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T baby names and what they mean, with 200 results. The trendier names for newborns in this compilation are Talia (#333), Tallulah (#1281), Tessa (#245), Thea (#273) and Treasure (#864), while Tatro (TOP 4%) and Ta (4%) are familiar T- last names. Here is the list of T- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of T- names: Tabatha, Tabetha, Tabitha, Tacy, Tahlia

Ta- and variants

Ta-, var. Tawana, Tashina, Tasheena, Tashara, Tasharra, Tashana, Tarina, Tanika, Tanisha, Tanelle, Tamisha, Tamika, Tamiko, Tamica, Tameika, Talona, Talyssa, Talisha, Talisa1, Talicia1, Talina, Talene, Talena, Taleah, Taleen, Talea, Talanna, Talani
Stems fr. American element. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Usage of Talani and forms was common in the 1970s.

Stems fr. Arabic language. "Muhammad's follower." Tamina is a moderately popular baby name. See also Tarina.

Tabitha and variants

Tabitha, var. Tabytha, Tabotha, Tabita, Tabby, Tabetha, Tabbitha, Tabbie, Tabbey, Tabbi, Tabbee, Tabatha
Root fr. Aramaic language. "Gazelle." Common, and Tabitha, Tabetha, etc. are similar to popular -ha surnames Trikha (UPPER 94%), Tabaha (58%).

Stacy and variants

Taisie1, Tacy1
Var. of Stacy. Origin fr. English word. .. Now primarily used for girls, Stacy .. Tacy is generally used as a baby name among the versions of Stacy.

Tacy2, var. Tacye, Tacitha, Tacie, Tacey, Tacia, Tace
Derived fr. Latin. "Silence." Less popular today. Tacy was the version last appearing (1890-1899) in the Top 2000.

Origin fr. Welsh. "Loved one." Taffy was not among 2018's Top names. See also Tiffy.

Root fr. Arabic word. "Virginal, pure." Tahiri (TOP 82%), Tahir (15%) are conventional surnames. See also Taura.

Raquel Welch's daughter, actress Tahnee Welch .. Not in Top 2000. See also Taneea.

Taima, var. Taoimah, Taimah
Derived fr. Native American Indian language. "Peal of thunder." Taiea and Timma are creative forms.

Aisha and variants

Tynisha, Tyisha, Tyesha, Tiesha, Tinisha, Teisha, Takisha, Taisha1
Var. of Aisha. Source fr. Arabic element. "Alive and well." Somewhat common as birth names, Taisha, Teisha, etc. are pronounced like the conventional Tasha.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of T- names: Taisha, Taja, Takisha, Taleah, Talia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of T- names: Taliah, Talisa, Talisha, Talya, Tameika

Top 2000 baby names ranking of T- names: Tamica, Tamika, Tamiko, Tamisha, Tanika

Top 2000 baby names ranking of T- names: Tanisha, Tasha, Tashina, Tasia, Tawana

Top 2000 baby names ranking of T- names: Taya, Tiesha, Tyesha, Tyisha, Tynisha

Taisie2, var. Tayzie
Derivative of Irish element. In legend, Taisie was a princess .. Unusual. Taisie, Tayzie, like Tawnie, have the common androgynous -ie ending.

Anastasia and variants

Tasya1, Tasja, Tasiya1, Tasenka, Tasia1, Tasa, Taisie3
Forms of Anastasia. Root fr. Greek language. "Resurrection." Somewhat popular as children's names, Taisie, Tasia, etc. are comparable to the popular Taisha.

Taisiya and variants

Taisiya, var. Taya, Tasya2, Tasiya2, Taisie4, Tasia2, Taisia
Root fr. Russian language. From the Greek name Tha´s .. Taisia, Taisie, Taisiya, Tasiya and Tasya are more unusual as girls' names.

Taja and variants

Taja, var. Tajiana, Tajia, Taji, Tajanae, Tajanee, Tajah, Taisha2, Taija
Origin fr. Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Crown." Taija, Tajah, Tajanae, Tajanee and Taji are more unique as children's names among the forms of Taja.

Talbot, var. Tallbot, Talbott, Talbert
.. Talbots is the name of a .. Talbot, Talbott, etc. were not among 2018's Top names.

Talia and variants

Talia1, var. Talya1, Taliah, Tahlia
Source fr. Hebrew, Aramaic words. "Heaven's dew; lamb." Widely used, with usage of 0.07% for Talia and variants as girls' names in 2018, though lower than 0.076% the year before.

Natalie and variants

Tashie, Tasha, Talya2, Talia2
Var. of Natalie. From Latin language. "Birthday." Adoption of Talia, Talya, etc. as children's names in 2018 was 5% less than a year ago.

Talicia and variants

Talicia2, var. Talya3, Talora, Tallya, Tallie, Tally, Tallia, Talley, Talie, Talija, Tali, Tal
Modern name .. Tal, Tali, Talicia, Talie and Talija are more exclusive as birth names.

Taliesin, var. Talliesin, Taliessin
Derived fr. Welsh word. "Shining forehead." Not Top 2000 names.


Origin fr. Spanish. "Of noble birth." Somewhat unfamiliar as a baby name. See also Talicia.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for T- names for girls.

1. Ta- - Talisa
Ta- [Tawana, ..], Tabina, Tabitha [Tabytha, ..], Stacy [Taisie, ..], Tacy [Tacye, ..], Taffy, Tahira, Tahnee, Taima [Taoimah, ..], Aisha [Tynisha, ..], Taisie [Tayzie], Anastasia [Tasya, ..], Taisiya [Taya, ..], Taja [Tajiana, ..], Talbot [Tallbot, ..], Talia [Talya, ..], Natalie [Tashie, ..], Talicia [Talya, ..], Taliesin [Talliesin, ..], Talisa

Talise, Talitha [Talita, ..], Tallulah [Tula, ..], Tally [Tallie, ..], Talma [Talmit, ..], Tama, Tamara [Thamera, ..], Tami [Tamiko], Tamika [Tymmlecka, ..], Tamiko, Tammy [Tammiejo, ..], Tamsin [Tamzin, ..], Tanaya [Tenaya, ..], Tandy [Thandy, ..], Tanga, Angela [Tangela], Tangela [Tanngela, ..], Tani [Tanis], Tanisha [Tynisha, ..], Ranita [Tanitra]

Tansy [Tanzia, ..], Tanya [Tonyah, ..], Tara [Tarrah, ..], Karen [Taryn, ..], Taree, Tarleton [Tarlton], Taryn [Teryn, ..], Tasha [Toshiana, ..], Natasha [Tassiana, ..], Tasia [Tazia, ..], Tasmine [Tasmyne, ..], Tate [Tayte, ..], Tatiana [Tonya, ..], Tatum, Taura [Taurina], Tavia [Tava], Octavia [Tavy, ..], Tawny [Tawnya, ..], Tayla [Taylyn, ..], Taylor [Tayler, ..]

Te- [Teonna, ..], Dorothy [Thea, ..], Tea, Teagin, Teal [Teille, ..], Tecla [Thekla, ..], Teddi, Christina [Tiny, ..], Valentina [Tina, ..], Tehila [Tehilla], Eleri [Teleri], Temira [Timora, ..], Temperance, Tempest [Tempestt, ..], Terena [Therena, ..], Teresa [Tressa, ..], Erica [Terica], Erin [Taryn, ..], Terpsichore, Terra [Tierra, ..]

Terry [Teryn, ..], Tertia [Tersha, ..], Teryl [Terryl, ..], Tesla [Tessla], Tessa [Teza, ..], Jessica [Tjessica, ..], Elizabeth [Tetty], Antonia [Tunna, ..], Texana [Texanna], Thaddea [Thaddie, ..], Thais [Thaisa, ..], Thalassa [Talassa], Thalia [Thalya, ..], Thana, Thea [Thia, ..], Althea [Thea], Theda [Theta, ..], Thelma [Thellma, ..], Themis [Themiss, ..], Theodora [Todora, ..]

Theodosia [Tossia, ..], Theone [Theoni, ..], Theophania [Teophanie, ..], Theophila [Theofila, ..], Theresa [Treza, ..], Therma [Thermia], Anthea [Thia], Thisbe, Thomasina [Tommye, ..], Thora [Tyra, ..], Thu, Thurayya [Thuraia], Tia [Tiara, ..], Lucretia [Tia], Christiana [Tiana, ..], Tiana [Tyanna, ..], Tiara [Tiarra, ..], Tiberia [Tyberia, ..], Tierney [Tiernie, ..], Tierra [Tiyaira, ..]

Tifara [Tiferet], Tiffany [Tyffenie, ..], Tigris, Tikva [Tikvah], Matilda [Tilly, ..], Tilda [Tilly, ..], Timothea [Timotheya, ..], Augusta [Tina], Bettina [Tina], Celeste [Tinka, ..], Tina [Tiny, ..], Constance [Tina], Konstanze [Tina], Martina [Tine, ..], Christine [Tinie], Tippi [Tippie], Tirion [Tiryon, ..], Tirzah [Tyrzah, ..], Tisa, Letitia [Tisha, ..]

Tisha [Tyesha, ..], Tita [Tyta, ..], Titania [Tiziana, ..], Tivian [Tyvyan, ..], Toby [Tove, ..], Antoinette [Tonye, ..], Tomiko, Toni [Twanette, ..], Tonya [Toya], Topaz, Tora, Victoria [Toya, ..], Tori [Tory, ..], Tosca, Tosha [Toskia, ..], Toshie, Tossa, Charlotte [Tottie], Tova [Tovah], Toya [Toyanna, ..]

Tracy [Treasey, ..], Tranquilina [Tranquilinia, ..], Gertrude [Truus, ..], Traviata, Trea [Treya, ..], Treasa, Treasure [Tresor, ..], Trelane [Trelaney, ..], Treva [Trevina, ..], Tricia [Trissina, ..], Patricia [Trisha, ..], Trilby [Trillby, ..], Trina [Trinnette, ..], Katherine [Trinette, ..], Catherine [Trinette, ..], Trinity [Trinitey, ..], Trista [Trystin, ..], Tristana [Tristenna, ..], Beatrice [Trixy, ..], Trixie [Trixy, ..]

Troian, Ermintrude [Trudy], Trudy [Trudye, ..], Truth [Truly, ..], Tryphena [Tryphenia, ..], Tsifira, Zigana [Tzigane, ..], Tsila [Tzili, ..], Tuesday [Tuesdee], Tulia [Tulya, ..], Tully, Tundra [Tunndra], Turkessa [Turquissa, ..], Twyla [Twylla, ..], Tyler [Tyller, ..], Tyra [Tyria, ..], Tzefira, Zephyr [Tzifira, ..], Tzigane [Tsigane, ..], Tzipporah [Tzippora, ..]

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