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Mu- baby names and what they mean, with 8 results. Mu- names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity during the years 1920-1929 (ADOPTION OF 0.17%), but now, names such as Muriel has become somewhat outmoded. Mudge (TOP 8%) and Murrah (13%) are conventional Mu- last names. Here is the list of Mu- names for boys.

Mu- names

Muire - Mussina

Mary and variants

Murielle1, Muriel1, Murial1, Muire
Var. of Mary. Origin fr. Latin element. "Star of the sea." Muriel (UPPER 13%), comparable to Marciel (UPPER 29%), Guriel (100%), is a popular -iel suffix last name.

Murna, Muirna
Var. of Myrna. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Beloved." Muirna and Murna were not among 2018's Top names.

Munira, Muna
Var. of Mouna. Derived fr. Arabic language. "Wish, desire." Muna and Munira are unique as birth names.

Muriel2, var. Murielle2, Muriella, Murial2
From Irish, Gaelic language. "Sparkling, shining sea." Muriel is widely used as a girls' name among these variant forms.

Var. of Merle. Derivative of Old French. "Blackbird." Marle is a moderately popular baby name. See also Marlee.

Musetta, var. Musette
"Little bagpipe." Musetta and Musette are not often used as children's names.

Stems fr. Greek. "Gift of the Muses." Musidora is not in the Top 2000.

Var. of Messina. From Arabic word. "Middle." Musina and Mussima are creative forms. See also Masina.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Mu- names for girls.

1. Muire - Mussina
Mary [Muire, Murial, Muriel, Murielle], Myrna [Murna, Muirna], Mouna [Muna, Munira], Muriel [Murial, Murielle, Muriella], Merle [Murle], Musetta [Musette], Musidora, Messina [Mussina]

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