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German baby names and what they mean, for german, teutonic, with 368 results. These German and Old German names are from the West Germanic language, having many of their roots in Latin and Greek, and are used in Germany and by German-speaking peoples. These boy names reached the height of their popularity during the years 1890-1899 (USAGE OF 30.03%) and are now significantly less popular (USAGE 6.15%, 79.5%), with names like Kirby going out of style. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Everett (#95), Leonardo (#92), Brooks (#161), Liam (#1) and Enzo (#228), while Edler (TOP 8%) and Lonardo (24%) are common surnames. Here is the list of German names for girls.

German names

Aage - Alaric | Albern - Anton | Archard - Barend | Baron - Buell | Burroughs - Dieter | Dietrich - Emmet | .. - .. | Wilder - Wyckoff

Aage - Alaric

"Ancestor." Unusual. Compare Aage and common last names Lage (TOP 9%), Hage (7%), which also end with -age. See also Gage. Danish.

"Noble strength." Abe (UPPER 70%) and Abel (40%) are common as masculine names, whereas Ab, Abbey, Abby, Abelard and Abelardo are uncommon. From Adalhard ..

"Noble." Acel is scantly used as a male name. See also Akil.


"Wealthy spear." A moderately untypical baby name, Adair occurs more frequently as a surname. From "ead gar" ..

"Noble, precious." Cross-gender use. Adal is a unique masculine name.

"Noble oath." Adalfieri, Adelfieri and Edelfieri are not frequently adopted as children's names. Italian name.

"Noble, precious promise." Unique. Adalgiso, Adelgiso and Edelgiso are not listed in the US Census. Italian and Spanish name.

Adalhard, var. Adal2
"Noble strength." Adellard and forms were popular with parents during 1890-1899.

"Noble, regal ruler." Rather unusual as a birth name.

"Awe-inspiring; noble." Addy, like the similar Addis, exists more usually as a last name. Also a short form of Adam.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of German names: Adair, Adler, Adolph, Alain, Alan, Alaric

Adel, var. Adal3
"God is eternal; noble." Azel is a slightly favored kid's name. More familiar as a part of ..

"Noble, famous." Adelmar was not a Top birth name in 2018.


"Eagle." Adoption of Adler was more pronounced among parents less than a decade ago and has remained widespread. See also Adley. More common as a surname, especially ..


"Noble, majestic wolf." Adolf (UPPER 19%), Adolph (10%), Adolphe (34%), Adolphus (40%) and Dolph (10%) exist frequently as last names. .. having been a German and Swedish ..

"King of work." Aimery, Aymeric, etc. are unique as baby names. French name.

"Fatherland." Aimon, Aymon, etc. are rarely found as masculine names. French name ..


"Precious." Less widespread today. Alain was the form last found (2013) in the Top 2000. French variant of Alan.


Alan, var. Alain2
"Precious." Widely used, with usage of 0.182% for Alan and variants as baby names in 2018, but lower than 0.192% the year before. From Adal ..

"Noble strength." Al exists regularly (TOP 28%) as a surname.


"Noble, regal ruler." Alaric has risen in favor with parents since the 1880s. From Adalrich ..

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for German names for boys.

1. Aage - Alaric
Aage, Abelard, Acel, Adair, Adal, Adalfieri, Adalgiso, Adalhard [Adal], Adalric, Addy, Adel [Edel, ..], Adelmar, Adler, Adolph [Dolph], Aimery, Aimon, Alain, Alan [Allen, ..], Alard, Alaric

Albern, Aldo, Aldous [Aldo], Alfonso [Alphonse, ..], Algis, Allen, Almanzo, Almarine, Aloiki, Alonzo [Lonnie], Aloysius [Ludwig, ..], Alphonse [Alonzo, ..], Altman, Alvaro, Amalio, Amerigo, Amory, Anicho, Anselm, Anton

Archard, Archibald [Archie], Archie, Arduino, Armand [Armin], Armin, Arno, Arnold [Arno], Arvin, Auberon [Oberon], Aubrey [Oberon, ..], Audric, Autha, Averett, Baldemar, Baldric, Baldwin, Ballard, Bardrick, Barend

Baron, Baylor, Berg, Bergen, Berlin [Berlyn], Berlyn, Bern, Bernal, Bernard [Bern], Berthold, Bertram [Bertrand], Bertrand, Bing, Bogart, Brickell, Brooks, Bruno, Brunswick, Bubba, Buell

Burroughs, Carl [Karl], Carlos, Carroll, Charles [Karl, ..], Charlie, Chip, Chuck, Claiborne, Claus, Clovis, Colbert, Conrad [Kurt, ..], Cort [Kurt], Cramer, Dagobert, Dedrick [Dietrich, ..], Derek [Dirk], Dick, Dieter

Dietrich [Dirk, ..], Dirk, Dolph, Dustin, Eberhard [Everard], Eberlein, Eckhard, Edel [Adel], Edsel, Eginhard, Egmont, Egon, Eike, Eldridge, Ellard, Elmar, Elois [Aloysius], Emery [Amory, ..], Emicho, Emmet

Engelbert, Enrique, Enzo, Erhard, Ermenegildo, Ermin, Ernest, Everard [Everett, ..], Everett [Everard, ..], Ewald, Ferdinand [Hernando], Ferenc, Fester, Filbert, Finn, Fitzgerald, Fitzhugh, Folker [Volker], Frank, Frederick [Ricky, ..]

Freed, Fremont, Friedhelm, Fritz, Fulbright, Fulk, Furman, Gannet, Gaston, Gauthier, Ged, Geoff, Geoffrey [Jeffrey, ..], Gerald [Jarrett, ..], Gerard [Ged], Gerritt, Gervase, Gilbert, Godfrey, Gottlieb

Grimaldo, Griswold, Guillaume, Guy, Hackett, Hackman, Hal, Hamlet [Hammond], Hamlin, Hammer, Hammond, Hank, Hans, Hanson, Harbin, Hardy, Harman, Harry [Heimrich, ..], Hartman, Hartwig

Heimrich, Heinrich, Heinz, Heller, Hendrick, Henry [Hendrick, ..], Herbert [Heribert, ..], Heribert, Herman [Harman, ..], Hernando, Herrick, Hewie, Hildefuns, Hildebrand, Hillard [Hilliard], Hilliard, Hobart, Hobbes, Hoffman, Horst

Howe, Hubert [Hugh, ..], Hugh [Hugo, ..], Hugo, Hulbert, Humbert, Humphrey [Onofrio], Jaeger, Jarman, Jarrell, Jarrett, Jeff, Jeffrey [Jeff, ..], Joss, Kahn, Kaiser, Karl [Carl], Kaufman, Keller, Kepler

Kiefer, Kirby, Kirk, Klein, Konrad, Kurt, Lachman, Lamar, Lance [Lanzo], Lanzo, Lehman, Leonard [Leonardo], Leonardo, Leopold, Lewis [Luis, ..], Lexer, Liam, Lindberg, Lindeman, Locke

Loeb, Lonnie, Loring, Lothar, Louis [Luis, ..], Ludwig, Luis, Luther [Lothar], Mandel, Manfred, Mannheim, Mann, Markell, Marr, Matthias, Mayer [Meyer], Maynard [Meinhard], Medwin, Meinhard [Maynard], Meinrad

Meyer [Mayer], Muller, Nagel, Norbert, Norman, Norton, Oberon [Auberon], Obert, Odilo, Odolf, Onofrio, Orlando [Roland], Orman, Oswald [Waldo], Othman, Otis, Ottfried, Otto, Rafe, Rainart

Rainer, Ramiro, Rand, Randall [Rand], Randi, Randolph [Randall], Ray, Raymond [Ray], Raynor [Ray, ..], Reynard, Rhinebeck, Rhinelander, Rhodes, Richard [Ricky, ..], Ricky, Rigoberto, Ritter, Robert, Rocco, Roderick

Rodman, Rodney, Roger, Roland [Orlando], Rolf, Roscoe, Roth, Rudiger, Rudolph [Rolf, ..], Sander, Schaeffer, Schubert, Schultz, Selig, Siegfried, Sigmund, Sigwald, Silverman, Snyder, Stark

Stefan, Stein, Sterne, Straus, Strom, Sturm, Tancred, Terry, Theobald, Theodoric [Dirk, ..], Thierry, Thurman, Till, Traugott, Ulf, Ulric, Valdemar [Waldemar], Varick, Verrill, Vischer

Volker, Volney, Wagner, Wald, Waldemar [Valdemar], Waldo [Waldron], Waldorf, Waldron, Waldwick, Walfred, Waller, Walter [Gauthier], Wanamaker, Warner [Werner], Weissman, Welby, Wendell, Werner [Warner], Wilbert [Wilbur], Wilbur

Wilder, William [Wilmer, ..], Wilmer, Wistar, Wolfe, Wolfert, Wolfgang, Wyckoff

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