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Shar- baby names and what they mean, with 27 results. Shar- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex during 1940-1949 (USAGE OF 1.65%) and has become significantly reduced since (USAGE 0.01%, 99%), with names like Sharonda falling out of fashion. Shark (TOP 32%) and Sharber (19%) are common Shar- last names.

Shar- names

Shara - Sharlene | Sharlene - Sharon

Shara - Sharlene

Sarah and variants

Shari1, Shara1
Forms of Sarah. From Hebrew word. "Princess." Sharvi is also a marginally prominent girl's name.

Sha- and variants

Sharon, Sharise1, Sharita, Sharina, Sharaye, Sharayah, Sharay1, Sharaya, Sharana, Sharaia, Sharae1
Forms of Sha-. Derived fr. American element. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Popular, and Sharaya is similar to common -ya surnames Savaya (TOP 80%), Saraiya (56%).

Sharilynn, Sharelynne, Sharelyn, Sharalyn, Sharalin
Forms of Cherilyn. Stems fr. French word. "Dear." Uncommon, with the androgynous -lyn suffix for Sharalyn, Sharelyn, like Sheralyn.

Shary, Sharay2
Var. of Cherie. Stems fr. French. "Dear, darling." Not in Top 2000.

Sharizad, Sharazad
Forms of Sheherezade. Stems fr. Arabic, Farsi, Persian words. "City dweller." Not Top 2000 names.

Sharde and variants

Sharde, var. Shardei, Sharday, Shardai, Shardae
Root fr. Yoruban element. "Honor confers a crown." Shardai, Sharday, Sharde and Shardei are more unique as children's names.

Sherry and variants

Sharrie, Sharie, Shari2, Sharee1
Var. of Sherry. From English, French words. "Dear." Usage of Shari and forms grew 6 decades ago, but now, Shari has become less stylish.

Cherise and variants

Sharyse, Sharice1, Shareese
Var. of Cherise. Stems fr. Old French. "Cherry." Used somewhat frequently as birth names, Sharice, Shareese, etc. are comparable to the popular Sharie.

Charlotte and variants

Sharyl1, Sharmion, Sharmian, Sharmayne, Sharmain1, Sharlotte1, Sharline1, Sharlot, Sharlotte2, Sharlotta, Sharlott, Sharlette, Sharlett, Sharlene1, Sharlet, Sharleen1, Sharlaine, Sharla1, Sharil1, Sharel
Var. of Charlotte. Stems fr. Old German language. "Free man." Used somewhat widely as children's names, Sharlaine, Sharel, etc. are comparable to the common Sharmaine.

Cheryl and variants

Sharyll, Sharyl2, Sharrell1, Sharil2, Sharell1
Var. of Cheryl. Derived fr. French, Greek words. "Cherry fruit; green gemstone." Usage of Sharell and forms was widespread among parents in the 1960s.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shar- names: Shara, Sharae, Shardae, Sharee, Shari

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shar- names: Sharice, Sharie, Sharika, Sharita, Sharla

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shar- names: Sharleen, Sharlene, Sharon, Sharyl

Sharrell2, Sharelle1, Sharell2
Forms of Sheryl. From English, Old German words. "Free man." Rare as girls' names, but Sharell, Sharelle, etc. are comparable to the more common Shanell.

Shari and variants

Shari3, var. Sharelle2, Sharee2, Sharae2, Shara2
Origin fr. English word. Variant of Sarah or phonetic form .. Usage of Shara and variants peaked in the 1960s, but now, Shari has gone out of style.

Sharifa, var. Shareefa
Derivative of Arabic word. "Honored." Shariff (TOP 22%), Sharifi (18%) are familiar last names.

Sharik and variants

Sharik, var. Sharika
Derivative of African language. "God's child." Sharik occurs frequently (TOP 88%) as a last name.

Sharise2, var. Sharissa, Sharisa, Sharice2
Stems fr. English element. .. See also Charis. Sharice is common (TOP 88%) as a female name, while Sharisa, Sharise and Sharissa are uncommon.

Sharitye, Sharity, Sharitey, Sharitee
Var. of Charity. Stems fr. Latin word. "Dear, beloved." Sharity and variants were not among 2018's Top names.

Caroline and variants

Sharlyne, Sharline2, Sharlene2, Sharlena, Sharkeen, Sharla2
Var. of Caroline. Source fr. Old German language. "Free man." Sharla and Sharlene have faded in popularity as girls' names since 1950-1959.

Carol and variants

Sharmain2, Sharmain3, Sharline3, Sharlene3, Sharleen2
Forms of Carol. Based on Old German element. "Free man." Sharline and Sharmain are more unconventional as children's names among the forms of Carol.

Charlie and variants

Sharlie, Sharlene4
Var. of Charlie. Derived fr. Old German word. "Free man." Adoption of Sharlie and variants was at a high in the 1950s, but now, Sharlene has become less stylish.

Form of Charlene. From Old German element. "Free man." Used somewhat widely as a girls' name, Sharlene is similar to the familiar Shirlene. See also Sharlyn.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Shar- names for girls.

1. Shara - Sharlene
Sarah [Shari, Shara], Sha- [Sharon, Sharay, Sharise, Sharita, Sharina, Sharaye, Sharaya, Sharayah, ..], Cherilyn [Sharelyn, Sharalyn, Sharalin, Sharilynn, Sharelynne], Cherie [Shary, Sharay], Sheherezade [Sharizad, Sharazad], Sharde [Shardei, Sharday, Shardai, Shardae], Sherry [Shari, Sharie, Sharee, Sharrie], Cherise [Sharyse, Sharice, Shareese], Charlotte [Sharyl, Sharlot, Sharmion, Sharmian, Sharmain, Sharline, Sharmayne, Sharlotte, ..], Cheryl [Sharyl, Sharil, Sharyll, Sharell, Sharrell], Sheryl [Sharell, Sharrell, Sharelle], Shari [Shara, Sharae, Sharee, Sharelle], Sharifa [Shareefa], Sharik [Sharika], Sharise [Sharice, Sharisa, Sharissa], Charity [Sharity, Sharitye, Sharitey, Sharitee], Caroline [Sharla, Sharlyne, Sharline, Sharlene, Sharlena, Sharkeen], Carol [Sharmain, Sharline, Sharlene, Sharleen], Charlie [Sharlie, Sharlene], Charlene [Sharlene]

Sharlene [Sharly, Sharlyn, Sharlyne, Sharlisa, Sharline, Sharlina, Sharlynne, Sharleyne, ..], Charla [Sharlene], Charmaine [Sharmyn, Sharman, Sharmion, Sharmian, Sharmane, Sharmain, Sharmayne, Sharmaine], Sharmaine [Sharmayne], Charmian [Sharmyan, Sharmian, Sharmyane, Sharmiane], Sharmila, Sharon [Sharyn, Sharron, Sharrin, Sharren, Sharona, Sharonna, Sharonda, Sharronne, ..]

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