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S- Names for Girls

S baby names and what they mean, with 318 results. The most fashionable girl names in this list are Sage (#307), Samara (#256), Scarlett (#20), Skylar (#50) and Sloane (#181), while Sales (TOP 2%) and Sabo (2%) are popular S- last names. Here is the list of S- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of S- names: Sabina, Sabine, Sable, Sabra, Sabrena

Saba, var. Shebah, Sheba, Sabah
Derived fr. Greek, Arabic. "From Sheba; morning." Sama is a moderately common girl's name.

Sabelle1, Sabella1
Forms of Isabel. Derivative of Hebrew language. "God is my oath." Unconventional. Compare Sabelle and popular last names Sanville (UPPER 21%), Labelle (4%), with the -lle suffix.

Sabelle2, var. Sabella2
Stems fr. Latin word. Short form of Isabel. Sabelle and Sabella are not in the Top 2000.

Origin fr. English language. Place name .. Cybetha and Sibetha are creative variations. See also Tabetha.

Sabina and variants

Sabina, var. Sebinah, Sebina, Savine, Sahbina, Savina, Sabyna, Sabiny, Sabine, Sabinna
Derived fr. Latin. "Sabine." Sabina (UPPER 32%) and Sabine (48%) are frequently occurring feminine names.


Source fr. Slavic word. "Black." Gender-neutral name. Somewhat popular as a baby name, Sable is comparable to the common Mable.

Sabra and variants

Sabra, var. Sabrette, Sebra, Sabrah
.. Also used to describe a native .. Less used today. Sabra was the variation last appearing (1991) in the Top 2000.

Sabrina and variants

Sabrina, var. Sebrina, Sebreena, Sabryna, Sabrene, Sabrinna, Sabrena, Sabreena, Sabreen
Stems fr. Celtic language. Mythology .. Adoption of Sabrina, Sebreena, etc. as girls' names in 2018 was 1.2% more than a year ago.

Sachi and variants

Sachi, var. Sachiko
Origin fr. Japanese language. "Child of joy." Somewhat common as birth names, Sachi and Sachiko are similar to the conventional Sasha.

Cecilia and variants

Sissy, Sissie, Sissela, Sisile, Sisiliya, Siseel, Siselya, Silke, Sisely, Sileas, Sile, Sessily, Sheila, Sessilly, Sessile, Sessaley, Sesseelya, Sesilia, Selia, Seelie, Seely, Seelia, Secelia, Sasilia, Sasilie, Sacilia
Var. of Cecilia. Based on Latin, Old Welsh words. "Blind; sixth." Sacilia and variants became less popular in 2018, dropping on average -3 positions as children's names with Sheila dropping the most.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of S- names: Sabrina, Sachiko, Sada, Sade, Sadie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of S- names: Sage, Sahara, Saige, Sebrina, Sheila

Top 2000 baby names ranking of S- names: Sydell, Sydelle


Form of Folasade. From Yoruban, African words. "Honor confers a crown." Sade is prevalent as a children's name among the forms of Folasade. See also Sadah.

Sade and variants

Sade2, var. Sadina, Sadia, Sada1
Based on Yoruban, African. "Honor confers a crown." Sade has dwindled in favor as a baby name circa 1993.

Sadie and variants

Sadie, var. Sydelle, Sydella, Sydell, Saidie, Saydie, Saidey, Saidee, Sadelle, Saida1, Sadah, Sada2
Root fr. Hebrew language. "Princess." Sadie is a Top 2000 baby name.

Derived fr. Persian language. "Lotus tree." Sadira is a scantly used women's name. See also Saira.

Saffron, var. Saphron, Saffronia, Saffren, Saffran
Flower name .. Saffron, Saffren, etc. are unique as girls' names.

Safiyah, var. Safiya, Safia
Stems fr. Arabic, Hindi, Swahili languages. "Friend; pure." Outside Top 2000.

From Indo Pakastini. "The sea." Sagara was not among 2018's Top names. See also Sakura.

Sage and variants

Sage, var. Sayge, Saige
Derived fr. Latin. "Wise, healthy." Sage and Saige are more commonly used as children's names among these variations.

Sahara and variants

Sahara, var. Sahra, Saharra, Saharah
Based on Arabic language. "Desert." Saharah, Saharra and Sahra are more rarefied as children's names among the forms of Sahara.

Saida2, var. Sayda
From Arabic word. "Huntress; fortunate." Saidy (UPPER 96%), Saide (83%) are common last names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for S- names for girls.

1. Saba - Saida
Saba [Shebah, ..], Isabel [Sabelle, ..], Sabelle [Sabella], Sabetha, Sabina [Sebinah, ..], Sable, Sabra [Sabrette, ..], Sabrina [Sebrina, ..], Sachi [Sachiko], Cecilia [Sissy, ..], Folasade [Sade], Sade [Sadina, ..], Sadie [Sydelle, ..], Sadira, Saffron [Saphron, ..], Safiyah [Safiya, ..], Sagara, Sage [Sayge, ..], Sahara [Sahra, ..], Saida [Sayda]

Saisha [Saesha], Sakura, Salama [Soloma, ..], Salamanca, Salamasina, Celena [Selina, ..], Salena [Selena, ..], Celeste [Silestyne, ..], Cilicia [Salicia], Salimah [Selima, ..], Celina [Seline, ..], Sally [Sallyann, ..], Salome [Solomea, ..], Salvadora, Salvia [Salvina, ..], Samala [Sammala, ..], Samantha [Symantha, ..], Samara [Semara, ..], Samaria [Samarie], Sami [Sammijo, ..]

Samira [Samirah], Samuela [Samuelle, ..], Samya [Samia], Sana, Sancia [Sanzia, ..], Alexandra [Sondra, ..], Cassandra [Sondra, ..], Sandra [Sonndra, ..], Sandy [Sanndi, ..], Sanna [Sana], Sanny [San], Santana [Santa], Santuzza, Saoirse, Sapphire [Sephira, ..], Sarah [Sydelle, ..], Sardinia [Sardegna], Cerelia [Sarilia, ..], Cerise [Sherise, ..], Sariah

Sarina [Sarita, ..], Sasa, Sasha [Sasheen, ..], Saskia, Satin [Satina], Sato, Savannah [Sevanna, ..], Scarlett [Scarlette, ..], Cherie [Shuree, ..], Scirocco [Sirocco], Scotia, Scout [Scoutt], Seadhna, Seana [Seanna], Claire [Searra, ..], Charlotte [Sheryl, ..], Ciara [Sierra, ..], Season, Sebastiane [Sebastienne, ..], Secunda

Sedona [Sedonia, ..], Seema [Sina, ..], Sefarina [Sepharina, ..], Zephyr [Sephira, ..], Segovia, Selby [Selbie, ..], Zelda [Selda], Griselda [Selda], Selena [Sylena, ..], Selima [Selimah, ..], Selina [Sylina, ..], Selma [Selmah, ..], Anselma [Selma], Celandine [Selodonia], Semele [Semelle, ..], Semiramis [Semira], Senalda, Seneca [Senneca, ..], Senga, Agnes [Senga]

September, Septima, Sequoia [Sequoyia, ..], Seraphina [Serophine, ..], Serena [Seryna, ..], Serenity [Serene], Serilda [Serrilda, ..], Sesame [Sessamee, ..], Sesheta, Cecily [Sissy, ..], Ursula [Sula, ..], Sevilla, Cha- [Sha-], Sha- [Shawna, ..], Shadiya [Shadya, ..], Shadow [Shadoe], Shahnaz, Shaila [Shalee, ..], Shaina [Sheina, ..], Shakeela [Shakila, ..]

Shakira, Charlene [Sharlene, ..], Shalimar [Shallimar, ..], Shalini [Shalina, ..], Shalisa [Shelisa, ..], Shalom [Sholome, ..], Shamira [Shemira, ..], Shan [Shayne, ..], Shan- [Shauntrice, ..], Shana [Shannah, ..], Shanae [Shannea, ..], Chantal [Shontelle, ..], Chandelle [Shantelle, ..], Shandra, Shandy [Shandie, ..], Shaneika [Shonyce, ..], Chanel [Shynelle, ..], Shanelle [Shynelle, ..], Shani [Shanit], Shania [Shanea]

Shanice [Shannice, ..], Shannon [Shanon, ..], Ashanti [Shauntee, ..], Shantelle [Shontelle, ..], Shanti [Shantee, ..], Cherilyn [Sherylyn, ..], Sharde [Shardei, ..], Cherise [Shirece, ..], Cheryl [Shyrill, ..], Shari [Sharelle, ..], Sharifa [Sherifa, ..], Sharik [Sharika], Sharise [Sharissa, ..], Charity [Sharitye, ..], Caroline [Sharlyne, ..], Carol [Sharmain, ..], Charla [Sharlene], Charlie [Sharlie, ..], Sharlene [Sharlynne, ..], Charmaine [Sharmyn, ..]

Sharmaine [Sharmayne], Charmian [Sharmyane, ..], Sharmila, Sharon [Sherynn, ..], Shashi, Shasta [Shastina, ..], Shavonne [Shyvonne, ..], Shawna [Sianna, ..], Shawnacy [Shawnessy, ..], Shawnee [Shawnie, ..], Shaya [Shayana], Cheyenne [Shyanne, ..], Shayla [Shealynn, ..], Shayna [Sheina, ..], Shayne, She- [Shevonda, ..], Shea [Shaylyn, ..], Bathsheba [Sheva, ..], Sheba [Shieba, ..], Jane [Sinead, ..]

Sheena [Sine, ..], Sheherezade [Sharizad, ..], Sheila [Shyla, ..], Sheiletta, Shelby [Shellby, ..], Rachel [Shelly, ..], Shell [Shelle, ..], Rochelle [Shelly, ..], Shelley [Shelly, ..], Cher [Sheryll, ..], Shera [Shyra, ..], Shereen [Shirine, ..], Erica [Sherica], Sheridan [Sherrydan, ..], Sherilyn [Sherylann, ..], Charis [Sherisa], Sherisa [Sherronda, ..], Sherrerd [Sherrod, ..], Sherry [Sh'rae, ..], Chevonne [Shivonne, ..]

Sheryl [Sheryll, ..], Shifra [Shifrah, ..], Shiloh [Shyloh, ..], Shiri [Shirit, ..], Shirley [Shurlee, ..], Shona [Shunagh, ..], Shoshana [Sosannah, ..], Shoshone [Shoshoni], Shulamith [Sulamith, ..], Shura [Shurka], Shyanne [Shyanna, ..], Shyla [Shylah], Sian [Sianna, ..], Sibyl [Sybille, ..], Sicily [Sicilly, ..], Sidney [Sidnie, ..], Sidonia [Sydonia, ..], Sidra, Siena [Sienna], Sierra [Siera]

Sigfreda [Sigfryda, ..], Sigismonda [Sigmunda, ..], Signa [Signy, ..], Sigourney [Sigournie, ..], Sigrid [Sigred], Silence, Cilia [Sillia, ..], Silja [Silya, ..], Silken [Silkya, ..], Silvana [Silvina, ..], Silver [Silverie, ..], Silvestra, Silvia [Sylvie, ..], Cimarron [Simeron, ..], Simcha, Simla, Simone [Symone, ..], Cindy [Syndy, ..], Cynthia [Synthya, ..], Sinead [Sine, ..]

Cinnamon [Sinnamon, ..], Sintra, Hyacinth [Sinty], Siobhan [Syvonne, ..], Cipriana [Syprianne, ..], Sirena [Syrena, ..], Cyrilla [Syrilla, ..], Siri [Siriana], Siria [Syria, ..], Cicely [Sissy, ..], Sissy [Sissie, ..], Sitka, Sivney [Sivnie, ..], Skye [Skyla, ..], Skyler [Skyllar, ..], Sloane [Sloan], Esmeralda [Smeralda], Snowdrop, Socorro [Sucorra, ..], Sofia [Sofie, ..]

Soki [Sukie, ..], Solana [Soulle, ..], Solange [Souline], Soledad, Soleil, Solveig [Solvej, ..], Soma, Somers [Sommers, ..], Sondra [Sonndra, ..], Sonia [Sonya, ..], Sonoma [Sonohma, ..], Sonora, Sophia [Sophy, ..], Sophronia [Sophrona, ..], Soraya [Subaru, ..], Thurayya [Surayyah, ..], Sorcha, Sorrel [Sorrell, ..], Soubrette, Spencer [Spenser]

Speranza [Speranca], Spring, Anastasia [Staz, ..], Eustacia [Stasia, ..], Stacy [Staysy, ..], Konstanze [Stanze], Starla [Starr, ..], Starling, Estelle [Stelle, ..], Asta [Stella], Stella [Stelle, ..], Stephanie [Stevonne, ..], Stetson [Stettson, ..], Stevonna, Stina [Stine], Christina [Stina], Stockard, Stormy [Stormie, ..], Suellen [Suelyn], Consuelo [Suelo]

Sukey [Suky, ..], Sumiko, Summer [Summers, ..], Sunita, Sunny [Sunshine, ..], Cypris [Siprianne, ..], Suri, Susan [Suzzanne, ..], Susanna [Suzy, ..], Susannah [Suzzanna, ..], Suzanne [Suzzanne, ..], Suzu, Svetlana [Swetlana, ..], Swanhild [Swanny, ..], Sybil [Sybille, ..], Sydney [Sydnie, ..], Sylvia [Sylwia, ..], Cyma [Syma]

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