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Du- baby names and what they mean, with 7 results. Du- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names was at its highest in 2007 (ADOPTION OF 0.1%) and has become much lower since, with names such as Dulce going out of style. Dunlap (TOP 1%) and Dulaney (4%) are popular Du- last names. Here is the list of Du- names for boys.

Du- names

Duana - Duwan

Duana and variants

Duana1, var. Duna, Duayna, Duane, Duana2
From Irish, Gaelic element. "Dark, swarthy." Duaa is also a somewhat popular kid's name.

From Spanish word. "Chaperone." Unusual. Compare Duena and common last names Desena (UPPER 16%), Dilena (59%), which also end with -ena. See also Dwana.

Dulce and variants

Dulce1, var. Dulsine, Dulsibell, Dulsiana, Dulsia, Dulcy, Dulsea, Dulcinea, Dulcine, Dulcina, Dulcibella, Dulcibelle, Dulcie, Dulciana, Dulcia, Dulcea, Dulci, Dulce2
Source fr. Latin element. "Sweet." Dulcea, Dulci, Dulcia, Dulciana and Dulcibella are more novel as baby names among the forms of Dulce.

Dumia, var. Dumiya
Derived fr. Hebrew. "Silent." Dubia (UPPER 94%), Duma (25%) are popular surnames.

Duscha, var. Dusa, Dusica, Duschinka, Duschenka
Source fr. Russian language. "Happy." Duscha, Duschinka, etc. are not in the Top 2000.

Dusty and variants

Dusty, var. Dustin, Dustie, Dustee, Dustan
Feminine of Dustin .. Dusty is a frequently occurring (TOP 49%) women's name, while Dustan, Dustee, Dustie and Dustin are scarcely used.

Var. of Dawn. Based on Old English. "The first appearance of light, daybreak." Duwana and Duwani are creative forms. See also Duana.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Du- names for girls.

1. Duana - Duwan
Duana [Duna, Duane, Duana, Duayna], Duena, Dulce [Dulcy, Dulsia, Dulsea, Dulsine, Dulcine, Dulsiana, Dulcinea, Dulsibell, ..], Dumia [Dumiya], Duscha [Dusa, Dusica, Duschinka, Duschenka], Dusty [Dustin, Dustie, Dustee, Dustan], Dawn [Duwan]

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