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Welsh baby names and what they mean, for welsh, wales, with 109 results. These Welsh names developed separately from the other similar Celtic languages like Scottish and Irish Gaelic, and by the 16th century, names of English origin were frequently used in place of the traditional Welsh names. Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 2005 (ADOPTION OF 2.2%) and is almost as conventional today (ADOPTION 1.7%, 21%), but with names such as Morgan becoming less fashionable. The more fashionable baby names here are Bowen (#431), Bryson (#93), Kai (#113), Maddox (#140) and Rhys (#464), while Bowan (TOP 35%) and Maddex (40%) are popular last names. Here is the list of Welsh names for girls.

Welsh names

Aled - Caron | Carwyn - Elwyn | Emlyn - Hayden | Heddwyn - Maddox | Marvin - Teilo | Trahern - Yorath

Aled - Caron

"Child." Abed is a marginally favored boys' name. See also Aldo. Modern name.

An ancient Welsh name, indirectly related .. Unusual. Compare Alun with common last names Aoun (TOP 32%), Klun (44%), which also end with -un. See also Alin.

.. the first known Welsh poet sixth .. Aneiri and Aneiron are creative forms.

"Loved one." Not widely used as a boys' name.

"Son of Evan." Not in popularity charts. Mainly used in the 20th century ..


"Son of Owen." Bowen, Bowie and Bowin are seldom found as masculine names.


"Hill." Cross-gender use. Somewhat infrequently used as a birth name, Bryn is found more frequently as a surname. .. of Brynmor, a Welsh place name ..

"Big hill." Brynmor is not in the Top 2000. Welsh place name.


"Descendant of Brice." Popular, with usage of 0.279% for Bryson and variants as children's names in 2018, but lower than 0.299% the year before. Transferred use of the surname derived ..

"Battle." Carell (UPPER 74%), Camell (97%) are popular last names. .. Cadoc, a sixth century Welsh saint ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Welsh names: Bowen, Bryn, Bryson, Cai, Caron

Cadfael, var. Cadoc1
"Battle metal." Uncommon, with the androgynous -el ending for Cadfael, like Carmel. .. saint in his native South Wales.

"Battle peak." Uncommon, with the common androgynous -an suffix, like Cajetan. See also Cadan. .. According to a Welsh poem, 20000 ..

"Battle." Cadman is unconventional as a men's name, appearing often (TOP 14%) as a surname. See also Carman. From British "cad" ..

"Battle." Unique. Cadoc is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Cadon. .. a sixth century Welsh saint who ..

"Battle glory." Unique. Cadogan (cf. Cadfan) uses the androgynous -an suffix. .. Name of several Welsh princes in ..

.. the "Garden of Wales" used as .. Caeo, Caio and Cayo were not Top birth names in 2018.

"Love, fair, blessed." Not widespread. Caerwyn is not listed in the US Demographics. .. made up of Welsh place names ..


.. a respelling of Kai in Wales .. Less widespread today. Cai last appeared in 2016 in the Top 2000. Unisex name.

"Love." A boys' name which is only intermittently used. Respelling of Caradog, an ancient Celtic ..


"To love." Fairly unconventional as a children's name, existing more commonly as a last name. Also used for girls. A Welsh saint's name and place ..