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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

River baby names and what they mean, for river, ford, stream, brook, with 203 results. Adoption of these boy names reached its most widespread 138 years ago (USAGE OF 13.1%) and has become much less since (USAGE 3.6%, 72%), with names like Shannon becoming less trendy. The most fashionable birth names in this list are Beckham (#295), Harrison (#115), Hudson (#54), Lincoln (#40) and Phoenix (#252), while Maxell (TOP 75%) and Buckham (46%) are conventional surnames. Here is the list of River names for girls.

River names

Achilles - Bourne | Bradburn - Clayborne | Cleanth - Delaney | Derwin - Guildford | Halford - Ladon | Lake - Mel | .. - .. | Wiley - Windsor

Achilles - Bourne


.. dipped in the River Styx by .. Achillies is also a slightly prominent boys' name. [Quilo, Aquiles, Achillios, .. 12 more]


Root fr. Old English element. "The old river ford." Common as surnames, and Alford (UPPER 1%), Aldford, Allford (43%) are comparable to common -ord last names Axford (UPPER 24%), Allord (57%). [Allford, Aldford]

.. name of a river and a .. Uncommon as a baby name, but Alun is similar to the more familiar Allan. See also Alin.

Origin fr. Celtic word. "From the brook." Compare last names Annas (TOP 18%), Annand (38%). See also Amnon.

.. derived from the river Arda in .. A boys' name which is not predominantly used. See also Ardin.

From Old English element. "Lake with the hares." Arledge, Arlledge, etc. are barely found as masculine names, and Arledge occurs commonly (TOP 8%) as a last name. Place name .. [Arrledge, Arlledge, Arlidge]

Derivative of Old English. "Ford by the ashes." A birth name which is rarely used, Ashford is found more commonly as a surname. Place name .. [Ashenford, .. 1 more]


Source fr. Celtic word. "River." Less popular today. Avon was last found in 1950-1959 in the Top 2000. See also Alon. .. name of several rivers in England ..

.. with water in the River Jordan. Not regularly used as a birth name, Baptist exists more commonly as a surname. [Bautista, Battiste, Baptiste, Babtysta, .. 1 more]

A slow moving river or swamp. A boys' name that is not usually used. See also Bay.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of River names: Achilles, Alford, Avon, Beck, Beckham

Top 2000 baby names ranking of River names: Bedford, Beverly


From Old Norse. "Stream." Beck and Becker became less popular last year, dropping -98 positions as boys' names with Beck leading the decline. Place name .. [Becker]


Derivative of Old English word. "Homestead by the stream; Becca's homestead." Usage of Beckham as a baby name in 2018 was a lot more than in 2008. See also Beecham. Place name ..


Derivative of Old English element. "River." Adoption of Bedford peaked a century ago. See also Redford.

Origin fr. Old English word. "Ford where barley grows." Unique. Beresford, similar to Bedford, Beuford, uses the -rd ending. Place name ..


Stems fr. Old English element. "Beaver stream." Beverlea and variants are rarely found as men's names. An English place name in Humberside .. [Beverlie, Beverley, Beverlea, .. 1 more]

Based on Old English word. "Axe man's ford." Bickford was not among 2018's Top names.

Based on Old English. "Island with the brook." Somewhat popular as baby names, Birney, Birnie, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Barney. Place name. [Burnie, Burney, Birny, .. 1 more]

Origin fr. Old English language. "Black brook." Not in Top 2000. .. the term for a little brook. [Blagburn, .. 1 more]

Based on Old English language. "Gray man's ford." Blanford and Blandford are not Top 2000 names. Place name. [Blandford]

Root fr. Middle English. "Stream." Adoption of Burns and forms was widespread 108 years ago. A little stream is called a .. [Byrn, Burne, Burn, Borne, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of River names [and variants] for boys.

1. Achilles - Bourne
Achilles [15], Alford [2], Alun, Annan, Ardian, Arledge [3], Ashford [2], Avon, Baptist [5], Bayou, Beck [1], Beckham, Bedford, Beresford, Beverly [4], Bickford, Birney [4], Blackburn [2], Blanford [1], Bourne [7]

Bradburn, Bradford [3], Branch, Brooks [4], Buford [2], Burbank, Burford [2], Burns [10], Burnet [3], Burney [3], Byford, Calder [1], Cameron [9], Cary [2], Champ, Christopher [32], Cimarron [3], Clarence [12], Clarrie, Clayborne [7]

Cleanth [9], Clifford [4], Clyde [1], Coburn [4], Colburn [4], Colwyn [2], Como, Conway [1], Coty, Cranford [1], Crawford [1], Creek [1], Cromwell, Dana [2], Dane [5], Danube [1], Dart, Dearborn [3], Dee, Delaney [8]

Derwin [8], Deverell [4], Douglas [3], Dundee, Edsel, Elford [1], Ellesmere, Ely, Erie, Escott [1], Euphrates [1], Fleetwood, Ford [3], Francis [43], Gallatin, Garnock, Garth, Gerald [40], Glenavon [3], Guildford [2]

Halford [1], Hanford, Harford [3], Harrison [3], Hartford, Herbert [10], Holbrook [2], Holmes, Hudson, Hume [1], Huxford, Irving [8], Jafar [1], John [85], Jordan [28], Kelvin [8], Kendall [9], Lachlan, Lachman [1], Ladon

Lake [5], Lancaster [4], Langford, Lawford, Leith, Lincoln [2], Lindford [2], Livingston [3], Locke [2], Lynford [2], Mandan, Mansfield, Mark [18], Marland [4], Marley [3], Marlow [2], Marwood, Maxwell [1], Medford [1], Mel

Melbourne [8], Mersey, Merton [2], Milburn [7], Milford [1], Mitford, Mohawk, Monroe [3], Mortimer [3], Moses [15], Nairn [1], Newlin, Niles [2], Orford, Orrin [3], Oxford [1], Packard [2], Phoenix [2], Pickford, Pike [1]

Proteus, Radburn [5], Radford [3], Rand, Ransford, Rayburn [7], Redford [3], Renfrew, Rexford, Rhinebeck [1], Rio [1], River [1], Rives, Romney, Ruford [1], Rumford, Rushford, Safford, Sanborn [6], Sanford [2]

Seabrook [1], Severn [1], Shannon [5], Sherborn [4], Stafford [2], Stanford [2], Stanmore [1], Stratford [1], Strom, Struthers [1], Swinburne [5], Swinford [1], Taft, Tahoe, Tanton, Tay, Thomas [24], Tilford, Travis [4], Trent [3]

Tupper, Twain [2], Twyford, Usher [1], Wade [4], Wadham, Wadley [2], Wadsworth [1], Walden [3], Walford, Warfield, Warford, Washburn [3], Waterford, Welborne [6], Welford [1], Westbrook [5], Whitbeck, White [1], Whitford

Wiley [2], Wilford, Windsor [2]

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