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N baby names and what they mean, with 157 results. The trendier birth names here are Naomi (#64), Noelle (#228), Nora (#30), Norah (#140) and Nova (#56), while Napoli (TOP 4%) and Noto (6%) are common N- last names. Here is the list of N- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nada, Nadene, Nadia, Nadine, Nadya

Na- and variants

Na-, var. Natoya, Natosha, Natisha, Natahnee, Natavia, Nareesha, Naquita, Nakita, Nalani1, Nakisha, Nakia, Nakeisha
Source fr. American language. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Na-, Naquita, Nareesha, Natahnee and Natavia are more rare as baby names.

From Hebrew. "Beautiful, good-looking." Naara is a somewhat popular birth name. See also Naima.

Naavah, var. Navit, Nava
Root fr. Hebrew word. "Lovely." Rare. Compare Naavah and popular surnames Notah (UPPER 41%), Nah (50%), which also end with -ah.

Nabila, var. Nabilah, Nabeela
Derived fr. Arabic element. "Noble." Nabeela, Nabila and Nabilah are rarely found as female names.

Based on Old German. "Strong, brave bear." Nadette is an infrequently used given name. See also Cadette.

Nadia and variants

Nadia, var. Natka, Nata, Nadzia, Nadya, Nadyenka, Nady, Nadja, Nadija, Nadiya, Nadie1, Nadezhda, Nadege, Nadejda, Nada
Derived fr. Russian. "Hope." Nadya and forms rose in popularity 13 years ago and are now less common.

Nadine and variants

Nadine, var. Naydeen, Nadyne, Nadyna, Nadie2, Nadina, Nadene, Nadena, Nadeen
Based on French. Variant of Nadia .. Rare, with usage of 0.009% for Nadine and variants as children's names in 2018, lower than 0.01% in 2017.

Nadira, var. Nadra, Nadirah
Root fr. Arabic word. "Precious, scarce." Outside Top 2000.

Nagida, var. Negida
Derived fr. Hebrew. "Wealthy." Rare as children's names, but Nagida and Negida are comparable to the more conventional Naida.

Root fr. Aramaic word. "Light." Compare surnames Nahra (UPPER 54%), Navara (56%). See also Nehora.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Naia, Naida, Naila, Nailah, Naima

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nakeisha, Nakia, Nakisha, Nakita, Nalani

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nan, Nana, Nancee, Nanci, Nancie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nancy, Nanette, Nanna, Nannette, Nannie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nanny, Natisha, Natosha, Nettie, Nina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nita, Nona, Nonie

Naida and variants

Naida, var. Nyada, Nyad, Niada, Naiada, Nayad, Naiad, Naia
Origin fr. Greek language. "Water nymph." Somewhat popular as girls' names, Naida, Nayad, etc. sound like the familiar Nada.

Naila and variants

Naila, var. Nailah
Root fr. Arabic language. "Attainer." Naila and Nailah became more trendy in 2018, rising on average +212 positions as girls' names with Naila gaining the most.

Naima and variants

Naima, var. Naimah, Naeema
Origin fr. Arabic word. "To be contented." Not widespread. Naima, Naeema and Naimah are not found in the US Census.

.. capital of Kenya in east Africa. Narbi and Narobi are creative forms.

Nalani and variants

Nalani2, var. Nalanee
Stems fr. Hawaiian language. "Serenity of the skies." Adoption of Nalani and forms was up in 2018.

Root fr. Hawaiian, African. "Lei of love; lioness, queen." Nalea is rarely adopted as a baby name. See also Neala.

Anne and variants

Nonie, Nona, Nita, Ninor, Ninoshka, Ninon1, Ninette, Netty, Nina, Nettie1, Nettia, Nanor, Neti, Nanon1, Nanny1, Nanni, Nannie1, Nanine1, Nanice, Nanette1, Nanette2, Nanete, Nancy1, Nanci1, Nancie1, Nancey, Nancee, Nana1, Nance1, Nan1
Var. of Anne. Based on Hebrew element. "He (God) has favored me." Nan and variants became more trendy in 2018, rising +37 rankings as birth names with Nancy leading the upswing.

Hannah and variants

Nanny2, Nannie2, Nanney, Nan2
Forms of Hannah. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." Nan (UPPER 30%), Nanney (8%), Nannie (46%) and Nanny (36%) are found frequently as last names.

Fernanda and variants

Nanda, Nan3
Forms of Fernanda. Source fr. Old German element. "Ready journey." Nan is familiar as a birth name compared to Nanda.

Nan and variants

Nan4, var. Ninon2, Nettie2, Nanon2, Nannie3, Nanny3, Nannette, Nanna, Nania, Nanine2, Nanette3, Nanelle, Nancy2, Nanella, Nancie2, Nanci2, Nana2, Nance2
Origin fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Nannette and variants were favored by parents 78 years ago and are now less widespread, with Nettie becoming less stylish.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for N- names for girls.

1. Na- - Nan
Na- [Natoya, ..], Naama, Naavah [Navit, ..], Nabila [Nabilah, ..], Nadette, Nadia [Natka, ..], Nadine [Naydeen, ..], Nadira [Nadra, ..], Nagida [Negida], Nahara, Naida [Nyada, ..], Naila [Nailah], Naima [Naimah, ..], Nairobi, Nalani [Nalanee], Nalea, Anne [Nonie, ..], Hannah [Nanny, ..], Fernanda [Nanda, ..], Nan [Ninon, ..]

Nana, Nancy [Nansey, ..], Nanette [Ninon, ..], Anna [Nani], Naomi [Noemie, ..], Narcissa [Narsissa, ..], Narda, Nariko [Nari], Nastasia [Nastassya, ..], Anastasia [Nastya, ..], Nasya [Nasia], Nata, Natalie [Nettie, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Natana [Nataniela], Natasha [Natucha, ..], Nathania [Nethania, ..], Nathifah [Natifah, ..], Natividad, Natura

Nausicaa [Nausikaa], Nazneen, Neala [Neille, ..], Nebraska, Nebula, Nechama [Nehamah, ..], Neda [Nedi, ..], Nedda, Nedra [Needra, ..], Cornelia [Nila, ..], Neema, Neena [Neenah], Deyanira [Nira, ..], Nefertiti, Nehara [Nehura, ..], Neila [Neilla, ..], Neilina [Neille, ..], Neima, Neiva [Nevya, ..], Neka

Helen [Nora, ..], Eleanor [Norina, ..], Nelia [Nila, ..], Ellen [Nelly, ..], Elena [Nelli], Nelly [Nellwyn, ..], Nelsey [Nelsy, ..], Nemera, Neneca [Nennica, ..], Anita [Nita, ..], Neola, Neoma [Nioma, ..], Nera [Neriya, ..], Nereida [Nireida, ..], Nerida, Nerine [Neryssa, ..], Nerissa [Neryssa, ..], Nerola [Neroly, ..], Nerys [Neryss, ..], Agnes [Neysa, ..]

Vanessa [Nessy, ..], Nessie [Netia, ..], Nesta [Nest], Antonia [Netty, ..], Antoinette [Netty, ..], Nettie [Netty, ..], Annette [Nettie], Neva [Nieves, ..], Nevaeh, Nia [Nyah, ..], Niagara, Nichelle [N'Shell, ..], Nicia [Nicija, ..], Nicola [Nikola, ..], Nicole [Nyquolle, ..], Coline [Nicolyne, ..], Nicolette [Nicollette, ..], Nicoline [Nika, ..], Nicosia [Nicotia], Nidia [Nydia, ..]

Aisha [Niesha], Nike [Nika], Nikita [Niquita, ..], Nikki [Nikky, ..], Nila [Nyla, ..], Nilda [Nillda], Brunhilda [Nilda], Nilsine [Nilsina, ..], Nina [Nyna, ..], Ninfa, Ninon [Nynette, ..], Niobe, Nira [Nirit, ..], Nisha [Niesha, ..], Nissa [Nyssa, ..], Juanita [Nita], Nita, Bonita [Nita], Benita [Nita], Nitsa

Nituna, Nitza [Nitzaniya, ..], Nixie [Neck], Bernice [Nixie], Noa, Noelani [Noe], Noelle [Nowell, ..], Nokomis, Magnolia [Nola], Fionnula [Nuala, ..], Nola [Nowla], Nolan [Nollan, ..], Nona [Nonnah, ..], Anonna [Nona], Nora [Norry, ..], Annora [Norah, ..], Honor [Norry, ..], Leonora [Norah], Norbeta, Nordica [Norda]

Noreen [Norinne, ..], Norell [Narelle], Noriko, Norma [Normina, ..], Normandie [Normandy, ..], Norna [Norne], Nova [Novia, ..], Nuala [Nula, ..], Nubia, Nunzia [Nunciata], Nura [Nuru, ..], Nurit, Nydia [Nidia, ..], Nyla [Nylah, ..], Nyree, Nysa [Nyssa], Nyx [Nixe, ..]

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