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A baby names and what they mean, with 588 results. The trendier baby names in this compilation are Adeline (#78), Amelia (#8), Aria (#19), Aurora (#44) and Ava (#3), while Amerine (TOP 19%) and Ashline (15%) are conventional A- last names. Here is the list of A- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Aanya, Abagail, Abbe, Abbey, Abbi

Based on Dutch element. "One of the magical beings." Aafgie and Aafne are creative forms. See also Aagje.

Aanya and variants

Aanya, var. Anya, Ania
Based on Sanskrit, Hindi elements. "Inexhaustibility; other, another person." Aaniya is also a somewhat common kid's name.

Derivative of Scandinavian language. "Proud, distinguished and noble princess." Uncommon, but Aaricia is comparable to common -cia surnames Agurcia (UPPER 70%), Arcia (22%). See also Maricia.

Abarrane1, var. Abame1
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Father of many." Not widespread. Abarrane and Abame are not found in the US Census.

From Nigerian. "She came after asking." Not in popularity charts. See also Abbi.

Abelia, var. Abelle, Abella
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Breath, vapour." Abelia, Abella and Abelle were not among 2018's Top names.

Source fr. Greek language. "Destroyer." Unusual. Abellona (cf. Aldona, Alyona) ends with -ona.

Stems fr. Scottish element. Place name .. Rather quaint as a girls' name, Aberdeen exists more conventionally as a last name.

Root fr. Arabic. "Great." Unisex name. Abia is not a Top 2000 name.

Abiah and variants

Abiah, var. Aviah, Avia
From Hebrew. "God is my father." Abiah, Avia and Aviah are barely found as female names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Abbie, Abbigail, Abbigale, Abbigayle, Abby

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Abbygail, Abigail, Abigale, Abigayle, Ania

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Anya, Avia

Origin fr. Arabic word. "God's worshipper." Abina (UPPER 48%), Abide (93%) are popular surnames. See also Abila.

Based on Hebrew language. "God is my father." Unusual. Abiela, like Akela, Anjela, has the -ela ending. See also Akiela.

Abigail and variants

Abigail, var. Abigil, Abigel, Abigayle, Abigall, Abigayl, Abigale, Abigal, Abi, Abigael, Abgail, Abegale, Abbygale, Abegail, Abbygail, Abbygael, Abby, Abbye, Abbigayle, Abbigale, Abbigai, Abbigail, Abbigael, Abbie, Abbey, Abbi, Abbegale, Abbegail, Abbe, Abbee, Abba, Abaigael, Abageal, Abagil, Abagale, Abagail, Abagael
From Hebrew. "Father of exaltation." Abigail, Abbie, Abbigail and Abby were among 2018's Top names.

Abijah, var. Abishah, Abisha, Abeesha, Abeedja, Abeeja
Root fr. Hebrew. "God is my father." Abeesha and variants are unusual as children's names.

Source fr. Latin language. "Beautiful." Not that common as a children's name, Abila is used more commonly as a surname. See also Abia.

Abilene, var. Abiline, Abilena, Abalina, Abalene
Origin fr. Hebrew word. Place name .. Unusual. Abilene, Abalene (compare Angelene, Adalene) ends with the unusual -lene.

Abina, var. Abraba, Abena
Based on African, Ghanaian languages. "Born on Tuesday." Abina, Abena and Abraba were not Top birth names in 2018.

Abir, var. Abeer
Based on Arabic element. "Aroma, scent." Not in Top 2000.

Abital, var. Avital, Abeetal
Origin fr. Hebrew. "Father of dew." Abital, Abeetal and Avital are rare as girls' names.

Abra, var. Abrahana, Abrah, Abarrane2, Abame2
From Hebrew, Arabic, Akan. "Father of many." Abame and variants are not in the Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for A- names for girls.

1. Aafje - Abra
Aafje, Aanya [Anya, ..], Aaricia, Abarrane [Abame], Abebi, Abelia [Abelle, ..], Abellona, Aberdeen, Abia, Abiah [Aviah, ..], Abida, Abiela, Abigail [Abigil, ..], Abijah [Abishah, ..], Abila, Abilene [Abiline, ..], Abina [Abraba, ..], Abir [Abeer], Abital [Avital, ..], Abra [Abrahana, ..]

Abriana [Abrienne, ..], Acacia, Acadia, Accalia, Aceline [Asceline], Achava [Ahava], Achsah, Acima [Acimah, ..], Acquanetta [Aquannette, ..], Ada [Aidah, ..], Adah, Adair [Adayre, ..], Adalgisa [Adelvice, ..], Adalia [Addala, ..], Adamaris [Adamari], Adamina [Ademina, ..], Adamma, Adana, Adanna, Adara [Adrah, ..]

Dawn [Adawna], Addie [Addy], Addison [Adyson, ..], Addula, Adel, Adela [Adelle, ..], Adelaide [Alyosha, ..], Adelie, Adelinde [Adeline, ..], Adeline [Aline, ..], Adelisa [Adeliza, ..], Adelma, Adelpha [Adelfa], Edina [Adina, ..], Adena [Adinah, ..], Adeola [Adola], Adesina, Adhita, Adiba [Adibah, ..], Adiella

Adila, Adima, Adin [Adeana, ..], Adina [Adine, ..], Adira [Adeera], Aditi, Adiva [Adivah, ..], Adlai [Adley], Adolpha [Adollfa, ..], Adoncia, Adonia, Adora [Adorlee, ..], Adra [Adara], Adrienne [Aydrienne, ..], Egeria [Aegeria], Egidia [Aegidia], Aegina, Emily [Amy, ..], Enya [Aenya], Erin [Aryn, ..]

Eris [Aeress], Erica [Arika, ..], Aeron, Aeronwen, Aesara, Afra [Aphra, ..], Ophrah [Aphra, ..], Orpah [Aphra, ..], Afraima, Africa [Apirkah, ..], Afton [Affton], Afua [Afiwa, ..], Agapi [Agappe, ..], Agate, Agatha [Agye, ..], Agave, Aggie, Egelina [Agilina], Aglaia, Agnes [Annise, ..]

Agnola [Agnolle, ..], Agraciana [Agracyanna, ..], Agrafina [Agrafena], Agrippa [Agrippine, ..], Agrippina [Agripina], Ahava [Ahuda, ..], Eibhlin [Aibhlin], Aibhlin [Aibhilin], Aida [Ayeeda, ..], Aidan [Aydenn, ..], Edana [Aydana, ..], Aiko, Ailani, Elva [Ailbhe], Ailbhe [Alvy, ..], Aileen [Alline, ..], Eileen [Ayleen, ..], Helen [Alyona, ..], Aili, Eilidh [Ailie]

Ailie, Ailish, Ailith [Aldith], Ailsa [Ailse, ..], Aimee [Amey, ..], Aina, Eithne [Aine], Aine, Ainsley [Aynslie, ..], Irene [Arina, ..], Airi, Airlea [Airlia], Isha [Aisha], Aisha [Ayshe, ..], Aislinn [Ashlynn, ..], Aithne [Aithnea, ..], Aiyana [Ayanna, ..], Aja [Azha], Ajua [Aju, ..], Akasha

Akela [Akeelah], Aki, Akiko, Akilah [Akili, ..], Akilina [Aquilina, ..], Akira, Akiva [Akeeva], Akosua [Akwasiba, ..], Akyra, Alaia [Alayah, ..], Elaine [Allaine, ..], Alaine [Allyn, ..], Alair [Allaire], Alala, Alamea, Alana [Alonna, ..], Alannah, Alanza, Alaqua, Alarice [Allaryce, ..]

Alastair [Alastriona, ..], Zlata [Alatinka], Alaula, Alaysia, Alba [Alva, ..], Alberga [Alberge], Alberta [Aubine, ..], Albinia [Aubine, ..], Albreda, Alcestis, Alcina [Alzina, ..], Alcinda [Allcinda, ..], Alda [Alida, ..], Aldina, Aldis [Ailith, ..], Aldona, Aldonza, Aldora [Aldara], Eleanor [Allinor, ..], Elise [Alease]

Electra [Alectra], Aledwen, Elysia [Aleeysia], Aleeza [Alitza, ..], Alegra [Allegria, ..], Alena [Alenka], Olena [Alena], Alesia [Alessia], Alessandra [Alyssandra, ..], Alesta, Aleta [Allette, ..], Alethea [Alithia, ..], Alex [Alix], Alexandra [Anda, ..], Alexandria, Alexis [Alyx, ..], Alfonsine [Alphonsine, ..], Elfrida [Alfrieda, ..], Alfreda [Allie, ..], Ali

Aliana [Alianna], Alice [Alyssa, ..], Alicia [Alyssia, ..], Alida [Alydah, ..], Alika, Aliki, Alima, Alina [Alyne, ..], Alinda, Aline, Alisa [Alyssah, ..], Alison [Alysoun, ..], Elissa [Alyssa, ..], Alita, Alivette, Olivia [Alyvia, ..], Alix [Alissandrine, ..], Elixyvett [Alixyvetta, ..], Elizabeth [Alixyveth], Aliya [Alliah, ..]

Eliza [Alizah, ..], Alizah [Alyza, ..], Alla [Alya, ..], Ella [Alla], Allegra [Allie, ..], Halleli [Alleluia], Allena [Alynne, ..], Mallory [Allerie], Allie [Ally, ..], Elmira [Almyra, ..], Allura [Alura, ..], Allyriane, Alma [Allma, ..], Almarine [Almerine, ..], Almeda [Almitah, ..], Elmina [Almina, ..], Almera [Almyra, ..], Almodine, Almond [Amandina, ..], Aloe

Aloha, Louise [Aloysia, ..], Aloisia [Aloysia, ..], Aloma, Elena [Alona], Alona [Alonia, ..], Alondra [Alandra], Alonsa [Alonza], Alouette [Alowette, ..], Eloise [Aloysia], Heloise [Aloysia], Alpha [Alfa], Alphonsine, Alta [Altha, ..], Altagracia [Altagrazia, ..], Altaira [Altair], Althea [Althia, ..], Altheda, Aludra, Alufa

Aluma [Alumit, ..], Alumina [Allumina], Alura [Allura, ..], Alva [Alvit, ..], Alvar [Alvera, ..], Alvara, Alvarita, Elvina [Alvinia, ..], Alvera, Alverdine, Alvina [Alwyne, ..], Elvira [Alvira], Alvita, Alya [Aalya], Alysia [Alyssia], Alyssa [Alyssia, ..], Alzena [Alzina, ..], Ama [Amma], Amabel [Amabelle, ..], Mabel [Amayble, ..]

Amada [Amata, ..], Amadea [Amedee, ..], Amadore [Amadora], Amala [Amel, ..], Amalfi [Amalfey], Amalida [Amelida, ..], Amalthea [Amaltheia], Amana, Amanda [Amata, ..], Amandeep, Amani, Amanpreet, Amantha, Amapola [Ammapola, ..], Amara [Amarinda, ..], Amarantha [Amaranthe, ..], Amarilla, Amaris [Amarit, ..], Amaryllis [Amarilis], Amata

Amaya [Amaia], Amber [Ambur, ..], Amberly [Amberly, ..], Ambika [Ambeika, ..], Ambrosine [Ambrozine, ..], Imelda [Amelda], Amelia [Amy, ..], Amelinda [Amellinda, ..], America, Amethyst [Amethiste, ..], Amica [Amika, ..], Amilia [Amilya, ..], Amina [Amynah, ..], Aminta [Amynta, ..], Amira [Amyrah, ..], Amisa [Amissa], Amisha, Amit, Amita, Amitola

Amity [Amitie], Amiya [Amiyah, ..], Amneet, Amor [Amorra, ..], Amorette [Amoretta], Amparo, Amrita, Amy [Aymi, ..], Amya, Ana [Anka, ..], Anabel [Annabelle, ..], Anafa, Anahi, Anahita, Anais [Anayas], Analia, Analilia, Ananda [Anda], Anani, Rosa [Anarosa]

Anastasia [Asia, ..], Anat [Anath], Anatolia [Anatolya, ..], Anaya [Anayeh], Inaya [Anaya], Ancelote, Ancina, Fernanda [Annda, ..], Andie [Andi, ..], Andrea [Aundrea, ..], Andromeda, Anela [Anakela], Anemone [Anneaymone, ..], Angel [Angle, ..], Angela [Annijilla, ..], Angelica [Anjelique, ..], Angharad, Angusina, Ania [Aniyah, ..], Anice [Annys, ..]

Aniceta [Annicetta, ..], Anika [Aunika, ..], Anima, Anina [Annina, ..], Anisa [Annissa, ..], Anise [Anisette, ..], Anita [Annitta, ..], Anitra, Anjali, Anjanette [Annjeanette, ..], Anmol, Ann [Annie], Hannah [Annie, ..], Anna [Anouska, ..], Annabel [Annabelle, ..], Annalisa [Annissa, ..], Annamaria [Annmaria, ..], Anne [Ayn, ..], Annemae [Annemie, ..], Anner

Annette [Annettchen, ..], Annis [Anyssa, ..], Anniston [Aniston], Annora [Anorah, ..], Honor [Anora, ..], Annot, Annunciata [Anunziata, ..], Annwyl [Anwylle, ..], Anona, Anonna [Anona, ..], Anouska [Anyoushka, ..], Anselma, Selma [Anselma], Ansley [Anslie, ..], Ansonia [Ansonya, ..], Antalya [Antaliya], Anthea [Antia, ..], Anthemia [Anthymia, ..], Antigone, Antje

Antoinette [Antwinett, ..], Antonia [Antonya, ..], Anuhea, Anwar, Anwen [Anwyn], Anya [Anja, ..], Enat [Aodhnait], Aoibheann [Aoibhinn, ..], Aoife [Aoibhe], Eve [Aoife], Aonani, Aphra [Afra, ..], Aphrodite, Apollonia [Appolonia, ..], Apona, Aponi [Aponee], Apple, April [Avrill, ..], Aquilina [Akilina], Ara [Arria, ..]

Arabella [Arbelle, ..], Araceli [Aricelly, ..], Arachne [Archna, ..], Aram, Araminta, Aranrhod [Arianrhod], Aranza [Arantza, ..], Arava [Aravah], Araxie, Arcadia [Arcadie], Arcangela [Archangelia, ..], Arcelia [Aricelly, ..], Arda [Ardath, ..], Ardea, Ardelle [Ardra, ..], Arden [Ardis, ..], Ardis [Ardyss, ..], Ardith [Ardis, ..], Arella [Arelle, ..], Arena

Aretha [Arletha, ..], Arethusa, Argene [Arjean, ..], Argenta [Argentina, ..], Argia, Aria [Ariyah, ..], Ariadne [Aryanne, ..], Ariana [Aryonna, ..], Arianwen [Arianwyn], Ariel [Ariellia, ..], Arin [Aren], Arisje, Arista [Aristelle, ..], Arizona, Harley [Arley, ..], Arleigh, Arlene [Arlynn, ..], Arlette [Arletta, ..], Arlinda [Arlyn, ..], Arlise [Arlyss, ..]

Armande [Armonde, ..], Armani, Armen, Armida [Arminda], Armina [Armyne, ..], Arminta, Armona [Armonit], Arnalda [Arnolda], Arnelle [Arnisha, ..], Arnette [Arvilla, ..], Arnina [Arnit, ..], Arrie, Arsenia [Arsemia, ..], Artemis [Artemisia, ..], Artemisia [Artemesia], Artha, Arthuretta [Artrice, ..], Aruna, Arunika [Arunima], Arwen [Arwyn]

Arya [Aria], Aryana, Arza [Arzit, ..], Asa [Ase], Asela, Asemina, Asenath [Acenath], Ashanti [Ashuntae, ..], Ashby [Ashbie, ..], Ashia, Ashira [Ashirah, ..], Ashley [Ashlye, ..], Ashlynn [Ayslyn, ..], Ashni, Ashra [Ashirah, ..], Ashton [Ashtyn, ..], Asia [Azia, ..], Asima, Asma, Aspasia

Aspen, Asphodel [Asphodelle, ..], Assunta, Asta [Astra, ..], Asteria, Aston, Astra [Astria, ..], Astraea [Astraeia], Astrid [Atti, ..], Astrithr, Asuncion [Asencion], Ethel [Atal], Atalanta [Atlante, ..], Atara [Ateret, ..], Athalia [Attalie, ..], Athanasia [Athenasia, ..], Ethelinda [Athelina], Athena [Attie, ..], Atifa [Atifah, ..], Atsuko

Attilia, Auberta, Aubrey [Aubury, ..], Aubriella [Aubrielle], Auburn, Auda [Aude, ..], Audra, Audrey [Audrye, ..], Audriana [Audrianna, ..], Audrina, Audris [Audriss], Augusta [Austyne, ..], Auina, Aura [Auriana, ..], Isaura [Aura], Auralee [Auralei], Aurelia [Aurita, ..], Oralia [Aurelle], Oriel [Aurielle, ..], Oriole [Auriel]

Auriel [Auriol, ..], Euron [Auron], Aurora [Aurore, ..], Austine [Austyn, ..], Australia, Autumn, Ava [Ayva, ..], Chava [Ava], Eva [Ava], Ophelia [Availia], Avalon, Avani, Eudocia [Avdotya], Ave, Evelyn [Aveline, ..], Aveline [Avelina], Aven, Avena, Averil [Averilla, ..], Avery [Avrie, ..]

Aviana [Avianna, ..], Avichayil [Avigayil, ..], Aviela [Aviella, ..], Avila, Avis [Avice, ..], Aviva [Avivit, ..], Avril [Avrill, ..], Wilda [Awilda], Axelle [Axella], Aya, Ayala [Ayla], Ayanna [Ayonna, ..], Ayda, Ayesha, Ayla, Aylin, Aza, Azalea [Azaleia, ..], Azalia, Azania

Azaria [Azariah], Azelia, Azhar, Aziza [Azizi, ..], Azra, Azuba [Azubah], Azucena [Azuzena, ..], Azure [Azzurra, ..]

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