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Kai- baby names and what they mean, with 25 results. Kai- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread 20 years ago (ADOPTION OF 0.8%) and is now significantly lower (ADOPTION 0.3%, 69%), with names such as Kailey becoming less trendy. Kai (#854), Kaia (#313) and Kailani (#389) are three of the more trendy baby names here, while Kaing (TOP 51%) and Kaim (33%) are common Kai- last names.

Kai- names

Kai - Kait | Kait - Kaitrina

Kai - Kait

Kai and variants

Kai1, var. Kaia1
Origin fr. Hawaiian. "The sea." Kai and Kaia became less popular in 2018, dropping on average -14 positions as baby names with Kai dropping the most.


Var. of Kay. Most often used as a short .. Widely used, with usage of 0.019% for Kai as a baby name in 2018, but lower than 0.02% the year before. Also used for boys.


Form of Kaya. Root fr. Japanese, Zulu, Turkish, Hopi, Hindi words. "Restful place, yew tree, forgiveness." Kamia is also a slightly favored girl's name. See also Kaija.

Var. of Kady. Root fr. American word. Variant of Katy or Cady. Kaiet and Kaiti are creative variations. See also Kaitee.

Var. of Chava. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Life." Unusual, but Kaija is comparable to common last names Kaja (TOP 54%), Khoja (48%), which also end with -ja. See also Kaira.

Var. of Hava. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Life, animal." Kaija was not a Top birth name in 2018. See also Kasya.

Kaila and variants

Kaila1, var. Kailah1
From Hebrew, Hawaiian languages. "The laurel crown; style." Kailah and variants were favored by parents 2 decades ago and have become less conventional, with Kaila becoming less stylish.

Kailah2, Kailagh, Kaila2
Var. of Kayla. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Slim and fair." Kaila has faded in popularity as a baby name since 1991.

Kaylin and variants

Kailynne, Kailyn, Kailin, Kailene, Kaileen, Kailan
Forms of Kaylin. Origin fr. American element. Variant of Caitlin, Kayla or Kaylee .. Kailyn is in the Top 2000.


Var. of Kalani. From Hawaiian word. "The heavens, sky; royal one." Kailani is popular as a birth name among the forms of Kalani. See also Kallan.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kai- names: Kai, Kaia, Kaila, Kailah, Kailani

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kai- names: Kailee, Kaileigh, Kailey, Kaili, Kailyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kai- names: Kaira, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn

Stems fr. Hawaiian element. "Sea and sky." Used frequently as a birth name, Kailani is comparable to the familiar Keilani.

Kaylee and variants

Kaili, Kailey1, Kaileigh1, Kailee
Var. of Kaylee. Origin fr. Gaelic word. "Slender." Kailee and Kailey are Top 2000 baby names.

Cayla and variants

Kailie, Kailey2, Kaileigh2
Var. of Cayla. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Slim and fair." Kailey has diminished in popularity as a baby name circa 2004.


Form of Kalila. Stems fr. Arabic. "Darling, beloved." Kailey is a rare given name, appearing regularly (UPPER 57%) as a surname. See also Kaila.


Form of Kyra. Root fr. Greek word. "Lord." Kaira was a Top birth name in 2018. See also Karry.

Form of Kara. Based on Latin language. "Beloved." Somewhat common as a baby name, Kaira is similar to the familiar Kaia. See also Keara.

Var. of Cara. Source fr. Latin, Irish, Gaelic. "Beloved; friend." Used frequently as a girls' name, Kaira is comparable to the familiar Kari. See also Kora.

Form of Casey. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Alert, watchful." Unique. Kaissie (cf. Kassie, Kessie) ends with -sie.

Kate and variants

Kaitlin1, Kaite, Kait1
Var. of Kate. .. Writer Kate Chopin. Somewhat common as children's names, Kaitlin, Kait, etc. sound like the popular Katlyn.

Katherine and variants

Kaity, Kaitriona, Kaitrinna, Kaitrinn, Kaitrine, Kaitlyn, Kaitrin, Kaitlinn, Kaitlin2, Kaitie, Kaitee, Kait2
Forms of Katherine. Stems fr. Greek word. "Pure." Kaitlyn is a Top 2000 baby name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Kai- names for girls.

1. Kai - Kait
Kai [Kaia], Kay [Kai], Kaya [Kaia], Kady [Kaidee], Chava [Kaija], Hava [Kaija], Kaila [Kailah], Kayla [Kaila, Kailah, Kailagh], Kaylin [Kailyn, Kailin, Kailan, Kailene, Kaileen, Kailynne], Kalani [Kailani], Kailani, Kaylee [Kaili, Kailey, Kailee, Kaileigh], Cayla [Kailie, Kailey, Kaileigh], Kalila [Kailey], Kyra [Kaira], Kara [Kaira], Cara [Kaira], Casey [Kaissie], Kate [Kait, Kaite, Kaitlin], Katherine [Kaity, Kaitrin, Kaitlyn, Kaitrinn, Kaitrine, Kaitlinn, Kaitriona, Kaitrinna, ..]

Catherine [Kaity, Kaitrin, Kaitlin, Kaitrine, Kaitriona, Kaitrinna, Kaitlinne, Kaitrionaugh, ..], Caitlin [Kaitlyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlan, Kaitlynn, Kaitlinn, Kaitlann], Kathleen [Kaitlin, Kaitlinn], Kaitlin [Kaitlyn, Kaitlan, Kaitlynn, Kaitleen, Kaitlynne], Katrina [Kaitrona, Kaitrina]

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