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Nic- baby names and what they mean, with 10 results. These girl names were at the top of their popularity 4 decades ago (USAGE OF 1.45%) and are now much less widespread (USAGE 0.09%, 94% LESS), with names like Nichole becoming less stylish. Nicklay (TOP 53%) and Nicley (28%) are conventional Nic- last names.

Nic- names

Nicci - Nicosia

Nikki and variants

Nicky1, Nickie, Nicki, Nicci
Var. of Nikki. Derived fr. English language. .. Nic and Nik variants are used .. Common. Compare Nicki and popular -cki surnames Nowicki (UPPER 4%), Vicki (99%).

Nichelle and variants

Nichelle, var. Nichele
Based on American. .. Blend of Nicole and Michelle. Nichele is unusual as a children's name among the forms of Nichelle.

Nicia1, var. Nicija
Short form of nice names such .. Unusual as baby names, but Nicia and Nicija are similar to the more common Niki.

Form of Nikita. Based on Greek language. "Unconquered." Outside Top 2000.

Nicola and variants

Nicola1, var. Nickola, Nichola, Niccola
Source fr. Greek element. "People of victory." Niccola, Nichola and Nickola are more rare as girls' names among the forms of Nicola.

Nicole and variants

Nicole, var. Nicolle, Nicoline1, Nicolina, Nicolette1, Nicolet, Nicola2, Nicolasa, Nicol, Nico, Nickye, Nicky2, Nickol, Nickole, Nicia2, Nicholle, Nichole, Nichol, Niccole, Niceole, Nic
Root fr. Greek word. "People of victory." Adoption of Nicole and variants as children's names in 2018 was 54.1% less than a decade ago.

Nicolyne1, Nicoline2, Nicolene1, Nicoleen
Forms of Coline. Derived fr. Greek language. "People of victory." Uncommon, with the -lene ending for Nicolene, like Nellene, Noelene.

Nicolette and variants

Nicolette2, var. Nicollette, Nicoletta
Derivative of French language. .. See also Nikita and Nikki. Nicolette is in the Top 2000.

Nicoline3, var. Nicolyne2, Nicolyn, Nicolene2
Stems fr. Greek language. "People of victory." Nicoline, Nicolyne, etc. are seldom adopted as girls' names.

Nicosia, var. Nicotia
.. capital city of Cyprus. Nicosia and Nicotia are not in the Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Nic- names for girls.

1. Nicci - Nicosia
Nikki [Nicky, Nicki, Nicci, Nickie], Nichelle [Nichele], Nicia [Nicija], Nikita [Nickita], Nicola [Nickola, Nichola, Niccola], Nicole [Nicol, Nicola, Nicolle, Nicolet, Nicoline, Nicolina, Nicolasa, Nicolette, ..], Coline [Nicolyne, Nicoline, Nicolene, Nicoleen], Nicolette [Nicoletta, Nicollette], Nicoline [Nicolyn, Nicolyne, Nicolene], Nicosia [Nicotia]

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