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Pr- baby names and what they mean, with 11 results. Pr- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names was at its highest in 1993 (ADOPTION OF 0.14%) and is now significantly less (ADOPTION 0.06%, 58.4%), with names like Prudence becoming somewhat dated. Princess (#744) is the most contemporarily stylish name for newborns in this list, while Priolo (TOP 16%) and Prieto (2%) are familiar Pr- last names. Here is the list of Pr- names for boys.

Pr- names

Prairie - Prunella

Geography name .. Common as surname. Compare Prairie (TOP 20%) with popular -rie surnames Pirie (TOP 18%), Porterie (90%).

Precious and variants

Precious, var. Preciosa, Precia
Derivative of Latin language. "Of great value, highly esteemed." Precious has decreased in favor as a birth name circa 1996.

Priela, var. Priella
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Fruit of God." Perela and Phiela are creative variations.

Prima, var. Priminia, Primina, Primetta, Primalia
From Latin language. "First." Prima, Primina, etc. are not often adopted as children's names.

Stems fr. Italian language. "Spring." Primavera is a rarely used women's name, appearing often (TOP 15%) as a surname.

Primrose, var. Primula, Primorosa, Primarosa
Based on Middle English element. "First rose." Primrose, Primarosa, etc. are unusual as baby names.

Princess and variants

Princess, var. Principessa, Princesse, Princessa, Princesa, Princella
Stems fr. English word. A title name. Princess is commonplace (TOP 32%) as a feminine name, while Princella, Princesa, Princessa, Princesse and Principessa are intermittently used.

Priscilla and variants

Priscilla, var. Prysilla, Prissy, Prissie, Prisilla, Priscylla, Prisila, Prisciliana, Priscila, Priscella, Pris, Prisca, Pricilla, Pricila, Prescilla, Precilla, Prescill, Pracilla
Origin fr. Latin word. "Ancient, venerable." Pricilla, Priscila and Priscilla are more commonplace as girls' names among these variations.

Place name .. Not in Top 2000.

Prudence and variants

Prudence, var. Prue, Prudy, Prudie, Prudencia, Pru
Root fr. Latin word. "Caution, discretion." Prudence and Prudie are more commonly used as baby names among these variations.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pr- names: Precious, Pricilla, Princess, Priscila, Priscilla

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pr- names: Prudence, Prudie

Prunella, var. Prunelle
Derived fr. Latin element. "Small plum." Prunella and Prunelle are uncommon as girls' names.

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