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Nat- baby names and what they mean, with 11 results. Nat- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread in the year 2006 (ADOPTION OF 0.98%) and is somewhat less today (ADOPTION 0.56%, DOWN 43%), with names like Natasha becoming less stylish. Natalia (#114), Nathalia (#1004) and Nathaly (#1020) are three of the more chic birth names here, while Natalini (TOP 77%) and Natoli (9%) are popular Nat- last names. Here is the list of Nat- names for boys.

Nat- names

Nata - Natura

Natka1, Nata1
Var. of Nadia. Derivative of Russian language. "Hope." Natia is a slightly favored kid's name.

Root fr. Latin language. "Swimmer." Popular as last name, and Nata (TOP 69%) is comparable to popular last names Data (TOP 37%), Sata (78%), which also end with -ata. Also used for boys.

Na- and variants

Natoya, Natosha1, Natisha1, Natavia, Natahnee
Var. of Na-. Stems fr. American element. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Less widespread today. Natosha was the version last listed (1994) in the Top 2000.

Natalie and variants

Natalie, var. Natty, Nattie, Nattilie, Natka2, Natividad1, Natilee, Natilie, Nathaly, Nathalija, Nathaliely, Nathalie, Nathalee, Nathalia, Nately, Natelie, Natasha1, Natalya1, Nataly, Nataliya1, Natallie, Natallia, Natalle, Natalka, Nataline, Nataliya2, Natalina1, Natalja, Natalina2, Natalia1, Natalene, Natali, Nataleigh, Nataleen, Natalee, Nataleah, Natale, Natalea, Natala, Nata3, Nat
Stems fr. Latin. "Birthday." Usage of Natalie, Natalea, etc. as girls' names in 2018 was 3.8% less than the year before.

Natalya and variants

Natalya2, var. Natalia2
Source fr. Latin language. "Birthday." Natalia and variants were favored 12 years ago and are almost as popular now.

Natana, var. Nataniela1
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "God has given." Natana and Nataniela are seldom adopted as girls' names.

Natasha and variants

Natasha2, var. Natucha, Natosha2, Natisha2, Natassija, Natasja, Natashja, Natasia, Natashia1, Natashenka, Natashia2, Natashah, Natasa, Natascha, Natajha, Natacia, Natachia, Natacha, Nataasha
Derived fr. Latin element. "Birthday." Natasha, Natacha, Natashia, Natisha and Natosha are more commonplace as girls' names among these versions.

Nathania, var. Nataniela2, Nathanielle, Nathaniella, Natanyah, Natanya, Nataniella, Nataniya, Natania
Source fr. Hebrew word. "God has given." Rare. Nathania, Natania (cf. Natasia, Nathalia) ends with -ia.

Nathifah1, var. Natifah, Natifa, Nathifah2
Derivative of Arabic language. "Clean, pure." Sparing use. Nathifah, Natifa and Natifah are not found in the US Census.


Source fr. Old French. "Christmas." Natividad is familiar (UPPER 34%) as a feminine name, and occurs regularly (UPPER 6%) as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Nat- names: Natacha, Natalee, Natali, Natalia, Natalie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Nat- names: Nataly, Natalya, Natasha, Natashia, Nathalia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Nat- names: Nathalie, Nathaly, Natisha, Natividad, Natosha, Nattie

Derivative of Spanish. "Nature." Natuma and Nitura are creative forms. See also Nadira.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Nat- names for girls.

1. Nata - Natura
Nadia [Nata, Natka], Nata, Na- [Natoya, Natosha, Natisha, Natavia, Natahnee], Natalie [Natty, Natka, Nattie, Natilie, Natilee, Nathaly, Nattilie, Natividad, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Natana [Nataniela], Natasha [Natucha, Natosha, Natisha, Natasja, Natasia, Natashja, Natashia, Natassija, ..], Nathania [Natanya, Natania, Natanyah, Nataniya, Nataniela, Nataniella, Nathanielle, Nathaniella], Nathifah [Natifa, Natifah, Nathifah], Natividad, Natura

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