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Ad- baby names and what they mean, with 49 results. Ad- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names reached its apex in the year 2016 (ADOPTION OF 1.7%) and has remained as conventional to this day (ADOPTION 1.6%, 8.2%), but with names such as Adell falling out of fashion. The trendier names for newborns among these are Adeline (#78), Adaline (#234), Adalynn (#108), Addilyn (#359) and Adley (#620), while Adeleke (TOP 54%) and Adeleye (65%) are common Ad- surnames. Here is the list of Ad- names for boys.

Ad- names

Ada - Adelaide | Adelice - Aditi | Adiva - Adwowa

Ada - Adelaide

Ada and variants

Ada1, var. Adie, Adiah, Adia, Adi1, Ade, Adey1, Addy1, Addie1, Addiah, Adda, Addi1, Adan1
From Old German word. "Noble." Adan (TOP 8%), Addie (21%), Addy (8%), Ade (14%) and Adey (35%) exist commonly as last names.


From Hebrew word. "Adornment." Arah is also a moderately common birth name. See also Auda.

Adair, var. Adayre, Adare, Adaire
Derivative of Old German element. "Wealthy spear." Adair (compare Abair, Albair) is a common -air suffix surname.

Adalgisa, var. Adelvice, Adelgise, Adalgise
Based on Old German. "Noble, precious promise." Uncommon. Adalgisa (compare Aloisa, Annalisa) has the common -isa suffix.

Adalia and variants

Adalia1, var. Addala1, Addal, Adalley, Adalie1, Adalee, Adali, Adala, Adal
Derived fr. Hebrew, Old German elements. "God is my refuge; noble one." Adalia, Adalley, etc. became more popular in 2018, gaining on average +38 positions as baby names with Adalee gaining the most.

Adamaris and variants

Adamaris, var. Adamari
From Latin. "To love." Adoption of Adamaris and forms was widespread in 2006, but now, Adamaris has fallen out of fashion.

Adamina and variants

Adamina, var. Ademina, Ademeena, Addie2, Adaminna, Adameena, Adamine, Ada2
Derivative of Hebrew language. "Earth." Usage of Ada and Addie as girls' names has diminished since 1880-1889.

Root fr. Igbo element. "Beautiful child." Unusual. Adamma is not found in the US Census. See also Adima.

Aden, Adan2
Forms of Aidan. Stems fr. Gaelic word. "Fire." Adan and Aden are rarely used as girls' names.

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Earth." Adana is not often adopted as a birth name. See also Adeana.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Ada, Adah, Adalee, Adalia, Adalie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Adaline, Adalyn, Adalynn, Adamari, Adamaris

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Adara, Adda, Addie, Addison, Addisyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Addyson, Adel, Adela, Adelaida, Adelaide

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Adele, Adelia, Adelina, Adeline, Adell

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Adella, Adelle, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ad- names: Adison, Adra, Adyson

Derivative of Nigerian element. "Her father's daughter." Adanne and Adanza are creative variations. See also Adeana.

Adara and variants

Adara, var. Adrah, Adra
Derivative of Arabic, Greek, Hebrew. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Adrah is unique as a birth name among the versions of Adara.

Var. of Dawn. Root fr. Old English language. "The first appearance of light, daybreak." Not in Top 2000. See also Adena.

Addie and variants

Addie3, var. Addy2
Derived fr. Old German, Old English languages. "Noble; son of Adam." Addie is recognizable (TOP 12%) as a feminine name, whereas Addy is scantly used.

Addison and variants

Addison, var. Adyson, Adisson, Adison, Addyson, Addeson, Addisyn
Source fr. Old English word. "Son of Adam." Addeson, Addisyn, etc. are barely found as feminine names.

Origin fr. Teutonic. "Noble cheer." Uncommon as a birth name, but Addula is similar to the more common Adella. See also Addalla.


Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is eternal." Adoption of Adel was common 108 years ago. Gender-neutral name.

Adela and variants

Adela1, var. Adelle1, Adellah, Adella1, Adell1, Adelia1, Adelita1, Adele1, Adalie2, Adalia2
Origin fr. Old German language. "Noble." Adoption of Adela, Adalia, etc. as baby names in 2018 was 19.5% less than the previous year.

Alida and variants

Adelyta, Adelyna, Adellyta, Adellyna, Adelina1, Adelita2, Adela2
Var. of Alida. Derivative of Latin language. "Small winged one." Adela, Adelita, etc. became more trendy in 2018, gaining +9 positions as baby names with Adela rising the most.

Adelaide and variants

Adelaide, var. Ady, Ado, Adi2, Adey2, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adelle2, Adella2, Adell2, Adeline, Adelis, Adelina2, Adelicia, Adelice, Adelheid, Adelia2, Adelei, Adele2, Adelajda, Adelaida, Adelais, Adelade, Adela3, Adel2, Addie4, Addy3, Addi2, Addey, Adde, Addala2, Addalla, Adalynn, Adalyn, Adaline, Adalheid, Adalin, Adalena, Adalayde, Adalaide, Ada3
Root fr. Old German language. "Noble kind." Adelaide and variants became less trendy in 2018, falling on average -8 rankings as girls' names with Adelia dropping the most.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ad- names for girls.

1. Ada - Adelaide
Ada [Adi, Ade, Adie, Adia, Adey, Adiah, ..], Adah, Adair [Adare, Adayre, Adaire], Adalgisa [Adelvice, Adelgise, Adalgise], Adalia [Addal, Adali, Addala, Adalie, Adalee, Adalley, ..], Adamaris [Adamari], Adamina [Addie, Ademina, Adamine, Ademeena, Adaminna, Adameena, ..], Adamma, Aidan [Aden, Adan], Adana, Adanna, Adara [Adra, Adrah], Dawn [Adawna], Addie [Addy], Addison [Adyson, Adison, Adisson, Addyson, Addisyn, Addeson], Addula, Adel, Adela [Adell, Adelle, Adella, Adelia, Adellah, Adelita, ..], Alida [Adelyta, Adelyna, Adelita, Adelina, Adellyta, Adellyna, ..], Adelaide [Ady, Ado, Adi, Adey, Adelyn, Adelynn, ..]

Alice [Adelisa, Adelice], Adelie, Adelinde [Adele, Adeline, Adelinda], Adeline [Adline, Adella, Adilene, Adelynn, Adellah, Adelind, ..], Adelisa [Adaliz, Adeliza, Adalicia], Adelma, Adelpha [Adelfa], Edina [Adina, Adena], Adena [Adene, Adina, Adinah], Adeola [Adola], Adesina, Adhita, Adiba [Adibah, Adeeba], Adiella, Adila, Adima, Adin [Adina, Adeana], Adina [Adine, Adena, Adeen, Adinah, Adeena, Adeana], Adira [Adeera], Aditi

Adiva [Adivah, Adeeva], Adlai [Adley], Adolpha [Adolfa, Adollfa], Adoncia, Adonia, Adora [Adore, Adoria, Adoree, Adoray, Adorae, Adorlee, ..], Adra [Adara], Adrienne [Adrina, Adrien, Adriene, Adriena, Adrienna, Adrienah, ..], Ajua [Adwowa]

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