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Ros- baby names and what they mean, with 17 results. Ros- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its peak 118 years ago (USAGE OF 1.68%) and is now significantly lower (USAGE 0.46%, 73% LESS), with names such as Rose becoming less fashionable. Rosalee (#842), Rosalina (#1126), Rosalyn (#868) and Roselyn (#649) are four of the more trendy names for newborns in this list, while Roselli (TOP 10%) and Rosan (64%) are common Ros- last names.

Ros- names

Rosa - Ross

Rosa and variants

Rosa1, var. Rosita1, Rosina1, Rosie1, Rosette1, Rosetta1, Rosella1, Roser, Rose1, Rosaura, Rosal, Rosabelle1
Derivative of Latin language. "Rose." Rosi is also a somewhat common girl's name.

Rosabel and variants

Rosabel, var. Rosabelle2, Rosabella
"Beautiful rose." Popular. Compare Rosabel and common last names Reibel (TOP 33%), Ragel (63%), with the -el suffix. .. First appeared in the mid 19th ..

Rosae and variants

Rosae, var. Rosey1, Rosee, Rose2, Rosay, Rosai
Modern name .. Prominent, with usage of 0.144% for Rosae and variants as baby names in 2018, higher than 0.121% the year before.


Stems fr. Latin element. "White rose." Adoption of Rosalba was more pronounced among parents 48 years ago.

Rosalie and variants

Rosalie1, var. Roselle1, Rosella2, Roselia1, Rosalyne, Rosaline1, Rosalia1, Rosalina1, Rosaley, Rosaleen1, Rosalee
From French word. .. Variant of the Italian Rosalia roh .. Rosalie, Rosalee, Rosalia and Rosalina are Top 2000 baby names.

Rosalind and variants

Rosalind1, var. Roslynne, Roslynn, Roslyn1, Rosina2, Roselynde, Roselyn, Roselynda, Roselinn, Roseline1, Roselinde, Roselinda, Roselina1, Roselind, Roselin, Rosanie1, Rosalynn1, Rosalynda, Rosalyn1, Rosalynd, Rosalinn1, Rosaline2, Rosalinde, Rosalinda, Rosalin1, Rosalina2, Rosalen, Rosaleen2, Ros1
Origin fr. Old German element. "Gentle horse." Ros (UPPER 9%) and Rosina (84%) occur frequently as last names.

Rosalyn and variants

Rosalyn2, var. Roslyn2, Roselynn, Rosalynn2, Rosalin2
.. A modern variant of Rosalind. Rosalin is exclusive as a baby name among the versions of Rosalyn.

Rosamond and variants

Rosamond, var. Rosmunda, Rosmund, Rosemonda, Rosemond, Rosamunda, Rosamonde, Rosamund, Ros2
Derived fr. Old German language. "Horse protector." Usage of Rosamond as a children's name has fallen off since the 1910s.


From Latin. "Rosary." Less common today. Rosario last appeared in 2011 in the Top 2000. Unisex name.

Roshelle, Roschelle, Roschella
Forms of Rochelle. Based on French, Old German. "Little rock; rest." Uncommon as girls' names, but Roschella, Roschelle, etc. are comparable to the more popular Richelle.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Rosa, Rosabel, Rosabelle, Rosalba, Rosalee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Rosalia, Rosalie, Rosalina, Rosalind, Rosalinda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Rosaline, Rosalyn, Rosalynn, Rosamond, Rosana

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Rosanna, Rosanne, Rosario, Rose, Roseann

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Roseanna, Roseanne, Roseline, Rosella, Roselle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Roselyn, Roselynn, Rosemarie, Rosemary, Rosena

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Rosetta, Rosey, Rosie, Rosina, Rosio

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ros- names: Rosita, Roslyn, Rosy

Rose and variants

Rose3, var. Rosy, Roslyn3, Rosita2, Rosio, Rosine, Rosie2, Rosina3, Rosheen, Rosey2, Rosette2, Rosetta2, Rosenah, Rosene, Rosena, Rosellen, Roselle2, Rosella3, Roselina2, Roseline2, Roselia2, Roseellen, Rosanie2, Rosalynn3, Rosaline3, Rosalinn2, Rosalind2, Rosalina3, Rosalin3, Rosalie2, Rosaleen3, Rosalia2, Rosa2
Root fr. Latin element. "Rose." Rosalina has risen in favor as a girls' name since 1880-1889.

Roseanne and variants

Roseanne, var. Rossanna, Rossana, Rosehannah, Roseanna, Roseann, Rosannah, Rosanne, Rosanna, Rosanagh, Rosana
From English word. .. First used in the 18th century. Less popular today. Rosanna was the version last appearing (1999) in the Top 2000.

From English, Latin words. "Rose." Not in Top 2000. See also Roselina.

Rosemary and variants

Rosemary, var. Rosmarie, Rosemarie, Rosemaria, Rosemarey, Rosemaree
Derived fr. Latin. "Dew of the sea." Rosemary and Rosemarie have diminished in popularity as children's names circa 1930-1939.

Var. of Rachana. Based on Hindi. "Creation." Compare last names Rostan (UPPER 67%), Roslan (77%). Unisex name.

Roshan2, var. Roshawna, Roshawn, Roshaundra, Roshandra, Roshana
From Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Shining light." Uncommon as girls' names, but Roshan, Roshawna, etc. are comparable to the more popular Rossana.

Ross, var. Rosse
Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Headland, cape." Ress and Ryss are creative variations.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ros- names for girls.

1. Rosa - Ross
Rosa [Rose, Rosie, Roser, Rosita, Rosina, Rosette, Rosetta, Rosella, ..], Rosabel [Rosabelle, Rosabella], Rosae [Rose, Rosey, Rosee, Rosay, Rosai], Rosalba, Rosalie [Roselle, Rosella, Roselia, Rosalia, Rosaley, Rosalyne, Rosaline, Rosalina, ..], Rosalind [Roslyn, Rosina, Roslynn, Roselyn, Roslynne, Roselinn, Roselynde, Roselynda, ..], Rosalyn [Roslyn, Rosalin, Roselynn, Rosalynn], Rosamond [Ros, Rosmund, Rosmunda, Rosemond, Rosamund, Rosemonda, Rosamunda, Rosamonde], Rosario, Rochelle [Roshelle, Roschelle, Roschella], Rose [Rosy, Rosio, Rosie, Roslyn, Rosita, Rosine, Rosina, Rosheen, ..], Roseanne [Rossana, Roseann, Rosanne, Rosanna, Rossanna, Roseanna, Rosannah, Rosehannah, ..], Roselaine, Rosemary [Rosmarie, Rosemarie, Rosemaria, Rosemarey, Rosemaree], Rachana [Roshan], Roshan [Roshawn, Roshana, Roshawna, Roshandra, Roshaundra], Ross [Rosse]

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