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Mary- baby names and what they mean, with 20 results. Mary- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity 8 decades ago (USAGE OF 4.6%) and have become significantly less popular since (USAGE 0.2%, 96% LESS), with names like Maryanne becoming somewhat outmoded. Maryam (#565) is the most fashionable name for newborns in this list, while Marymee (TOP 97%) and Marye (58%) are common Mary- last names.

Mary- names

Mary - Maryzela

Mary and variants

Mary, var. Marysia1, Maryse1, Marysa1, Marylu, Marylou, Marylin1, Maryjo, Marylee1, Marybeth, Marybell, Marybel, Maryanne1, Maryann1, Marya1
Derivative of Latin. "Star of the sea." Marry is also a marginally prominent kid's name.

Form of Maria. Stems fr. Latin word. "Star of the sea." Rare, but Marya is similar to popular surnames Mallya (UPPER 85%), Mataya (30%), which also end with -ya. See also Meara.


Var. of Miriam. Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Star of the sea." Usage of Maryam as a birth name in 2018 was up significantly compared to a decade ago. See also Marian.

Marianne and variants

Maryanna1, Maryann2, Maryan, Maryam2
Var. of Marianne. Derivative of French, Latin, Hebrew languages. "Star of the sea; grace." Maryan appears frequently (UPPER 89%) as a last name.

Marian and variants

Maryanne2, Maryann3
Var. of Marian. Stems fr. French, Latin, Hebrew languages. "Star of the sea; grace." Maryann and Maryanne have faded in favor as children's names circa 1940-1949.

Maryann and variants

Maryann4, var. Maryanne3, Maryanna2
Stems fr. English. .. See also Marianne. Maryann, Maryanne, etc. became more popular in 2018, gaining on average +23 positions as birth names with Maryann leading the upswing.


Form of Maribel. Derivative of Latin, French elements. "Star of the sea; beautiful." Marybelle is familiar as a girls' name compared to other variant forms. See also Marvelle.

Var. of Mari. Derived fr. Welsh, Latin elements. "Star of the sea." Marycruz is uncommon as a children's name.


Var. of Marietta. Based on French, Latin words. "Star of the sea." Used somewhat widely as a birth name, Maryetta is comparable to the common Marketta. See also Marette.

Maryka, Maryk
Var. of Marika. Root fr. Danish, Latin languages. "Star of the sea." Compare last names Mary (TOP 8%), Marck (39%).

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mary- names: Mary, Maryam, Maryan, Maryann, Maryanna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mary- names: Maryanne, Marybelle, Marybeth, Maryetta, Maryjo

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mary- names: Marylee, Marylin, Marylou, Marylyn, Marylynn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mary- names: Maryn, Maryon, Maryssa

Var. of Meryl. Derived fr. English word. "Shining sea." Unique. Maryl is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Maryk.

Merry and variants

Marylee2, Marylea
Var. of Merry. Based on Old English language. "Joyful." Less popular today. Marylee was the version last listed (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Marilyn and variants

Marylynn, Marylyn, Marylin2
Var. of Marilyn. Derived fr. English, Latin languages. "Star of the sea." Marylin, Marylyn and Marylynn are more commonplace as children's names among the versions of Marilyn.


Form of Marina. Stems fr. Latin element. "From the sea." Maryn became less popular in 2018, falling -226 rankings as a birth name to reach #1821. See also Laryn.

Marion and variants

Maryonn, Maryon
Var. of Marion. Root fr. French, Latin words. "Star of the sea." Maryon and Maryonn are infrequently used women's names, and Maryon occurs regularly (TOP 83%) as a surname.

Maryse2, Marys
Var. of Maris. Stems fr. Latin language. "Of the sea." Marys and Maryse are not Top 2000 names.

Marysia2, Marysa2
Var. of Marisa. Stems fr. Latin language. "Star of the sea." Not Top 2000 names.


Form of Marissa. Stems fr. Latin word. "Of the sea." Maryssa is unconventional as a female name. See also Marysia.

Based on Old English word. "Mary of the woods." Uncommon. Maryweld is not listed in the US Census.

Var. of Marisela. From Latin language. "Star of the sea." Not Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Mary- names for girls.

1. Mary - Maryzela
Mary [Maryse, Marysa, Marylu, Maryjo, Marysia, Marylou, Marylin, Marylee, ..], Maria [Marya], Miriam [Maryam], Marianne [Maryan, Maryam, Maryann, Maryanna], Marian [Maryann, Maryanne], Maryann [Maryanne, Maryanna], Maribel [Marybelle], Mari [Marycruz], Marietta [Maryetta], Marika [Maryk, Maryka], Meryl [Maryl], Merry [Marylee, Marylea], Marilyn [Marylin, Marylyn, Marylynn], Marina [Maryn], Marion [Maryon, Maryonn], Maris [Marys, Maryse], Marisa [Marysa, Marysia], Marissa [Maryssa], Maryweld, Marisela [Maryzela]

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