], Macdonald, Macdougal [Macdougal], Macfarlane, Macgowan [Macgowan], Machenry, Mackenzie, Mackinley, Macmahon [Macmahon], Macmurray, Macniel, Magee, Maguire, Malcolm, Mannix, Marmaduke, Mayo, Mc- [Mac]

Mckenna, Mellen, Mochan, Monahan, Monroe, Moore, Morven, Muir, Munchin [Mannix], Mungo, Murdock, Muriel, Murphy, Murray, Nairn, Neal, Neil [Niall, ..], Nevan, Niall, Nigel

Ninian, Nolan, O-, Odhran [Oran], Oisin, Oran [Oren], Oren [Oran], Paddy, Parthalan, Phelan [Felim], Quade, Quigley, Quillan, Quinlan, Quinn [Quinlan], Rafferty, Regan, Reilly, Renny, Riordan

Roark [Rourke], Rogan, Rohan, Ronan, Rooney [Rowan], Rory, Roslin, Ross, Rourke, Rowan [Rohan], Roy, Ryan, Scanlon, Seamus [Shamus], Sean [Shawn, ..], Selkirk, Shamus, Shan, Shanahan, Shane

Shanley, Shannon, Shawn, Shea, Seaghdha [Shea], Sheehan, Sheridan, Sivney, Skelly, Slavin, Sloan, Somerley, Strahan, Struthers, Sullivan, Sweeney, Tadhg [Teague], Taggart, Taran, Tavish

Teagan, Teague [Teagan], Thurl, Tiernan, Tighe, Torin, Torquil, Torrence [Torin], Tracy, Troy, Tully, Tynan, Tyrone, Ulick

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