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Lou- baby names and what they mean, with 14 results. Lou- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity during the years 1880-1889 (ADOPTION OF 1%) and have become much less conventional since, with names such as Lourdes becoming less fashionable. Loura (TOP 41%) and Lough (6%) are conventional Lou- last names.

Lou- names

Lou - Louvenia

Lou and variants

Lou1, var. Loulou1, Louella1, Louanne1, Louanna1
Short form of Louann .. Somewhat popular as girls' names, Lou, Louanna, etc. sound like the popular Luana.

Lucy and variants

Loulou2, Lou2
Var. of Lucy. Root fr. Latin language. "Light." Loa is also a moderately common kid's name.

Luella and variants

Louella2, Lou3
Forms of Luella. Based on Old English, Old German languages. "Famous warrior; other, foreign." Common, and Louella is comparable to popular -ella last names Lavella (TOP 62%), Lastella (40%).

Luana and variants

Louanne2, Louanna2, Louann
Forms of Luana. Root fr. Hawaiian. "Enjoyment." Louann, Louanna and Louanne are more common as baby names among the versions of Luana.

Loucette, Loucetta
Var. of Lucetta. From Latin language. "Light." Loucetta and Loucette are rarely adopted as birth names.

Form of Lucille. Source fr. French, Latin words. "Light." Loucille is an uncommonly used women's name.

Form of Lucinda. Derivative of Latin. "Light." Loucinda is infrequently used as a given name. See also Lacinda.

Loucrezia, Loucretia, Loucresha, Loucrecia
Var. of Lucretia. Source fr. Latin language. "Succeed." Loucresha and variants are not Top 2000 names.

Louise and variants

Louise1, var. Louiza, Louisine, Louisiane, Louisiana, Louisina, Louisetta, Louisette, Louisa, Louella3, Lou4
Source fr. Old German. "Famous warrior." Lou (UPPER 8%), Louise (23%) and Louisa (74%) exist often as surnames.


Var. of Luisa. Root fr. Spanish, Old German. Feminine of Louis .. A familiar baby name (#800 IN CURRENT LIST) that also exists somewhat often as a last name. See also Loyise.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lou- names: Lou, Louann, Louanna, Louanne, Louella

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lou- names: Louisa, Louise, Louisiana, Lourdes, Louvenia

Lourdes and variants

Lourdes, var. Lourdette, Lourdetta, Lourdecita
Derivative of French word. Lourdes is common (UPPER 13%) as a feminine name, whereas Lourdecita, Lourdetta and Lourdette are uncommon.

Lourence1, Lourenca1
Var. of Lauren. Based on Latin word. "The bay, or laurel plant." Unusual, with the -ce suffix for Lourence, like Letreece, Lucrece.

Lourence2, Lourenca2
Forms of Laurence. From French, Latin. "From Laurentum." Not Top 2000 names.

Lavinia and variants

Louvinia, Louvenia
Var. of Lavinia. Root fr. Latin word. The name of the legendary mother .. Adoption of Louvinia and forms peaked in the 1880s.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Lou- names for girls.

1. Lou - Louvenia
Lou [Loulou, Louella, Louanne, Louanna], Lucy [Lou, Loulou], Luella [Lou, Louella], Luana [Louann, Louanne, Louanna], Lucetta [Loucette, Loucetta], Lucille [Loucille], Lucinda [Loucinda], Lucretia [Loucrezia, Loucretia, Loucresha, Loucrecia], Louise [Louiza, Louisa, Louisine, Louisina, Louisiane, Louisiana, Louisette, Louisetta, ..], Luisa [Louise], Lourdes [Lourdette, Lourdetta, Lourdecita], Lauren [Lourence, Lourenca], Laurence [Lourence, Lourenca], Lavinia [Louvinia, Louvenia]

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