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Jean- baby names and what they mean, with 7 results. Jean- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex 88 years ago (USAGE OF 1.5%), but now, names like Jeanne have gone out of style. Jeannotte (TOP 41%) and Jeanes (15%) are common Jean- last names.

Jean- names

Jean - Jeannine

Jane and variants

Jeannine1, Jeannette1, Jeanne1, Jeanie1, Jeanette1, Jeanelle1, Jean1
Var. of Jane. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Popular, and Jeanne, Jeannine are comparable to common -ne last names Jevne (TOP 48%), Jagne (93%).

Jean and variants

Jean2, var. Jeannique, Jeannine2, Jeannie, Jeannette2, Jeannetta, Jeanneen, Jeanna, Jeanne2, Jeanique, Jeanine1, Jeanie2, Jeanice, Jeanette2, Jeanelle2, Jeanene, Jeaneen, Jeanee, Jeane, Jeana
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Jeane (TOP 38%), Jeanette (4%), Jeanine (15%), Jeannetta (99%) and Jeannine (16%) are frequently occurring as first names, whereas Jeanee, Jeaneen, Jeanique, Jeanneen and Jeannique are scarcely used.

Jeanay1, Jeanay2, Jeanae
Var. of Janae. Stems fr. American element. .. Janai is also a Biblical male .. Not in Top 2000.

Jeanelle3, var. Jeannelle, Jeannell
Derivative of English. Diminutive form of Jeanne. Unique. Jeanelle, Jeannelle (cf. Johnelle) use the androgynous-sounding -le suffix.

Jeanette and variants

Jeanette3, var. Jeannette3, Jeanetta
Origin fr. French element. .. variant spelling of Jeannette. Less popular today. Jeanette was the variation last found (2014) in the Top 2000.


Form of Gianina. From Italian, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." A moderately offbeat birth name now, but Jeannine still exists frequently as a feminine first name. See also Jeannie.

Jeannine and variants

Jeannine4, var. Jeanine2, Jeanina
Root fr. French, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Jeannine and Jeanine have diminished in favor as baby names since the 1930s.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Jean- names for girls.

1. Jean - Jeannine
Jane [Jean, Jeanne, Jeanie, Jeannine, Jeanette, Jeanelle, Jeannette], Jean [Jeanne, Jeanna, Jeannie, Jeannine, Jeanneen, Jeannique, Jeannette, Jeannetta, ..], Janae [Jeanay, Jeanae], Jeanelle [Jeannell, Jeannelle], Jeanette [Jeanetta, Jeannette], Gianina [Jeannine], Jeannine [Jeanine, Jeanina]

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