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Jos- baby names and what they mean, with 8 results. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity a century ago (ADOPTION OF 0.8%) and have become much less popular since (ADOPTION 0.3%, 61.7% LESS), with names such as Josselyn becoming less fashionable. Joshlin (TOP 45%) and Josan (95%) are popular Jos- last names.

Jos- names

Josalind - Josie

Jocelyn and variants

Josslyn, Josselynne, Josselyn, Jossline, Jossalyn, Joss, Jossalin, Joslynne, Joslynn, Joslyne, Joslyn, Joslin, Josline, Josilyn, Josiline, Josilin, Joselyne, Joseline, Joselyn, Joselina, Joscelyn, Josceline, Joscelin, Josalyn, Josalynn, Josaline, Josalind1
Var. of Jocelyn. Derived fr. Old German. "A member of the German tribe, the Gauts." Joshlyn is also a somewhat common birth name.

Stems fr. American word. Josalind is a contemporary blend of .. Not in Top 2000. See also Josalyn.

Josanne1, Josanna1
Forms of Jo. Derivative of American word. An independent name and short form .. Josanna and Josanne are not in the Top 2000.

Yosepha and variants

Josepha1, Josefa1
Var. of Yosepha. Based on Hebrew. "Jehovah increases." Jesepha and Juspha are creative variations.


Var. of Giuseppina. Derived fr. Italian, Hebrew languages. "The Lord increases." Common, and Josefina is similar to popular -ina surnames Jerina (TOP 75%), Jasina (94%). See also Josefene.

Form of Jiselle. Source fr. American word. "Pledge." Unusual. Joselle is not found in the US Demographics. See also Jodelle.

Josephine and variants

Josephine, var. Josy, Josie1, Josianne, Josianna, Josiane, Josette1, Josey, Josetta, Josephyne, Josephyna1, Josephyna2, Josephene, Josephina, Josephe, Josepha2, Josefine, Josefina2, Josefena, Josefene, Josefa2, Josee, Josanne2, Josanna2, Josana
Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Jehovah increases." Usage of Josefina and Josephine as baby names has waned circa 1910-1919.

Josie and variants

Josie2, var. Josina, Josette2
Based on English language. Pet form of Josephine, now widely .. Popularly used, with usage of 0.093% for Josie, Josina, etc. as baby names in 2018, higher than 0.089% in 2017.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Jos- names for girls.

1. Josalind - Josie
Jocelyn [Joss, Josslyn, Josselyn, Jossline, Jossalyn, Jossalin, Joslynne, Josselynne, ..], Josalind, Jo [Josanne, Josanna], Yosepha [Josefa, Josepha], Giuseppina [Josefina], Jiselle [Joselle], Josephine [Josy, Josie, Josey, Josiane, Josette, Josetta, Josianne, Josianna, ..], Josie [Josina, Josette]

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