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Cas- baby names and what they mean, with 14 results. Cas- names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 1990 (ADOPTION OF 0.71%) and are now much less common (ADOPTION 0.11%, 85.2%), with names such as Casey becoming less stylish. Casler (TOP 9%) and Castle (1%) are popular Cas- last names. Here is the list of Cas- names for boys.

Cas- names

Casey - Castalia

Acacia and variants

Cassy1, Cassie1, Casia, Casha, Casey1
Forms of Acacia. Source fr. Greek. "Thorny tree." Calia is also a moderately common birth name.

Casey and variants

Casey2, var. Casy1, Cassye, Cassey1, Cassee1, Casse, Casie1, Cass1, Casi, Casen, Casee, Cascy
Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Alert, watchful." Common as surnames, and Casey (TOP 1%), Cassey (38%) are comparable to common last names Corsey (TOP 25%), Classey (98%), which also end with -sey.

Casilda, var. Cassilda
Source fr. Latin element. "Dwelling place." Compare last names Casida (UPPER 46%), Casildo (80%).

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Gleaming, silvery white." Casiphia is not a Top 2000 name.

Form of Carson. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. Cason is seldom adopted as a baby name. Also used for boys.

Cass and variants

Cass2, var. Cassy2, Cassie2
Origin fr. Greek word. "Man's defender." Cass and variants became more popular in 2018, gaining on average +7 positions as birth names with Cassie gaining the most.

Catherine and variants

Cassy3, Cassie3, Cassi1, Cassey2, Cass3
Var. of Catherine. Source fr. Greek language. "Pure." Somewhat common as children's names, Cass, Cassey, etc. sound like the familiar Casey.

Katherine and variants

Cassie4, Cassi2, Cassey3, Cass4
Var. of Katherine. Stems fr. Greek word. "Pure." Cass and variants rose in popularity 4 decades ago and are now less common.

Cassandra and variants

Cassandra, var. Cassy4, Cassundra, Cassondria, Cassondra, Cassie5, Cassaundra, Cassi3, Cassanndra, Cassandry, Cassandrea, Cassandre, Casoundra, Cass5, Casondra, Casie2, Casey3, Casaundra, Casandri, Casaundr, Casandra, Casandera, Cas
From Greek language. "Shining upon man." Cassandra and variants became less popular in 2018, falling on average -2 rankings as baby names with Cassandra leading the fall.

Based on Greek. From Greek "kasia", a type of .. Unusual as a girls' name, but Cassia is comparable to the more common Casie. See also Caysha.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cas- names: Casandra, Casey, Casie, Casondra, Cassandra

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cas- names: Cassaundra, Cassey, Cassi, Cassidy, Cassie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cas- names: Cassondra, Cassy

Cassidy and variants

Cassidy, var. Cassity, Cassidie, Cassidi, Cassidey, Cassidee, Casseday, Cassiddy, Cassady, Cassadina, Cassadie, Cassadi, Casidy, Cass6, Casidee, Casadee
Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Curly-headed." Used widely as children's names, Cassidy, Cassity, etc. are comparable to the conventional Chassidy.

Cassie6, var. Casy2, Cassy5, Cassi4, Cassey4, Cassee2
Stems fr. English. Short form of Cassandra and Katherine .. Used frequently as birth names, Cassee, Cassie, etc. are pronounced like the popular Casey.

Cassiopeia, var. Cassiopia
Root fr. Greek. Possibly means "cassia juice" .. Not in popularity charts.

Castalia, var. Castallia
Based on Greek word. .. a nymph who was being pursued .. Castalia and Castallia were not Top birth names in 2018.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Cas- names for girls.

1. Casey - Castalia
Acacia [Cassy, Casia, Casha, Casey, Cassie], Casey [Casy, Cass, Casi, Casse, Casie, Cassye, Cassey, Cassee, ..], Casilda [Cassilda], Casiphia, Carson [Cason], Cass [Cassy, Cassie], Catherine [Cass, Cassy, Cassi, Cassie, Cassey], Katherine [Cass, Cassi, Cassie, Cassey], Cassandra [Cassy, Cassi, Cassie, Cassundra, Cassondra, Cassondria, Cassaundra, Cassanndra, ..], Cassia, Cassidy [Cassity, Cassidi, Cassady, Cassidie, Cassidey, Cassidee, Cassiddy, Casseday, ..], Cassie [Casy, Cassy, Cassi, Cassey, Cassee], Cassiopeia [Cassiopia], Castalia [Castallia]

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