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Ho- baby names and what they mean, with 14 results. Ho- names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity during the years 1970-1979 (USAGE OF 0.45%) and are now much less widespread (USAGE 0.14%, 70%), with names like Hortense becoming somewhat outmoded. Honesty (#1080) is the most trendy name for newborns here, while Hollar (TOP 5%) and Holloway (1%) are conventional Ho- last names. Here is the list of Ho- names for boys.

Ho- names

Holda - Hosanna

Holda, var. Holle, Holde
Root fr. Old German. "Hidden." Houda is a moderately popular birth name.

Holiday, var. Holliday, Holladay
"Holy day." Holiday, Holladay, Holliday (cf. Hornaday, Hobday) are common -ay suffix surnames. Originally meant to honor the calendar ..

Hollis and variants

Hollis, var. Holyss, Holliss, Holless, Holles, Hollace
Origin fr. Old English language. "Near the holly bushes." Hollis is prevalent as a birth name among these variant forms.

Holly and variants

Holly, var. Hollye, Hollyann, Hollie, Holli, Holleigh, Holley, Hollee
Derived fr. Old English language. "The holly tree." Holly is a Top 2000 baby name.


Derived fr. Old French, Latin. From the word dervied via Old .. Honesty became more popular in 2018, gaining +94 positions as a children's name to reach #1080.

Honey and variants

Honey, var. Honie
Based on Old English language. "Nectar." Honey is a common (UPPER 63%) given name, while Honie is rare.

Var. of Hannah. Root fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Rather uncommon as a children's name. See also Nonna.

Annora and variants

Honora1, Honor1
Forms of Annora. Derivative of Latin. "Honor." Honor and Honora became less popular in 2018, dropping on average -3 rankings as children's names with Honor leading the decline.

Honor and variants

Honor2, var. Honour, Honorine, Honoria, Honoree, Honorah, Honorata, Honora2
Based on Latin language. "Woman of honor." Honor is a Top 2000 baby name.


Derivative of Old English word. "Expectation; belief." Conventional, with usage of 0.075% for Hope as a birth name in 2018, higher than 0.073% in 2017. See also Hebe.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ho- names: Holley, Holli, Hollie, Hollis, Holly

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ho- names: Honesty, Honey, Honor, Honora, Honorine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ho- names: Hope, Hortencia, Hortense, Hortensia

Horatia, var. Horasha, Horaisha, Horacia
Origin fr. Latin element. Haratia and Horania are creative variations.

Hortense and variants

Hortense, var. Hortinzia, Hortenxia, Hortenspa, Hortensia1, Hortencia
Derivative of French, Latin languages. "Garden." Usage of Hortinzia and forms grew 108 years ago, but now, Hortense has become less fashionable.


"Garden." Adoption of Hortensia peaked a century ago. See also Hartencia. .. Hortensia is the French term for ..

Hosanna, var. Hosannah, Hosana
Root fr. Hebrew word. "God save us." Rare as birth names, but Hosanna, Hosana, etc. are similar to the more familiar Rosanna.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ho- names for girls.

1. Holda - Hosanna
Holda [Holle, Holde], Holiday [Holliday, Holladay], Hollis [Holyss, Holles, Holliss, Holless, Hollace], Holly [Holli, Hollye, Hollie, Holley, Hollee, Hollyann, Holleigh], Honesty, Honey [Honie], Hannah [Honna], Annora [Honor, Honora], Honor [Honora, Honour, Honoria, Honoree, Honorah, Honorine, Honorata], Hope, Horatia [Horasha, Horacia, Horaisha], Hortense [Hortinzia, Hortenxia, Hortenspa, Hortensia, Hortencia], Hortensia, Hosanna [Hosana, Hosannah]

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