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Ant- baby names and what they mean, with 8 results. Ant- names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity 108 years ago (ADOPTION OF 0.2%) and have become significantly less popular since (ADOPTION 0.1%, 67%), with names like Antoinette becoming less in vogue. Antonella (#468) is the most chic girl name in this list, while Antar (TOP 36%) and Antley (13%) are common Ant- last names.

Ant- names

Antalya - Antonia

Antalya, var. Antaliya
Derived fr. Greek element. "Break of day." Analya is a moderately common girl's name.

Anthea, var. Antia, Anthoula, Anthia, Antheya, Antheia, Anthe
Derived fr. Greek. "Flowery." Unusual. Compare Anthea with common last names Attea (TOP 88%), Abea (82%), which also end with -ea.

Anthemia, var. Anthymia, Anthemya, Antheemia
Derivative of Greek element. "In bloom." Uncommon. Anthemia, Antheemia, Anthymia, similar to Anthonia, Angelia, end with -ia.

Stems fr. Greek. Mythology .. Not that prominent as a children's name.

Form of Anne. Source fr. Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." Compare last names Antee (TOP 40%), Ante (25%).

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Artje and Autje are creative variations.

Antoinette and variants

Antoinette1, var. Antwinett, Antwanetta, Antwahnette, Antonique1, Antonine1, Antonietta1, Antonina1, Antonie1, Antonia1, Antonetta1, Antionette
Root fr. French, Latin. .. Also a diminutive of Ann. Antionette, Antoinette, Antonetta, Antonia, Antonietta and Antonina are more generally used as children's names among these variant forms.

Antonia and variants

Antonia2, var. Antonya, Antonnette, Antoniya, Antonisha, Antonique2, Antonina2, Antonine2, Antonija, Antonietta2, Antonie2, Antonette, Antonella, Antonetta2, Antoinetta, Antoinette2, Anthony, Anthonia, Anteunette
Stems fr. Latin word. .. Also a diminutive of Ann. Anthony, Antoinette, Antonella, Antonetta, Antonette, Antonia, Antonietta and Antonina are more prevalent as girls' names among these versions.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ant- names for girls.

1. Antalya - Antonia
Antalya [Antaliya], Anthea [Antia, Anthe, Anthia, Antheya, Antheia, Anthoula], Anthemia [Anthymia, Anthemya, Antheemia], Antigone, Anne [Antje], Antje, Antoinette [Antonie, Antonine, Antonina, Antwinett, Antonique, Antwanetta, Antonietta, Antwahnette, ..], Antonia [Antonya, Antoniya, Antonine, Antonina, Antonija, Antonisha, Antonique, Antonnette, ..]

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