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Israel baby names and what they mean, for israel, jewish, jerusalem, with 5 results. Usage of these boy names was at its apex in 2001, but now, names like Jaron has gone out of style. Doren (TOP 21%) and Dorin (27%) are common last names. Here is the list of Israeli names for girls.

Israel names

Doron - Ronel

Stems fr. Israeli, Hebrew words. "Dweller; gift." Duron is also a moderately popular kid's name. [Doroni, .. 1 more]


.. his name to Israel as a .. Israel (TOP 2%), Yisrael (45%), comparable to Ittel (TOP 80%), Isbel (47%), are common -el suffix surnames. [Yisrael]


Based on Israeli language. "Cry of rejoicing." Used somewhat widely as children's names, Jaron, Jarren, etc. are similar to the conventional Jarod. Some of the many contemporary names .. [Jerron, Jerren, Jeran, Jaryn, Jaren, .. 8 more]

Derived fr. Israeli element. "Leopard." Unusual as a birth name, but Namir is similar to the more conventional Tamir. See also Nahir.

Derivative of Israeli. "Song of God." Adoption of Ronnell and forms was at a high 28 years ago. [Ronnell, Ronell]

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1. Doron - Ronel
Doron [Doran, Doroni], Israel [Yisrael], Jaron [Jeren, Jeran, Jaryn, Jerron, Jerrin, Jerren, Jarron, Jarrin, ..], Namir, Ronel [Ronell, Ronnell]

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