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Ta- baby names and what they mean, with 70 results. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity 5 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 2.4%) and are now significantly less conventional (ADOPTION 0.4%, 85%), with names such as Tatyana going out of style. Talia (#333), Tallulah (#1281) and Tatum (#418) are three of the more fashionable girl names in this list, while Tatom (TOP 13%) and Tata (16%) are familiar Ta- last names. Here is the list of Ta- names for boys.

Ta- names

Ta- - Talia | Talia - Tanga | Tangela - Tasmine | Tate - Taylor

Ta- - Talia

Ta- and variants

Ta-, var. Tawana, Tashina, Tasheena, Tasharra, Tashana, Tashara, Tarina, Tanisha, Tanika, Tamisha, Tanelle, Tamiko, Tamika, Tamica, Talyssa, Tameika, Talona, Talisha, Talisa, Talicia, Talina, Talene, Talena, Taleen, Talea, Taleah, Talanna, Talani
From American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Tamika, Tamiko, Tanika, Tanisha and Tawana have dwindled in popularity as baby names since the 1970s.

Source fr. Arabic. "Muhammad's follower." Tamina is a moderately popular baby name. See also Sabina.

Tabitha and variants

Tabitha, var. Tabytha, Tabotha, Tabita, Tabetha, Tabbitha, Tabby, Tabbie, Tabbi, Tabbey, Tabatha, Tabbee
Based on Aramaic. "Gazelle." Popular, and Tabbitha, var. are comparable to common -ha surnames Tapaha (TOP 48%), Tabaha (58%).

Tacy and variants

Tacy1, var. Tacye, Tacitha, Tacie, Tacia, Tace, Tacey
Stems fr. Latin language. "Silence." Tace, Tacey, Tacia, Tacie and Tacitha are more uncommon as children's names among the variations of Tacy.

Taisie1, Tacy2
Forms of Stacy. Stems fr. English element. .. Now primarily used for girls, Stacy .. Tacy and Taisie are uncommonly used as women's names, and Tacy is found regularly (TOP 19%) as a surname.

Taddie, Tadda, Tada
Forms of Thaddea. Derived fr. Aramaic language. "Heart." Tada, Tadda and Taddie are rarely used as baby names.

Origin fr. Welsh. "Loved one." Not in popularity charts. See also Tiffy.

Derived fr. Arabic. "Virginal, pure." Tahiri (UPPER 82%), Tahir (15%) are popular last names. See also Thora.

Raquel Welch's daughter, actress Tahnee Welch .. Tahnee is rarely used as a birth name. See also Taneea.

Taima, var. Taoimah, Taimah
Stems fr. Native American Indian element. "Peal of thunder." Taima, Taimah and Taoimah are rarely used as baby names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ta- names: Tabatha, Tabetha, Tabitha, Tacy, Tahlia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ta- names: Tais, Taisha, Taja, Takisha, Taleah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ta- names: Talia, Taliah, Talisa, Talisha, Talya

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ta- names: Tameika, Tamica, Tamika, Tamiko, Tamisha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ta- names: Tanika, Tanisha, Tashina, Tasia, Tawana, Taya

Thais and variants

Taisse, Taisa, Tais
Var. of Thais. Stems fr. Greek word. Tha´s is an ancient name .. Tais, Taisa and Taisse are seldom found as female names.

Aisha and variants

Takisha, Taisha1
Var. of Aisha. From Arabic element. "Alive and well." Takisha (UPPER 58%) and Taisha (71%) are prevalent as female names.

Taisie2, var. Tayzie
From Irish language. In legend, Taisie was a princess .. Taisie and Tayzie are scarcely used first names.

Anastasia and variants

Tasya1, Tasja, Tasiya1, Tasia1, Tasa, Tasenka, Taisie3
Forms of Anastasia. Stems fr. Greek element. "Resurrection." Tasia is generally used as a children's name among the variant forms of Anastasia.

Taisiya and variants

Taisiya, var. Taya, Tasya2, Tasiya2, Tasia2, Taisia, Taisie4
Root fr. Russian word. From the Greek name Tha´s .. Taisia, Taisie, Taisiya, Tasiya and Tasya are more novel as girls' names.

Taja and variants

Taja, var. Tajiana, Tajia, Taji, Tajanee, Tajah, Tajanae, Taisha2, Taija
From Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Crown." Taija, Tajah, Tajanae, Tajanee and Taji are more unusual as girls' names among the forms of Taja.

Var. of Thalassa. Derivative of Greek language. "Sea, ocean." Scarce as a birth name. See also Talyssa.

Talbot, var. Tallbot, Talbott, Talbert
.. Talbots is the name of a .. Tambot and Tilbot are creative forms.

Talia and variants

Talia1, var. Talya, Taliah, Tahlia
Derivative of Hebrew, Aramaic languages. "Heaven's dew; lamb." Talia is found commonly (UPPER 38%) as a last name.

Thalia and variants

Tally, Talley, Talie, Talia2
Var. of Thalia. Stems fr. Greek element. "Flourishing." Used widely as baby names, Talia, Talley, etc. are pronounced like the popular Tilly.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ta- names for girls.

1. Ta- - Talia
Ta- [Tawana, Tashina, Tasheena, Tasharra, ..], Tabina, Tabitha [Tabita, Tabytha, Tabotha, Tabetha, ..], Tacy [Tacye, Tacie, Tacia, Tacitha, ..], Stacy [Tacy, Taisie], Thaddea [Tada, Tadda, Taddie], Taffy, Tahira, Tahnee, Taima [Taimah, Taoimah], Thais [Tais, Taisa, Taisse], Aisha [Taisha, Takisha], Taisie [Tayzie], Anastasia [Tasya, Tasja, Tasia, Tasiya, ..], Taisiya [Taya, Tasya, Tasia, Tasiya, ..], Taja [Taji, Tajia, Tajiana, Tajanee, ..], Thalassa [Talassa], Talbot [Tallbot, Talbott, Talbert], Talia [Talya, Taliah, Tahlia], Thalia [Tally, Talie, Talia, Talley]

Natalie [Talya, Tasha, Talia, Tashie], Talicia [Talya, Tally, Talora, Tallya, ..], Taliesin [Talliesin, Taliessin], Talisa, Talise, Talitha [Talita, Talisha, Talicia, Taletha, ..], Tallulah [Tally, Talula, Talulla, Tallula, ..], Tally [Tallie, Talley, Tallee], Talma [Talmit, Talmah], Tama, Tamara [Tamra, Tamryn, Tamrah, Tamora, ..], Tami [Tamiko], Tamika [Tamiko, Tamike, Tamiqua, Taminique, ..], Tamiko, Thomasina [Tammi, Tammie], Tammy [Tammi, Tammie, Tammey, Tammiejo, ..], Tamsin [Tamzin, Tamzen, Tamsyn, Tamsinne, ..], Tanaya [Tanea, Tanaia], Tandy [Tandie, Tandee], Tanga

Tangela [Tanjela, Tanngela, Tanjella], Angela [Tangela], Tani [Tanis], Titania [Tania], Tanisha [Tanysha, Tannisha, Tanniece, Tannicia, ..], Ranita [Tanitra], Tansy [Tanzia, Tanzey, Tansia, Tansey, ..], Tanya [Tanja, Tawnya, Tarnya, Tanita, ..], Tara [Tarra, Tarrah, Taralyn, Taralynn, ..], Karen [Taryn, Taren, Taran], Taree, Terena [Tarina, Tarena, Tareena], Theresa [Taresa], Tarleton [Tarlton], Taryn [Tarynn, Taryna, Tarryn, Tarren, ..], Erin [Taryn], Tasha [Tasya, Tassa, Taska, Tassie, ..], Natasha [Tash, Tashie, Tashia, Tassiana, ..], Tasia [Tazia, Tasya, Tashia], Tasmine [Tasmin, Tasmyne, Tasmina, Tasmeena, ..]

Tate [Tait, Tayte, Taitt], Tatiana [Taziana, Tatyana, Tatyanna, Tatyanah, ..], Tatum, Toby [Taube, Taubie, Taubey], Taura [Taurina], Tavia [Tava], Octavia [Tavy, Tavie, Tavia], Tawny [Tawni, Tawnya, Tawnie, Tawnia, ..], Tayla [Taylyn, Taylin], Taylor [Tayler, Tailor, Tahlor]

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