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Don- baby names and what they mean, with 10 results. These girl names were at the top of their popularity during the years 1950-1959 (ADOPTION OF 1.4%) and are now much less conventional, with names such as Donnie becoming less in vogue. Doner (TOP 11%) and Dones (5%) are conventional Don- last names. Here is the list of Don- names for boys.

Don- names

Dona - Donnica


From Spanish element. "Lady." Donae is also a somewhat common birth name. See also Dion.

Donalda and variants

Donalda, var. Donita1, Donia1, Donetta1, Donelda, Donaline, Donaldette, Donaldina, Dona2
Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "World mighty." Common. Compare Donalda, Donelda with popular last names Dianda (UPPER 55%), Douda (97%), which also end with -da.

Donata, var. Donatilia, Donatila
From Latin word. "Given." Compare last names Donate (TOP 30%), Donawa (59%).

Var. of Adoncia. Root fr. Spanish word. "Sweet." Dolcia and Dorcia are creative variations. See also Donika.

Var. of Danielle. Based on Hebrew, French. "God is my Judge." Rare as a children's name, but Doneille is comparable to the more conventional Donella.

Denelle and variants

Donelle1, Donella1, Donell
Var. of Denelle. Modern name .. Donell and Donelle are more rare as children's names among the variations of Denelle.

Donnica1, Donika
Forms of Danica. From Slavic, Latin words. "Morning star; from Denmark." Rare, with the unusual feminine-sounding -ika ending for Donika, like Didrika.

Donna and variants

Donna, var. Donya, Donny, Donnisse, Donnie, Donnica2, Donnelle, Donni, Donnella, Donnell, Donnamarie, Donnalyn, Donita2, Donnalee, Donisha, Donielle, Donica, Donia2, Donelle2, Donetta2, Donella2, Donalie, Dona3
From Italian language. "Lady." Popular as baby names, Donna, Donella, etc. sound like the conventional Dianna.

Var. of Danae. Stems fr. Greek element. Mythology .. Donnay is not a Top 2000 name. See also Dannah.

Form of Dana. Origin fr. Old English element. "From Denmark." Donnica is not in the Top 2000. See also Dannica.

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1. Dona - Donnica
Dona, Donalda [Dona, Donia, Donita, Donetta, Donelda, Donaline, Donaldina, Donaldette], Donata [Donatila, Donatilia], Adoncia [Doncia], Danielle [Doneille], Denelle [Donell, Donelle, Donella], Danica [Donika, Donnica], Donna [Donya, Donny, Donni, Donnie, Donnica, Donnisse, Donnelle, Donnella, ..], Danae [Donnay], Dana [Donnica]

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