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Tan- baby names and what they mean, with 14 results. Tan- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity 5 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 0.4%) and are now significantly less conventional, with names like Tanya becoming less trendy. Tank (TOP 9%) and Tant (9%) are familiar Tan- last names.

Tan- names

Tanaya - Tanya

Tanaya and variants

Tanaya, var. Tanea, Tanaia
Root fr. Hindi language. "Daughter." Taniya is also a moderately common kid's name.

Tandy1, var. Tandie1, Tandee
Possibly a nickname for Andrew (Greek) .. Popular as last names. Compare Tandy (TOP 9%) and popular -dy surnames Tardy (TOP 12%), Twardy (36%).

Ta- and variants

Tanisha1, Tanika, Tanelle
Var. of Ta-. Based on American. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Tanika and variants grew in popularity in the 1980s.

Form of Tawny. Stems fr. Irish, Old English elements. "A green field; golden brown." Rare as a baby name, but Taney is comparable to the more familiar Tiny. See also Tania.

Modern name, possibly a blend of .. Unusual as a children's name, but Tanga is similar to the more common Tanja. See also Tinka.


Form of Angela. Derived fr. Greek word. "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." Slightly novel as a children's name nowadays, but Tangela still exists regularly as a female first name. See also Tanjella.

Tangela2, var. Tanngela, Tanjella, Tanjela
From Greek language. "Angel." Tangela is familiar as a children's name among these variant forms.

Tani, var. Tanis
Based on Spanish. "Make famous." Tani (UPPER 18%) and Tanis (8%) appear commonly as last names.

Tatiana and variants

Tanya1, Tania1
Forms of Tatiana. Based on Russian, Latin. Feminine of Tatius, a Roman family .. Tania and Tanya are more widely used as birth names compared to other versions.


Var. of Titania. Origin fr. Greek. "Giant." Somewhat common as a girls' name, Tania is similar to the familiar Toni. See also Tanea.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Tan- names: Tana, Tanaya, Tanesha, Tangela, Tania

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Tan- names: Tanika, Tanisha, Tanja, Tanya

Tanisha and variants

Tanisha2, var. Tanysha, Tannisha, Tanniece, Tannicia, Tanitia, Taniesha, Tanishia, Tanesha, Taneesha
May be connected to a Hausa .. Used somewhat frequently as birth names, Tanisha, Tannisha, etc. sound like the common Tinisha.

Form of Ranita. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Song." Talitra and Tamitra are creative forms. See also Tanitia.

Tansy, var. Tanzia, Tanzey, Tansia, Tansey, Tansee, Tandie2, Tandy2, Tanazia1
Based on Greek element. "Eternal life." Compare surnames Taney (TOP 28%), Tansky (74%).

Tanya and variants

Tanya2, var. Tanja, Tanita, Tania3, Taneea, Tanee, Tanamaree, Tanazia2, Tana
Derivative of Russian word. .. Notorious Tonya Harding has negatively influenced .. Rare, with usage of 0.01% for Tanya and variants as children's names in 2018, less than 0.011% the previous year.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Tan- names for girls.

1. Tanaya - Tanya
Tanaya [Tanea, Tanaia], Tandy [Tandie, Tandee], Ta- [Tanika, Tanisha, Tanelle], Tawny [Taney], Tanga, Angela [Tangela], Tangela [Tanjela, Tanngela, Tanjella], Tani [Tanis], Tatiana [Tanya, Tania], Titania [Tania], Tanisha [Tanysha, Tanitia, Tanesha, Tannisha, Tanniece, Tannicia, Tanishia, Taniesha, ..], Ranita [Tanitra], Tansy [Tandy, Tanzia, Tanzey, Tansia, Tansey, Tansee, Tandie, Tanazia], Tanya [Tana, Tanja, Tania, Tanee, Tanita, Taneea, Tanazia, Tanamaree]

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