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Fran- baby names and what they mean, with 7 results. Fran- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex 98 years ago (USAGE OF 1.2%) and has become much diminished since (USAGE 0.1%, DOWN 92%), with names such as Francine becoming somewhat outmoded. Francesca (#467) is the most contemporarily stylish birth name in this list, while Franken (TOP 13%) and Franchi (13%) are conventional Fran- last names.

Fran- names

Fran - Frankie

Fran and variants

Fran1, var. Franny1, Frannie1, Franni1, Frannee, Frani
Root fr. Latin element. "French." Common as surnames, and Fran (UPPER 45%) is similar to popular -ran surnames Uran (UPPER 32%), Furan (77%).

Francene and variants

Francene1, var. Franceen1
Variant spelling of Francine. Somewhat popular as children's names, Francene and Franceen are comparable to the familiar France.

Frances and variants

Frances, var. Franziska, Franzi, Franzetta, Fransabella, Fransabelle, Franny2, Franni2, Frannie2, Franky, Frankie1, Franki, Franka, Frank, Frania, Franie, Francyne, Francoise, Franciska1, Francisca1, Francine1, Francia, Francie, Franci, Franchesca1, Francey, Francette, Francetta, Francesca1, Francess, Francene2, Franceline, Francee, France, Fran2
Derived fr. Latin word. "French." Francesca is a contemporarily stylish form.

Francesca and variants

Francesca2, var. Franciska2, Francisca2, Franchesca2, Franchesa, Franceska, Franca
Derivative of Italian, Latin elements. "French." Franca occurs commonly (UPPER 24%) as a last name.

Francine and variants

Francine2, var. Francina, Francille, Francene3, Francena, Franceen2
From French, Latin words. "French." Francene (TOP 79%), Francina (67%) and Francine (12%) are familiar female names, while Franceen, Francena and Francille are unusual.

Franisbel, var. Franisbelle, Franisbella
Elaboration of Fran, influenced by Isabel .. Franisbel, Franisbella and Franisbelle are hardly found as feminine names.


Pet form of Frances, Francesca or .. Unisex name. Adoption of Frankie grew 9 decades ago and is now less.

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1. Fran - Frankie
Fran [Frani, Franny, Franni, Frannie, Frannee], Francene [Franceen], Frances [Franzi, Franny, Franni, Frannie, Franziska, Franzetta, Fransabella, Fransabelle, ..], Francesca [Franca, Franciska, Francisca, Franchesa, Franceska, Franchesca], Francine [Francina, Francene, Francena, Franceen, Francille], Franisbel [Franisbelle, Franisbella], Frankie

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