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R baby names and what they mean, with 155 results. The trendier baby names among these are Raelynn (#115), Remi (#177), Riley (#28), Rowan (#211) and Ryan (#364), while Roney (TOP 4%) and Roll (4%) are familiar R- last names. Here is the list of R- names for boys.

Rabab - Ramsay | Rana - Rayna | Razia - Renata | Rene - Rica | Rica - Rita | Ritsa - Ronelle | .. - .. | Roya - Rylee

Rabab - Ramsay

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Rachael, Racheal, Rachel, Rachele, Rachell

Rabab, var. Rabiah1
From Arabic word. "Pale cloud." Rubab is a somewhat common birth name.

From Arabic. "Gentle wind." Uncommon. Compare Rabiah and common surnames Rabah (TOP 43%), Rajah (77%), which also end with -ah. See also Rafah.

Rachana, var. Roshan, Rashanda, Rashana, Rachanna
Derivative of Hindi. "Creation." Rare as children's names, but Rachana, Rashanda, etc. are comparable to the more familiar Lashanda.

Rachel and variants

Rachel, var. Rechell, Raychel1, Rashelle, Raychelle, Rashell, Raychel2, Ray1, Raquella, Raquelle, Raquela, Raquel, Rahil, Rakel, Rahel, Raechell, Rae1, Raechel, Rachil, Rachelle, Racheli, Rachell, Rachele, Rachelce, Racheal, Rachelanne, Rachael
Source fr. Hebrew. "Ewe, female sheep." Rachel, Rachael, Rae and Raquel were Top birth names in 2018.

Origin fr. Hindi, Sanskrit words. "Success." Rada (TOP 9%), Radia (95%) are familiar surnames. See also Retha.

Radmilla, var. Redmilla, Radmila, Radinka, Radilla
Root fr. Slavic word. "Industrious for the people." Radilla, Radmila, etc. are barely found as given names, and Radilla exists often (UPPER 32%) as a surname.

Rae and variants

Rae2, var. Rayona, Raynelle1, Rayna1, Raylina1, Rayma, Raylene1, Rayette1, Ray2, Raye, Raenisha, Raelynne, Raelyn, Raelynn, Raella, Raelina, Raelena, Raelene, Raeleen, Raelee, Raelaine, Raelani, Raedine, Raedell, Raeanna, Raeanne, Raeann
From Hebrew. "Ewe." Rae, Raeann, Raelee, Raelene, Raelyn, Raelynn, Ray, Raye, Raylene, Rayma and Rayna are more familiar as children's names among these forms.

Rafa, var. Rafah
Derived fr. Arabic element. "Well-being, prosperity." Rafa and Rafah are unusual female names, and Rafa occurs frequently (UPPER 86%) as a last name.


Source fr. Spanish word. .. See Raphaela. Rafaela is frequently occurring (TOP 27%) as a given name. See also Raffaella.

Ragnild, var. Reynilde, Reynilda, Renilde, Reinheld, Renilda, Ranillda, Ragnilda, Ragnhilda, Ragnhilde, Ragnhild
Origin fr. Teutonic element. "All-knowing power." Ragnild, Reynilda, etc. are not often used as girls' names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Rachelle, Rae, Raeann, Raechel, Raelee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Raelene, Raelyn, Raelynn, Rafaela, Rain

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Raina, Raine, Raisa, Raleigh, Ramona

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Ramsey, Raquel, Ray, Raya, Raye

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Raylene, Rayma, Rayna, Rayne, Reina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Remona, Reyna, Romona

Raina and variants

Raina, var. Reyney, Reyna, Reina, Raynelle2, Raynetta, Rayney, Rayne, Rayline, Rayna2, Raylina2, Raylene2, Rayette2, Rayleine, Rayann, Raya, Rainy, Raleine, Rainelle, Rainey, Raine, Rainee, Rainah, Raene, Raenah
From Latin language. "Queen." Raina, Raine, Raya, Rayna, Rayne, Reina and Reyna were among 2018's Top names.

Rainbow and variants

Rainbow, var. Rain
Source fr. English language. The phenomenon as a name .. Usage of Rainbow and Rain as baby names in 2018 was 36.2% more than the previous decade.

Raisa and variants

Raisa, var. Rayzel, Raizel, Raiza, Raissa, Raisse, Raisabel
Derivative of Hebrew, Yiddish languages. "Rose." Used somewhat frequently as birth names, Raizel, Raisa, etc. are similar to the common Raquel.

Based on Arabic word. "Hope." Rajas and Rala are creative variations.

Rajani, var. Rajanee, Rajanae
Based on Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Night." Not Top 2000 names.

Raleigh and variants

Raleigh, var. Rawley, Rawleigh, Raley, Raileigh, Railey
Derived fr. Old English element. "Roe deer's meadow." Raleigh is in the Top 2000.

Ralphina, var. Ralphine
Feminine of Ralph (Old English) wolf .. Ralphina and Ralphine are not often used as girls' names.

Rama, var. Ramah
Derivative of Hebrew language. "On high, exalted." Unusual. Rama (cf. Rayma) ends with the androgynous-sounding -ma.

Ramona and variants

Ramona, var. Romonia, Romonde, Romonda, Remonna, Romona, Remona, Ramowna, Ramonita, Ramonna, Ramonde, Ramonda, Ramoena, Ramohna, Ramie, Ramee, Rae3
Derivative of Spanish, Old German languages. "Protecting hands." Usage of Ramona and variants as children's names in 2018 was up a lot compared to a decade ago.

Ramsay and variants

Ramsay, var. Ramsey
Based on Old English word. "Raven island; ram island." Ramsey is commonplace as a children's name compared to Ramsay.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for R- names for girls.

1. Rabab - Ramsay
Rabab [Rabiah], Rabiah, Rachana [Roshan, ..], Rachel [Rechell, ..], Radha, Radmilla [Redmilla, ..], Rae [Rayona, ..], Rafa [Rafah], Rafaela, Ragnild [Reynilde, ..], Raina [Reyney, ..], Rainbow [Rain], Raisa [Rayzel, ..], Raja, Rajani [Rajanee, ..], Raleigh [Rawley, ..], Ralphina [Ralphine], Rama [Ramah], Ramona [Romonia, ..], Ramsay [Ramsey]

Rana, Veronica [Ronny, ..], Ranae [Renee, ..], Randa, Miranda [Randy, ..], Randy [Randie, ..], Rani [Raynell, ..], Ranielle, Ranita [Ranitta, ..], Raoule [Raula, ..], Raphaela [Rephayelle, ..], Raquel [Roquel, ..], Rashida [Rashyda, ..], Raven [Ravyn, ..], Ravenna [Ravinna, ..], Rawnie, Ray [Raylene, ..], Raya, Rayann [Raynisha, ..], Rayna [Reyna, ..]

Razia, Raziah [Razili, ..], Reanna [Reeanne, ..], Aretha [Retha, ..], Reba [Rheba, ..], Rebecca [Rivy, ..], Reed [Reida, ..], Serena [Reena], Reese [Reece], Refugia, Regan [Rhegan, ..], Regina [Rionagh, ..], Reiko [Rei], Reina [Reynelle, ..], Rella, Remedios, Remy [Rhemy, ..], Rena [Rinah, ..], Irene [Rina, ..], Renata [Rennie, ..]

Rene [Rennie, ..], Renee [Rrenae, ..], Renita [Renyta, ..], Renske, Reseda, Theresa [Rezka, ..], Reta [Rhetta, ..], Rexanne [Rexine, ..], Rey, Reza, Rhea [Ria, ..], Rhetta [Rheta, ..], Rhiannon [Rianon, ..], Rhoda [Rodina, ..], Rhodanthe [Rhodante], Rhona [Roana], Rhonda [Ronnda, ..], Ria [Rie, ..], Riane [Ryanne, ..], Frederica [Rikky, ..]

Rica [Rycca, ..], Ricarda [Richmalle, ..], Richelle [Rikkie, ..], Erica [Rikky, ..], Rickie [Ryckie, ..], Ulrica [Ricka, ..], Rihana, Riley [Ryley, ..], Rilla [Rillette, ..], Rima, Rimona, Katherine [Rina], Carina [Rina], Rinah [Rina], Catherine [Riona], Riona [Rionnah, ..], Ripley, Risa [Rysa, ..], Margaret [Rita], Rita [Ritta, ..]

Ritsa, Riva [Rivy, ..], Roanna [Ronny, ..], Roberta [Rupetta, ..], Robin [Robynne, ..], Rochelle [Roshelle, ..], Rocio, Roderica [Roderiga, ..], Rohana [Rohanna], Rolanda [Rolande], Roline [Rolyne, ..], Caroline [Roline], Roma [Romma, ..], Romaine [Romene, ..], Romea, Romney, Romola [Romula, ..], Romy [Romi], Rona [Ronna, ..], Ronelle [Ronnella, ..]

Ronni [Ronny, ..], Aurora [Rory, ..], Rosa [Roza, ..], Rosabel [Rosabelle, ..], Rosae [Rosey, ..], Rosalba, Rosalie [Rozellia, ..], Rosalind [Rozelynda, ..], Rosalyn [Rozlynn, ..], Rosamond [Rozamund, ..], Rosario, Rose [Ruzsa, ..], Roseanne [Rozeanna, ..], Roselaine, Rosemary [Rozmary, ..], Roshan [Roshawna, ..], Ross [Rosse], Rowan [Rowen, ..], Rowena [Rowina, ..], Roxanne [Ruksanna, ..]

Roya [Royanna], Royale [Royalynne, ..], Royce [Roice], Roza [Rozlyn, ..], Rubena [Rubine, ..], Ruby [Rubyna, ..], Rudelle [Rudella], Rudi [Rudie], Rue [Ruta], Rufina [Ruphyna, ..], Rui, Ruth [Ruthine, ..], Ruthann [Ruthanne], Ryan [Rynn, ..], Rylee [Rylina, ..]

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