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Se- baby names and what they mean, with 62 results. These girl names were at the height of their popularity 5 years ago (USAGE OF 0.39%) and have remained as popular to this day (USAGE 0.38%, 2%), but with names such as Selma going out of style. Selene (#831), Seraphina (#1098) and Serenity (#76) are three of the more fashionable names for newborns among these, while Selbe (TOP 32%) and Selke (18%) are popular Se- last names. Here is the list of Se- names for boys.

Se- names

Seadhna - Sefira | Segovia - Semele | Semiramis - Seula | Sevanna - Sevilla

Seadhna - Sefira

Based on Gaelic element. "Wayfarer, traveler." Uncommon. Compare Seadhna and common -na surnames Sardana (TOP 75%), Scardina (16%). See also Sedona.

Shawna and variants

Seanna1, Seana1, Sean
Var. of Shawna. Source fr. English, Irish, Gaelic languages. "God's grace." Seana is rarefied as a baby name among the variant forms of Shawna.

Seana and variants

Seana2, var. Seanna2
Root fr. Irish, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Less used today. Seanna was the form last found (2006) in the Top 2000.

Searra1, Seara
Var. of Claire. Source fr. Latin word. "Bright, famous." Serra is a somewhat common girl's name.

Var. of Charlotte. Based on Old German word. "Free man." Searlait is not in the Top 2000.

Var. of Ciara. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Black." Not that prominent as a birth name. See also Seeria.


Derived fr. Latin language. "Time of sowing." Season is a common (UPPER 81%) female name.

Seanucie, Seaughnessy
Forms of Shawnacy. Origin fr. Gaelic word. .. Possibly related to Shawna. Seaughnessy and Seanucie are scarcely used as feminine names.

Sebastiane, var. Sebastienne, Sebastiana
Derivative of Greek element. "Revered." Sebastian, Sebastiano are familiar surnames.

Sebinah, Sebina
Forms of Sabina. Stems fr. Latin. "Sabine." Sebina and Sebinah are unusual as first names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Se- names: Sean, Seanna, Season, Sebrina, Sedonia

Var. of Sabra. .. Also used to describe a native .. Sebra, like the similar Seara, exists more usually as a surname. See also Sefira.

Sabrina and variants

Sebrina, Sebreena
Forms of Sabrina. Based on Celtic language. Mythology .. Less popular today. Sebrina was the version last listed (the 1970s) in the Top 2000.

Sessily, Sessilly, Sessile, Sesseelya, Sesilia, Sessaley, Selia, Seely, Seelie, Secelia, Seelia
Forms of Cecilia. From Latin, Old Welsh. "Blind; sixth." Seelna and Seelta are creative variations.

Form of Socorro. Derived fr. Spanish. "Aid, help." Rare, with the androgynous -ra suffix for Secorra, like Searra.

From Latin. "Second." Uncommon. Secunda, similar to Salinda, Shanda, ends with -nda.

Sedona and variants

Sedona, var. Sedonia, Sedonah
.. city in Arizona known for its .. Adoption of Sedona and forms was expansive in the 1890s.

Seema, var. Seemah
Source fr. Hebrew, Aramaic elements. "Treasure." Seema and Seemah are not in the Top 2000.

Var. of Siria. Derived fr. Spanish, Persian words. "Sun-bright, glowing." Not that common as a children's name. See also Sheraa.

Sefarina1, var. Sepharina, Sefirina
From Spanish, Greek. "Gentle wind." Sefarina, Sefirina and Sepharina were not among 2018's Top names.

Sephira, Sefarina2, Sefira
Forms of Zephyr. Origin fr. Greek. "West wind." Rare. Sefira, Sephira, similar to Saphira, Shura, end with -ra.

Quick Reference

Summary Index of names [and variants] for Se- names for girls.

1. Seadhna - Sefira
Seadhna, Shawna [Sean, Seana, Seanna], Seana [Seanna], Claire [Seara, Searra], Charlotte [Searlait], Ciara [Searra], Season, Shawnacy [Seanucie, Seaughnessy], Sebastiane [Sebastiana, Sebastienne], Sabina [Sebina, Sebinah], Sabra [Sebra], Sabrina [Sebrina, Sebreena], Cecilia [Sessily, Sessile, Sessilly, Sesseelya, ..], Socorro [Secorra], Secunda, Sedona [Sedonia, Sedonah], Seema [Seemah], Siria [Seeria], Sefarina [Sefirina, Sepharina], Zephyr [Sefira, Sephira, Sefarina]

Segovia, Sheila [Selia, Seila], Selby [Selbie, Selbey, Selbee, Selbeigh, ..], Griselda [Selda], Zelda [Selda], Selena [Sena, Selyne, Selyna, Seline, ..], Celina [Seline, Selena, Selinde, Selinda], Celena [Selina, Selena], Salena [Selena], Celeste [Selestyne, Selestyna, Selestine, Selestina, ..], Salimah [Selima], Salome [Selma, Selmah, Selima], Selima [Selimah], Selina [Sena, Selyne, Selyna, Selenia, ..], Anselma [Selma], Selma [Selmah, Sellma], Celandine [Selodonia], Samantha [Semantha, Semanntha], Samara [Semara], Semele [Semelle]

Semiramis [Semira], Senalda, Seneca [Seneka, Senneca, Senecca], Agnes [Senga], Senga, Sonoma [Senoma], Sinead [Seonald], Sapphire [Sephira], September, Septima, Sequoia [Secoya, Sequoya, Sequoyia], Sarah [Sera, Serah, Serita, Serach], Seraphina [Serofina, Serafina, Serophine, Seraphine, ..], Serena [Seryna, Serina, Serinna, Serinah, ..], Serenity [Serene], Serilda [Serrilda, Serhilde, Serhilda], Sesame [Sesamey, Sessame, Sessamee], Sesheta, Cecily [Sessy], Ursula [Seula]

Savannah [Sevanna], Sevilla

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