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Jo- baby names and what they mean, with 54 results. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in the 1930s (USAGE OF 4.41%) and are now significantly less widespread (USAGE 0.88%, 80% LESS), with names such as Josslyn becoming somewhat outmoded. Jolene (#455), Joelle (#697) and Jolie (#699) are three of the more chic girl names among these, while Jolivet (TOP 37%) and Jobin (18%) are familiar Jo- surnames. Here is the list of Jo- names for boys.

Jo- names

Jo - Johnetta | Johnna - Jorgina | Jorja - Joyce

Jo - Johnetta

Jo and variants

Jo1, var. Jozette, Jovelle, Josanne, Josanna, Joquise, Jorene, Jonisa, Jonique, Joniece, Jonessa, Jonetia, Jonelle1, Jonell1, Jomarie, Jolyn, Jolynn, Jolissa, Jolise, Jolisa, Jolene, Jolinda, Joleesa, Jolana, Joette, Jodelle1, Joetta1, Jodean, Jobeth1, Jobelle
From American word. An independent name and short form .. Usage of Jo as a children's name has waned since 1940-1949.

Joakima, var. Joaquine, Joaquina1
Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Established by God." Unconventional, but Joakima is comparable to popular -ma last names Jarma (TOP 99%), Jousma (64%).

Jane and variants

Jonie, Joni1, Jonelle2, Jonella, Johnetta1, Johnna, Johanna1, Joanna1, Joana1, Joan1
Forms of Jane. Source fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Used frequently as children's names, Johnetta, Joan, etc. are pronounced like the conventional Jeanetta.

Joan and variants

Joan2, var. Joni2, Jonee, Jone, Joannue, Joane, Joanie1
From Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Joan, Joane, etc. became less trendy last year, falling -43 rankings as children's names with Joan falling the most.


Var. of Ioanna. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Usage of Joanna as a baby name in 2018 was up 35.4% compared to the previous decade. See also Juana.

Joanna and variants

Joanna3, var. Johannah1, Johanna2, Joeanne, Joeanna, Joanne1, Joeann, Joanne2, Joann, Joanie2, Jo2, Joana2
.. Biblical. Jo is found regularly (UPPER 8%) as a surname.

Derived fr. Spanish language. Feminine of Joaquin. Outside Top 2000.

.. Uncommon. Not often used as a girls' name.

Joby, var. Jobyna, Jobina, Jobie, Jobi, Jobey
Source fr. Hebrew element. "Persecuted." Jobi and variants are hardly found as feminine names.

Jocelyn and variants

Jocelyn, var. Jozlyn, Joycelyn, Joycelin, Josslyn, Josselyn, Josselynne, Jossline, Jossalyn, Jossalin, Joslynne, Joss, Joslynn, Joslyne, Joslyn, Joslin, Josline, Josilyn, Josiline, Josilin, Joselyn, Joselyne, Joseline, Joselina, Joscelyn, Joscelin, Josceline, Josalynn, Josalyn, Josaline, Joclyn, Josalind, Jocinta, Jocia, Joci, Jocelynn, Jocelynne, Jocelyne, Jocelle, Joceline, Jocelina, Jocelinda, Jocelin
Source fr. Old German. "A member of the German tribe, the Gauts." Usage of Jocelyne, Joseline, Joselyn, Joslynn, Josselyn and Josslyn as birth names has waned since 1996.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jo, Joan, Joana, Joane, Joanie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Joann, Joanna, Joanne, Jocelin, Joceline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jocelyn, Jocelyne, Jocelynn, Jodee, Jodell

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jodi, Jodie, Jody, Joeann, Joell

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Joella, Joelle, Joellen, Joetta, Joette

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Johana, Johanna, Johannah, Johanne, Johnetta

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Johnette, Johnna, Jolene, Jolyn, Jolynn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jonell, Jonelle, Jonette, Joni, Josalyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Joscelyn, Joseline, Joselyn, Joslyn, Joslynn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Josselyn, Josslyn, Jovanna, Joycelyn

Derived fr. Latin element. "Joking." Not widespread. Jocosa is not listed in the US Demographics.

Root fr. Hebrew word. .. name of an ancestor of Christ. Compare surnames Josa (TOP 61%), Jody (63%). See also Jaeda.

Jodelle and variants

Jodelle2, var. Jodell
Root fr. French language. Surname used as a given name. Unusual. Jodelle and Jodell are not listed in the US Census.

Judith and variants

Jody1, Jodie1
Forms of Judith. Based on Hebrew language. "From Judea; Jewish." Jodie and Jody are more prevalent as children's names among the forms of Judith.

Jody and variants

Jody2, var. Jodie2, Jodi, Jodey, Jodee
Feminine of nicknames for Joseph and .. Used somewhat widely as children's names, Jody, Jodie, etc. are similar to the common Josie.

Joelle and variants

Joelle, var. Jowelle, Jowella, Joetta2, Joelynn, Joellyn, Joely, Joelly, Joellin, Joelliane, Joella, Joellen, Joell, Joelin, Joela
Based on French word. "Jehovah is God." Usage of Joelynn and forms was at a high 1 year ago and has remained conventional.

Johanna and variants

Johanna3, var. Jovanna, Johanne, Johannah2, Johana, Joanna4, Joehannah
Derivative of Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Somewhat common as birth names, Johanna, Johanne, etc. are similar to the common Jianna.

Johnella and variants

Johnella1, var. Jonell2, Jonell3, Jonel, Johnella2, Johnel
From Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Jonell is a commonplace (UPPER 51%) first name, whereas Johnella, Johnel and Jonel are intermittently used.

Janelle and variants

Jonelle3, Johnelle
Forms of Janelle. .. See also Jeanelle. Jonelle is a commonly occurring (UPPER 53%) women's name, whereas Johnelle is uncommonly used.

Janet and variants

Jonette, Jonet, Johnette, Johnetta2
Forms of Janet. Derivative of Scottish word. Originally a diminutive of Jane, from .. Johnetta (TOP 44%) and Johnette (82%) are common female names, whereas Jonet and Jonette are uncommon.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Jo- names for girls.

1. Jo - Johnetta
Jo [Jorene, Jozette, Jovelle, Josanne, Josanna, Joquise, ..], Joakima [Joaquine, Joaquina], Jane [Joni, Jonie, Johnna, Jonelle, Jonella, Johnetta, ..], Joan [Joni, Jone, Jonee, Joane, Joanie, Joannue], Ioanna [Joanna], Joanna [Joeann, Joanne, Johanna, Joeanne, Joeanna, Johannah, ..], Joaquina, Jobeth, Joby [Jobi, Jobie, Jobey, Jobyna, Jobina], Jocelyn [Jozlyn, Josslyn, Joycelyn, Joycelin, Josselyn, Josselynne, ..], Jocosa, Joda, Jodelle [Jodell], Judith [Jody, Jodie], Jody [Jodi, Jodie, Jodey, Jodee], Joelle [Joely, Joetta, Jowelle, Jowella, Joelynn, Joellyn, ..], Johanna [Johana, Joanna, Jovanna, Johanne, Johannah, Joehannah], Johnella [Jonel, Jonell, Johnel, Johnella], Janelle [Jonelle, Johnelle], Janet [Jonet, Jonette, Johnette, Johnetta]

Johnna [Jonni, Jonna, Jonnie, Jonnae, Jovanna, Jonnelle, ..], Joie [Joi], Yolanda [Jolan, Jolanta, Jolanne, Jolanna, Jolanthe, Jolantha], Jolan [Jola, Jolanta, Jolanne, Jolande, Jolaine, Jolantha], Violet [Jolanta, Jolande, Jolanda, Jolanthe, Jolantha], Iolanthe [Jolanthe, Jolantha], Jaleesa [Joleisa, Joleesa], Jolene [Jolyn, Jolynn, Jolyne, Jolyna, Jollene, Jolleen, ..], Julia [Joleta, Jolette, Joletta], Jolie [Joly, Joli, Joley, Joliet, Joliette, Jolietta, ..], Yonina [Jona, Jonina, Jonati], Geneva [Joneva, Jonevah], Jonina, Julie [Joolie, Jooley], Jaffa [Joppa], Joquil, Jorah, Jordan [Jori, Jorry, Jorie, Jorey, Jourdan, Jorrdan, ..], Jorgina [Jorjana, Jorgelina, Jorgeanne], Georgia [Jorgina]

Jeorjia [Jorja], Georgette [Jorjette, Jorjetta], Josalind, Yosepha [Josefa, Josepha], Giuseppina [Josefina], Jiselle [Jozelle, Joselle], Josephine [Josy, Jozsa, Josie, Josiane, Josianne, Josianna, ..], Josie [Josina, Jozette, Josette], Giovanna [Jovana, Jovanne, Jovanna], Jovana [Jovita, Jovina, Jovena, Jovanna], Jovita, Joy [Joye, Joya, Joyann, Joyelle, Joyanne, Joyanna, ..], Gioia [Joya], Joyce [Joyse, Joyous, Joysel, Joycie, Joycelyn, Joycelynn, ..]

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