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Kay- baby names and what they mean, with 17 results. Usage of these girl names was at its peak in 1995 (USAGE OF 1.29%) and is now significantly reduced (USAGE 0.46%, 64%), with names like Kaylyn becoming less stylish. Kaycee (#1256) is the most fashionable baby name in this list, while Kayl (TOP 40%) and Kaysen (62%) are common Kay- last names. Here is the list of Kay- names for boys.

Kay- names

Kay - Kayllie

Katherine and variants

Kaylin1, Kaye1, Kay1
Forms of Katherine. Based on Greek. "Pure." Kae is also a moderately popular girl's name.

Catherine and variants

Kaye2, Kay2
Forms of Catherine. Root fr. Greek. "Pure." Kay (UPPER 1%), like Klempay (UPPER 94%), Kittay (94%), is a common -ay suffix surname.

Kay and variants

Kay3, var. Kaylin2, Kaylee1, Kayla1, Kaye3, Kayann, Kayana
Most often used as a short .. Kay and variants became less popular last year, dropping on average -4 positions as birth names with Kaylee leading the fall.


Root fr. Japanese, Zulu, Turkish, Hopi, Hindi elements. "Restful place, yew tree, forgiveness." Common, with usage of 0.015% for Kaya as a birth name in 2018, though lower than 0.016% a year ago. See also Kaye.

Casey and variants

Kaysyee, Kaysy, Kaysie, Kaysi, Kaysey, Kayse, Kaysee, Kaycie1, Kayci1, Kaycey, Kaycee1, Kayce1
Forms of Casey. Based on Irish, Gaelic language. "Alert, watchful." Kaycey, Kayse, Kaysee, Kaysey and Kaysi are more unique as girls' names among the versions of Casey.

Kaycie2, Kayci2, Kaycee2, Kayce2
Var. of Kacie. Derived fr. American language. Kacie and its variants are probably .. Somewhat popular as birth names, Kayce, Kaycie, etc. sound like the familiar Kasie.

Var. of Cady. Origin fr. Greek language. "Pure." Gender-neutral name. Kayde is not a Top 2000 name.

Katie and variants

Kaydi, Kaydee
Forms of Katie. Stems fr. Greek word. "Pure." Less used today. Kaydee was the version last appearing (2012) in the Top 2000.


Var. of Cadence. Source fr. Latin language. "With rhythm." A conventional birth name.

Kayelyn, Kayelin
Forms of Caitlin. Derivative of Old French, Greek languages. "Pure." Kayelin and Kayelyn are not frequently used as birth names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kay- names: Kay, Kaya, Kayce, Kaycee, Kayci

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kay- names: Kaycie, Kaydee, Kaydence, Kaye, Kayla

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kay- names: Kaylah, Kaylan, Kayle, Kaylea, Kaylee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kay- names: Kayleen, Kaylei, Kayleigh, Kaylen, Kaylene

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kay- names: Kayley, Kayli, Kaylie, Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kaylynn

Cayla and variants

Kayley1, Kayleigh1, Kaylee2, Kayla2
Forms of Cayla. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic language. "Slim and fair." Kayla, Kaylee, Kayleigh and Kayley are more prevalent as children's names among the variations of Cayla.

Kayla and variants

Kayla3, var. Kaylyn1, Kaylla, Kaylin3, Kaylie1, Kaylha, Kaylah, Kayle1
Source fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Slim and fair." Kayla is a frequently occurring (UPPER 8%) female name.

Kelila and variants

Kaylee3, Kayle2, Kayla4
Var. of Kelila. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Crown of laurel." Kayle occurs regularly (UPPER 97%) as a surname.


Var. of Michaela. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Who is like God?." Adoption of Kayla was common among parents in 1991 and has become reduced, with Kayla becoming somewhat outmoded. See also Kaylie.

Kaylee and variants

Kaylee4, var. Kaylley, Kaylleigh, Kaylie2, Kayli, Kayley2, Kayleigh2, Kaylene, Kaylei, Kayleen1, Kaylea
Origin fr. Gaelic language. "Slender." Kaylee, Kayleen, Kayleigh and Kaylie were Top birth names in 2018.

Kaylin and variants

Kaylin4, var. Kaylynne, Kaylynn, Kaylyn2, Kaylinn, Kaylen, Kayleen2, Kayleena, Kaylanne, Kaylan
Stems fr. American language. Variant of Caitlin, Kayla or Kaylee .. Usage of Kaylin and variants as birth names in 2018 was 1.5% less than a year ago.

Kalila and variants

Kaylee5, Kayllie
Forms of Kalila. Derived fr. Arabic. "Darling, beloved." Kayllie is exclusive as a children's name among the versions of Kalila.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Kay- names for girls.

1. Kay - Kayllie
Katherine [Kay, Kaye, Kaylin], Catherine [Kay, Kaye], Kay [Kaye, Kayla, Kaylin, Kaylee, Kayann, Kayana], Kaya, Casey [Kaysy, Kaysi, Kayse, Kaysie, Kaysey, Kaysee, Kaycie, Kaysyee, ..], Kacie [Kayci, Kayce, Kaycie, Kaycee], Cady [Kayde], Katie [Kaydi, Kaydee], Cadence [Kaydence], Caitlin [Kayelyn, Kayelin], Cayla [Kayla, Kayley, Kaylee, Kayleigh], Kayla [Kayle, Kaylyn, Kaylla, Kaylin, Kaylie, Kaylha, Kaylah], Kelila [Kayla, Kayle, Kaylee], Michaela [Kayla], Kaylee [Kayli, Kaylie, Kayley, Kaylei, Kaylley, Kaylene, Kayleigh, Kaylleigh, ..], Kaylin [Kaylyn, Kaylen, Kaylynn, Kaylinn, Kayleen, Kaylynne, Kayleena, Kaylanne, ..], Kalila [Kaylee, Kayllie]

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