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Cor- baby names and what they mean, with 21 results. Usage of these girl names was at its peak 138 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.13%) and has become much lower since (ADOPTION 0.3%, 73.5%), with names such as Corey becoming less fashionable. Coraline (#596) is the most chic birth name among these, while Coreas (TOP 10%) and Corado (13%) are popular Cor- last names. Here is the list of Cor- names for boys.

Cor- names

Cora - Corona | Corvina

Cora - Corona

Cora and variants

Cora1, var. Coryssa, Corynne1, Corynna, Cory1, Corry1, Corrine1, Corrissa, Corrina1, Corrie1, Corri1, Correy, Correnda, Correne, Correna1, Correlle, Corrella, Correen1, Corita, Corlene, Corissa, Corisa, Corinne1, Corinna1, Corilla1, Corine1, Corie1, Cori1, Corey1, Coretta1, Corena1, Corene1, Corella1, Coree, Coralyn1, Coralin, Coralia, Coralie1, Coralee1, Corabeth, Corabellita1, Corabelle1, Corabel1, Corabella1
Derived fr. Greek language. "Maiden." Coda is also a slightly prominent girl's name.

Kora and variants

Coryna, Corry2, Corrie2, Corilla2, Cori2, Coretta2, Corey2, Corena2, Corella2, Corabellita2, Corabelle2, Corabel2, Corabella2, Cora2
Forms of Kora. Derivative of Greek language. "Maiden." Common as surnames, and Corabella, Corella (14%), Corilla are comparable to common -lla last names Comella (UPPER 20%), Morella (25%).

Coral and variants

Coral, var. Coralyne, Coralyn2, Coraly, Coralline, Corallina, Coralie2, Coraline1, Coralena, Coralee2
Origin fr. Latin element. "Coral." Coral exists commonly (UPPER 21%) as a last name.

Coralie and variants

Coralie3, var. Cory2, Coraline2, Coralina, Coralee3
Based on English. .. However, it may also be derived .. Usage of Coraline and forms was more pronounced among parents 2 years ago and has remained widespread.

Corazon, var. Corazana
Based on Spanish element. "Heart." Corazon and Corazana are unique as children's names.

Cordelia and variants

Cordelia, var. Cordy, Cordie, Cordia, Cordi, Cordey, Cordella, Cordelle, Cordelie
Derivative of Latin element. "Heart." Adoption of Cordelia and variants as girls' names in 2018 was significantly more than a decade ago.

Cordis, var. Cordiss
Stems fr. Latin. "Heart." Unusual as baby names, but Cordis and Cordiss are comparable to the more popular Corliss.

Courtney and variants

Cortny, Cortnie, Cortney, Cortneigh, Cortnee, Cortland, Cortne, Corteney, Cortenay, Cordni, Cordney
Forms of Courtney. From Old French. "Domain of Curtius." Cortney has decreased in popularity as a children's name circa 1990.

Cordula, var. Cordulla
Origin fr. Latin language. "Heart." Codula and Corduna are creative variations.

Coretta and variants

Coretta3, var. Corretta
.. Name of the wife of American .. Coretta is commonplace (UPPER 54%) as a first name, whereas Corretta is intermittently used.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Cora, Coral, Coralee, Coralie, Coraline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Cordelia, Cordella, Cordia, Cordie, Coreen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Corena, Corene, Coretta, Corey, Cori

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Corie, Corin, Corina, Corine, Corinna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Corinne, Corissa, Corliss, Cornelia, Cornie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Corrie, Corrin, Corrina, Corrine, Corrinne

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cor- names: Cortney, Cory

Corey and variants

Corey3, var. Cory3, Corry3, Corrie3, Corrianna, Corri2, Corianne, Corie2, Coriann, Cori3, Cory4
Stems fr. Old Norse word. .. Of uncertain meaning. Corey and variants became more trendy in 2018, gaining +78 rankings as girls' names with Cori rising the most.

Corin and variants

Corin1, var. Corrine2, Corrina2, Corrin1, Correena, Correen2, Corena3, Corine2, Coren, Coreene, Coreen1
From Latin word. "Spear." Corrine and variants rose in popularity 118 years ago, but now, Corrina has fallen out of fashion.

Corinna and variants

Corinna2, var. Corynne2, Corynn1, Coryn, Corryn, Corrinna, Corrine3, Corrinn, Corrinda, Corrina3, Corrin2, Corrienne, Correna2, Corrianne, Corinne2, Corinn, Corine3, Corinda, Corin2, Corina, Corenne, Coreen2, Coreana
Derived fr. Greek language. "Maiden." Coreen, Corin, Corina, Corine, Corinna, Corinne, Corrin, Corrina and Corrine are more familiar as baby names among these versions.

Corinne and variants

Corinne3, var. Corynn2, Corryne, Corrinne, Corrine4, Corrin3, Corine4, Corrie4, Corene2, Coreen3
Derived fr. Greek word. "Maiden." Adoption of Corrin and forms was higher a century ago and has become diminished, with Corrine becoming less trendy.

Derived fr. Greek element. "Woman of Corinth." Corinthia is uncommon as a female name. See also Carinthia.

Corisande, var. Corrisande, Corissande, Corisanda
Derivative of Old French word. May also derive from Greek meaning .. Not Top 2000 names.

Corliss and variants

Corliss, var. Corly, Corlie, Corley, Corless, Corlee
Source fr. Old English language. "Cheerful, carefree." Corliss is commonly used as a baby name among these forms.

Cornelia and variants

Cornelia1, var. Cornie, Cornelle, Cornella, Corelie, Cornelya, Cornela, Cornelija, Corneelija, Cornalia, Cor
Source fr. Latin word. "Horn." Cornelle and variants peaked in popularity in the 1880s, but now, Cornelia has fallen out of fashion.


Var. of Kornelia. Root fr. Latin word. "Horn." Less popular today. Cornelia was last found in the 1970s in the Top 2000. See also Corneelija.

Corona, var. Coronna, Coronette, Coronetta
Stems fr. Latin element. "Crown." Coronna and variants are not frequently adopted as girls' names.