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D- Names for Girls

D baby names and what they mean, with 199 results. The trendier girl names in this list are Dakota (#247), Davina (#720), Delilah (#94), Demi (#395) and Dior (#792), while Deng (TOP 5%) and Dinh (2%) are familiar D- last names. Here is the list of D- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Dacia, Daenerys, Dagmar, Dagny, Dahlia

Da- and variants

Da-, var. Davonne, Davonna, Davisha, Dashea1, Dashea2, Dashay, Dashawna, Danira1, Danisha, Danique, Danille, Danessa, Daniesha, Dameshia
Derived fr. American. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Danille is commonly occurring (UPPER 73%) as a women's name.

Dabney, var. Dabny, Dabnie
Origin fr. Old French. "From Aubigny." Dagney is a moderately common kid's name.

Candace and variants

Dacy1, Dacie1, Dacia1, Dacey1, Dacey2, Dacee1, Dace
Forms of Candace. Stems fr. Latin language. "Clarity, whiteness." Dace (UPPER 20%), comparable to Dance (UPPER 7%), Delice (41%), is a popular -ce suffix last name.

Dacey and variants

Dacey3, var. Deyci, Daisey1, Daicy, Dacy2, Daicee, Dacie2, Dacia2, Dacee2
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "From the south." Daisey (TOP 55%) and Dacia (73%) are commonly occurring female names.

Dacia and variants

Dacia3, var. Daysha
Stems fr. Latin. .. Dacia was a Roman province which .. Used somewhat widely as baby names, Dacia and Daysha are comparable to the popular Dalia.

Var. of Kandace. Derived fr. Latin word. "Clarity, whiteness." Dacie is uncommon as a girls' name. See also Dacey.

Derived fr. Nigerian. "Curly-haired." Dada is uncommon as a baby name. See also Dodi.

Daenerys and variants

Daenerys, var. Dany
Derivative of American element. Character name of a queen known .. Daenerys is popular as a baby name among these versions.

Source fr. Old French. .. appropriate for a spring baby. Not in Top 2000.


Derivative of Scandinavian, Old German elements. "Glorious, day's glory." Dagmar is common (TOP 60%) as a women's name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Daina, Daira, Daisey, Daisie, Daisy

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Dakota, Dakotah, Dale, Dalene, Dalia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Danisha, Dayle, Daysha, Delina

Dagny and variants

Dagny, var. Dagne, Dagna
Derivative of Old Norse word. "New day." Somewhat common as birth names, Dagny, Dagna, etc. are similar to the common Dayna.

Dahlia and variants

Dahlia, var. Dalla1, Dalia, Daleia, Dahl, Dayha, Dahiana
Based on Swedish, Scandinavian languages. "Valley." Dahlia and Dalia were Top birth names in 2018.

Adeline and variants

Delyne, Delly, Dellina, Delina, Deline, Dallina, Daline, Dahlina, Dalina1
Forms of Adeline. Source fr. Old German. "Noble." Dahlina, Dalina, Daline, Dallina and Deline are more unique as birth names among the versions of Adeline.

Based on Japanese. "Great." Not frequently used as a baby name, Dai exists more often as a surname. Also used for boys.


Derived fr. Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian. "God is my judge; song; melody." Daina is conventional (UPPER 77%) as a women's name. See also Drina.

Daira and variants

Daira, var. Dayeera, Danira2, Daeira
From Spanish, Greek words. "Knowing, informed." Dayeera and variants are barely found as female names.

Daisy and variants

Daisy, var. Deysi, Deyse, Daysi, Dasie, Daizy, Daisie, Daisi, Daisee, Daisey2
Origin fr. Old English element. "Day's eye." Adoption of Daisi and forms was more pronounced among parents a century ago and is now diminished, with Daisy becoming less stylish.

Dakota and variants

Dakota, var. Dakotah, Dakoda
Stems fr. Native American Indian. "Friend, ally." Dakota was a Top birth name in 2018.

Dalenna1, Dalanna
Forms of Madeline. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Woman from Magdala." Uncommon as baby names, but Dalanna and Dalenna are similar to the more familiar Dalene.

Dale and variants

Dale, var. Dayle, Dayla, Daly, Dalina2, Dalla2, Dalenna2, Dalene, Daile, Dalena, Dail, Daelyn, Dael
Source fr. Old English word. "Valley." Dale (UPPER 1%), Daly (1%), Dail (6%), Dalena (57%) and Dalla (64%) exist commonly as last names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for D- names for girls.

1. Da- - Dale
Da- [Davonne, ..], Dabney [Dabny, ..], Candace [Dacy, ..], Dacey [Deyci, ..], Dacia [Daysha], Kandace [Dacie], Dada, Daenerys [Dany], Daffodil, Dagmar, Dagny [Dagne, ..], Dahlia [Dalla, ..], Adeline [Delyne, ..], Dai, Daina, Daira [Dayeera, ..], Daisy [Deysi, ..], Dakota [Dakotah, ..], Madeline [Dalenna, ..], Dale [Dayle, ..]

Dalia [Dalyah, ..], Dalila, Dallas [Dallis, ..], Dalmace [Dalmatia, ..], Damaris [Demarys, ..], Damia [Damyenne, ..], Damita [Dama], Dana [Donnica, ..], Danae [Donnay, ..], Dangelis [Diangelis, ..], Danica [Donnica, ..], Danielle [Doneille, ..], Danna [Danya, ..], Dantea, Daphne [Daphnie, ..], Dara [Darya, ..], Daralis [Darelis, ..], Darby [Darrby, ..], Darcie [Darsi, ..], Daria [Doriane, ..]

Darice [Dareese, ..], Darlene [Darryline, ..], Darnell [Darnisha, ..], Daron, Daryl [Derrill, ..], Daryn [Darynne, ..], Hadassah [Dassah], Datya [Datyah, ..], Daveney, Davina [Divinia, ..], Dawn [Dwan, ..], Day, Daya [Dayah], De- [Deshay, ..], Dea, Deandra [Diandre, ..], Deanna [Deonne, ..], Debonnaire [Debonaire, ..], Deborah [Dobra, ..], Brandy [Debranda]

Decca [Deka, ..], Decembra, Decima [Decia], Dee [Didi, ..], Adena [Dinah, ..], Geraldine [Dyna, ..], Deifilia, Deiondra [Dionna, ..], Deirdre [Dierdre, ..], Deitra [Detria, ..], Deja [Deyanira, ..], Adelaide [Delly, ..], Alida [Dilla, ..], Delana, Delancey [Delancy, ..], Delaney [Delene, ..], Delfina [Delphine, ..], Delia [Delya, ..], Amelia [Delia], Bedelia [Delia]

Cordelia [Della, ..], Delicia [Didi, ..], Delight, Delilah [Delila, ..], Della [Delline, ..], Delma [Delmy, ..], Delores [Deloris, ..], Delphine [Delphinia, ..], Delta [Dellta], Amanda [Demanda], Demelza, Demetria [Dimitria, ..], Demi [Demie, ..], Dena [Dinah, ..], Denelle [Donelle, ..], Denise [Dinny, ..], Deolinda, Deora, Derica [Derrica, ..], Derinda [Dorinda, ..]

Derine, Derora [Drorlya, ..], Derry, Dervla [Deirbhealla, ..], Deryn [Derrynne, ..], Desdemona [Desmona], Desiree [Deziree, ..], Desma [Desme], Dessa, Destiny [Destyni, ..], Detta, Deva [Devi], Devany [Devony, ..], Devi, Devin [Devyn, ..], Devon [Devynn, ..], Devora [Devri, ..], Devri, Dextra [Dextera], Deyanira [Diyanira, ..]

Dhana [Dhanna], Diamond [Diamontina, ..], Diana [Dyanne, ..], Diandra [Dyandra, ..], Diantha, Cynthia [Diantha], Dianthe [Diantha, ..], Didi [Deedee], Didiane [Didiere, ..], Dido, Didrika [Diedrika, ..], Dielle [Diella], Digna [Dinya, ..], Dillian [Dillianna, ..], Dilys [Dylyd, ..], Dimitra [Dimitria, ..], Dimity [Dimitie, ..], Dimona [Dimonah, ..], Dinah [Dynah, ..], Dionne [Dionna, ..]

Dionysia [Dionisia, ..], Dior [D'Or], Dita, Edith [Dita], Ditza [Diza, ..], Divina [Divinia, ..], Dixie [Dixee, ..], Benedicta [Dixie], Eudocia [Doxy, ..], Theodosia [Dosia, ..], Docila, Dodie [Dody, ..], Adeola [Dola], Dolly [Dollie, ..], Dolores [Doloritas, ..], Domina, Dominique [Domorique, ..], Domitilla [Domitilia, ..], Dona, Donalda [Donita, ..]

Donata [Donatilia, ..], Adoncia [Doncia], Donna [Donya, ..], Adora [Dory, ..], Pandora [Doura, ..], Theodora [Dora], Eudora [Dorie, ..], Dora [Dory, ..], Dorcas [Dorkas, ..], Dorcey [Dorsey], Doreen [Doryne, ..], Doretta, Doria [Dory, ..], Dorinda [Dyrinda, ..], Doris [Doryse, ..], Dorma [Dorrma], Dorona [Dorran, ..], Dorothy [Dotty, ..], Dorrit [Doritt, ..], Dorsey [Dorsie, ..]

Dory, Douce, Dove [Dova], Doveva, Andrea [Drena, ..], Dreama, Etheldreda [Dreda], Drew, Drina [Dreena], Drusilla [Drisy, ..], Duana [Dwayne, ..], Duena, Dulce [Dulsine, ..], Dumia [Dumiya], Duscha [Dusa, ..], Dusty [Dustin, ..], Dylana [Dyllan, ..], Dympna [Dymphna], Alexandra [Dzana]

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