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Avi- baby names and what they mean, with 9 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread in 2016 (ADOPTION OF 0.11%) and has remained as widespread to this day (ADOPTION 0.1%, 7.9% LESS), but with names like Avis becoming less fashionable. Aviana (#394) and Avianna (#402) are two of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns in this list, while Avitia (TOP 7%) and Avins (56%) are popular Avi- last names.

Avi- names

Avia - Aviva

Abiah and variants

Aviah, Avia1
Forms of Abiah. Root fr. Hebrew. "God is my father." Avika is also a moderately popular kid's name.

Aviana and variants

Aviana, var. Avianna, Avia2
Blend of Ava and Ana. Common. Compare Aviana, Avianna with popular surnames Akiona (UPPER 30%), Apana (41%), which also end with -na.

Avichayil and variants

Avichayil, var. Avigayil, Avigail
Stems fr. Hebrew. "Exalted father." Adoption of Avigail and forms was more pronounced 2 years ago.

Aviela and variants

Aviela, var. Aviella, Avie
Derivative of Hebrew language. "My father is God." Adoption of Aviela and forms was widespread among parents during 1890-1899.

Source fr. Old German. Name from the Middle Ages and .. Avila is an atypical feminine name, appearing regularly (UPPER 1%) as a surname.


Var. of Ava. .. Other possible sources are the Hebrew .. Avis is common as a girls' name compared to other forms.

Avis2, var. Avice
Based on Old German word. .. The Latin "avis" means "bird". Avis and forms rose in popularity during 1910-1919, but now, Avis has become somewhat dated.

Form of Abital. Root fr. Hebrew word. "Father of dew." Alital and Avial are creative forms.

Aviva and variants

Aviva, var. Avivit, Avivi, Avivah
Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Springtime." Avivah and forms were popular with parents presently.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Avi- names for girls.

1. Avia - Aviva
Abiah [Avia, Aviah], Aviana [Avia, Avianna], Avichayil [Avigail, Avigayil], Aviela [Avie, Aviella], Avila, Ava [Avis], Avis [Avice], Abital [Avital], Aviva [Avivi, Avivit, Avivah]

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