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Scandinavian baby names and what they mean, for scandinavian, with 59 results. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex 108 years ago (USAGE OF 1.98%) and is now significantly lower (USAGE 0.48%, 75.6%), with names such as Hans going out of style. The most trendy boy names here are Kai (#113), Bjorn (#869), Ari (#374), Bo (#575) and Boden (#949), while Baden (TOP 10%) and Boy (17%) are common surnames. Here is the list of Scandinavian names for girls.

Scandinavian names

Anders - Garth | Gerlach - Joren | Jurgen - Wade

Anders - Garth


"Man, warrior." Anders (UPPER 1%), like Aders (UPPER 36%), Enders (6%), is a popular -ders suffix last name. Variant of Andrew.


"Lion, eagle." Ari and forms are at the top of their popularity presently. A short form of Aristides ..

"Bright raven." A peculiar boys' name, Bartram is found more frequently as a last name. The raven was consecrated to Odin ..

"Lives on the hill; mountain." Rather unusual as a boys' name, Bergen is found more conventionally as a surname. Bergen is a major port city ..


"Bear." Bjorn has grown progressively more popular since the 1880s. Variant of Bernard ..


Short form of Robert and Beauregard .. Also a girls' name. Bo became more trendy in 2018, gaining +31 positions as a birth name to reach #575.


"Shelter; one who brings news." Popular, with usage of 0.029% for Boden and variants as boys' names in 2018, higher than 0.025% in 2017. Saint Bodey (16th century) was an ..

"Dwelling place." Boots (UPPER 7%), Booty (23%) are conventional last names. Originally given to someone who lived ..

"Castle." Borg is infrequently used as a given name, occurring regularly (TOP 4%) as a surname. See also Burg.

"Knot." Knut and variants were popular as baby names 128 years ago.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Scandinavian names: Anders, Ari, Bjorn, Bo, Boden

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Scandinavian names: Crosby, Garth

"Son of Carl." Carlsen, Carlssen, etc. are not Top 2000 names.

"From the swampy place." Charr and Corr are creative forms.


"At the cross." Usage of Crosby, Crosbey, etc. as boys' names in 2018 was down 15.1% compared to the year before. Singer Bing Crosby.

"Daylight." Daeg, Dagget, etc. are seldom found as given names. Mythology ..

"The Dane's village." Denny is a commonplace (UPPER 56%) masculine name, whereas Denby, Danby, Denbey, Denney and Dennie are intermittently used. Place name ..

"Sword's edge." Not Top 2000 names. From ecg ..

"Hard point." Unusual. Eilert (compare Ecbert) uses the unconventional masculine-sounding -ert suffix.

"Son of Eric." Erickson is a marginally favored baby name.

"Lord, exalted one." Rare as a children's name, but Frey is comparable to the more familiar Grey. In Norse mythology, Frey is the ..


"Keeper of the garden." Less popular today. Garth was last listed in 1998 in the Top 2000. See also Garett. From Old Norse garthr "enclosure" which ..

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Scandinavian names for boys.

1. Anders - Garth
Anders, Ari, Bartram, Bergen, Bjorn, Bo, Boden, Booth, Borg, Canute [Knute], Carlsen, Carr [Kerr], Crosby, Dag, Denby, Egil, Eilert, Ericson, Frey, Garth

Gerlach, Gjorn, Gustav, Hakon, Halden, Halle, Hans, Hanson, Harold, Havelock, Howard, Ingemar, Ingo, Ingram, Ingvar, Ivor, Janson, Jarl, Jens, Joren

Jurgen, Kai, Kerr [Carr], Knute [Canute], Kris, Kristian, Kristopher, Lambert, Lars, Latham, Leif, Lodur, Nels, Njord, Osman, Signe, Stefan, Viggo, Wade

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